Green-GO extends distribution network
Friday, 10 May 2019
green-goJesse Dullabh and Bruce Schwartz of Electrosonic SA, the distributor for the Green-GO range in South Africa
The Netherlands - ELC Lighting has appointed two distribution partners for the Green-GO range.
Event Communications Australia has taken responsibility for the brand in the Australian market, while Electrosonic SA has been appointed as distributor for South Africa.
Sydney-based Event Communications Australia, founded by Peter Cochrane and Frank Madzin, is a specialist provider of professional comms systems for the event production market. To meet the demand for Green-GO across Australia’s vast geographical area, the company has formed close working relationships with partners around the country. In addition, they recently recruited Robbi Nassi, a well-known figure in South Africa’s production industry, as a Green-GO specialist.
Nassi comments: “We see great potential for Green-GO Digital in this market. It has been extremely well received, as if the market has been waiting for such a product for a long time. We’ve seen success from live events through to broadcast, and we’re sure it will continue its growth into sporting events and other exciting potential areas of use.
“The Green-GO system is easy to grasp, yet offers powerful control and the ability to interface with existing Party-line systems, 2-way radio, 4-wire devices, remote bridging - and all completely scalable. This is the winning solution behind the Green-GO product range. It’s the only IP-based event communications system on the market, it’s well priced and offers a simple solution for basic to complex communication.”
Electrosonic SA director Bruce Schwartz reports: “IP-based products are the standard in any professional application today, and we have been on this curve for quite some time. We picked up the agency for a leading network and signal distribution product about three years ago and have seen this grow from strength to strength in South Africa. Adding Green-GO to our mix further cements our commitment to providing quality, complementary, solutions-based products, along with the stock and support required by the industry.”
Schwartz adds: “Green-GO is a comprehensive range, suitable for many applications and vertical markets. We see the primary application in the live events space and the theatre market, two areas where we are very strong. However, the Green-GO distribution has already opened up other markets for us, which is fantastic.”
Green-GO’s Silvio Cibien says: “We welcome Event Communications Australia and Electrosonic SA to our growing family. Both companies are experts in their markets, have a passion for production and put their customers first, all of which makes them ideal partners for Green-GO. We are excited to hear more about the possibilities for customers in these territories.”
(Jim Evans)

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