West London-based HFM Lighting, a specialist in the design and supply of integrated lighting systems, has become a Vari-Lite UK Rental Associate and has augmented its inventory by adding eight new Vari*Lite VL2402 wash luminaires which it has supplied for Gatecrasher 2001. Colin Booker, Vari-Lite Europe’s regional sales manager, commented: "We are thrilled that HFM Lighting has become one of our rental associates, and they have decided to choose this exciting product which is now available for their clients."

Specified by LD Simon Barrington, and supplied by HFM, eight VL2402s were incorporated into his designs for the Radio 1 stage at Gatecrasher's 2001 dance festival at Turweston Aerodrome last month. The impressive pyramid-shaped Outdoor Live stage hosted key acts such as Craig David and international DJ's, Seb Fontaine and Judge Jules. Drawing from HFM's extensive inventory, and to complement the VL2402s, another 12 intelligent luminaires were specified by Barrington for the Radio 1 Stage. A variety of lamp bars were attached to the pyramid-shaped stage truss and two Studio Due City Colours were employed to brand and illuminate the PA scrim. The Radio 1 Stage was controlled by an Avolites Azure desk allowing for immediate access was operated by HFM's Peter Maclean.

HFM's MD, Hugh Frazer-Mann further explained: "We are very happy with the new VL2402 wash luminaires. It’s an extremely versatile and innovative wash luminaire offering high performance and quality neither of which are compromised by its compact size and we're looking forward to specifying the Vari*Lite VL2402s nationwide across a variety of applications including Film & TV, exhibitions, corporate presentations and special events."As a Rental Associate, HFM will soon be taking on board some Vari*Lite VL2202 luminaires to further expand their Vari*Lite portfolio.

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