Highlite UK hosts first open day
Wednesday, 5 June 2019
highliteVisitors were introduced to the newly built Infinity Chimp training facility
UK - Highlite UK hosted its first open day event Wednesday 29 May. At their headquarters in Wiltshire the Highlite team introduced the visitors to the newly built Infinity Chimp training facility and welcomed them to the demo-showroom.
The Infinity Chimp training facility with the 100.G2 and 300.G2 light controllers was received very well. Product specialist Jack Kelly presented the Chimp light controllers and further Chimp training is planned for 19 June. The Chimp units are fully featured light controllers, equipped with Wireless DMX, versatile and well suited for various applications.
There was a lot of interest shown in the moving heads from the Showtec Polar Series, a range of IP-65 rated fixtures, built around strong LED engines. The Infinity Furion moving heads also received a lot of attention.
Another point of interest for the Open day visitors was the Showtec Helix M1000. This fully wireless IP-65 rated compact washlight impressed because of its strong output and 15 hours battery-life which makes it very well suited for outdoor purposes where space is an issue.
The first edition of Highlite UK’s open day event brought the attendees an informative and diverse day of events and presentations. Highlite UK’s sales manager David Faulkes reports, “It was great to be able to meet everybody in our demo-showroom and training facility. Here we had the opportunity to present our various entertainment solutions directly and inform our customers accordingly. We are already looking forward to the next edition.”
(Jim Evans)

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