i-vision is the brainchild of Geoff Jones - an entrepreneur well-known in the entertainment technology industry, most latterly with his company Laser Studio and as chairman of the Entertainment Laser Association (ELA). Jones is setting up I-Vision as a new and integral infrastructure for the dynamic group of companies with which he is involved. With the i-Vision launch, the company starts up in new premises in Wales, in downtown Chepstow, adjacent to the Severn Bridge. Contained within the group is Laser Studio, JMC Lighting i-vision Banners, i-vision Architectural and i-vision Hire. The plan is to develop the i-vision brand as a progressive, contemporary visual production facility appropriate to service a huge array of challenging entertainment industry projects in the 21st century.

Laser Studio continues to manufacture, sell, install and hire the latest in laser technology. Recent installations include to the Ministry of Sound and Mono, Dublin’s latest and coolest club destination. i-vision is currently developing a, new laser controller.

JMC Lighting continues to hire, sell and install effects lighting equipment and to market the Italian Coef range and other products like SDS.

i-vision Architectural continues its creative and practical quest of designing, installing and servicing cost-effective permanent and semi-permanent lighting schemes for the specialist buildings, public arts and spaces and ‘feature’ lighting markets.

i-vision Banners is working closely with Landrells to maximise the possibilities of banner art and technology - from creating an imaginative scenic environment to the subtlest of ambient advertising. i-vision is also developing a series of light fittings specifically geared to working with banners.

i-vision Hire deals with the rental of all types of lighting equipment for temporary events, festivals, architectural schemes, weddings, parties and projects requiring a wide selection of lighting fixtures - large and small. i-vision Hire offers a variety of easy-to-understand lighting packages for weddings and social occasions, right up to the most complex and large scale equipment for specialist events and spectaculars.Jones is positive that the i-vision brand will develop and belong to those who work for it: "I want everyone to have creative shares, input and to bring ideas to the business melting pot," he states. "I believe that’s the way to progress and move forward - to be active and diversify - but there’s plenty of scope for that within the industry parameters with which we’re already familiar."

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