Imagine Dragons rock Roman forum
Tuesday, 7 November 2023
imagineImagine Dragons play Circus Maximus
Italy - It may not have rivalled the 200,000 or so spectators who used to watch chariot races there in ancient times, but the 70,000 fans who turned out at Rome’s Circus Maximus for Imagine Dragons’ show recently constituted a pretty good-sized crowd.
Making the only Italian stop on their Mercury World Tour, the Grammy- winning band from Las Vegas, didn’t disappoint.
Reflecting the mood of music and the stage ebullient persona of the band was a lively and upbeat light and video show by the Milan design studio Blearred that featured 100 Chauvet Professional Color Strike M motorised strobes from Zalight with service from Agora.
The Color Strike M fixtures were arranged on the upper frame of the three LED walls, as well as being aligned across the entire width of the stage deck and fixed to the trusses of the delay towers. From these positions, the multi-formatted fixtures were able to unify the diverse elements of the production, which included two large vertical video walls, located stage left and stage right, as well a horizontal video wall that stretched across the entire stage.
Thanks to their 180-degree tilt range, the horizontally-hung Color Strike M fixtures covered a range of different areas, which added variety to the light show. Also enhancing the show was the fixture’s 16-bit dimming, which allowed smooth fades between songs. The fixture’s IP65 rating was an essential feature, given that the concert was held outdoors.
The high output of the Color Strike M fixture’s two central light tubes provided ample output to light the large crowd.

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