Session topics at ELAS 2024 will include an overview of the AV market and AV industry trends
Spain - High-tech innovation in Europe and Latin America is paving the way for unprecedented collaboration and commerce between the two vibrant regions. ISE 2024 will be exploring these opportunities in a summit on 30-31 January 2024.
The European / Latin American AV Summit (ELAS), supported by ACCIO-Catalonia Trade & Investment, promises to ‘unite government representatives, thought leaders, and industry giants to foster understanding, strengthen connections, and ignite innovation across continents’.
Integrated Systems Events managing director, Mike Blackman, says: “ELAS 2024 represents the epitome of cross-continental collaboration, offering a platform for technology pioneers from Europe and Latin America to exchange ideas and foster innovative partnerships. We are proud to host key speakers to address the inaugural summit, including Jaume Collboni, Mayor of Barcelona and Javi López, co-president of the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly.”
The ELAS 2024 speaker line-up also includes Martin Saul, CEO ICAP Global, chairman of the AVIXA board of directors; Paco Guzman, META AI; Federico Bausone, executive director, Crestron Latin America; Christina De Bono, founder and president, SAVe Sustainability; and Sean Wargo, vice president, market intelligence, AVIXA alongside top government Latin American and European Union representatives.
Summit chair Mateu Hernández, director of Internationalization at Casa Batlló, says: “Join us as we embark on this remarkable journey that transcends borders, showcasing the potential for groundbreaking collaborations, and setting a new standard for AV and digital innovation.”
Session topics at ELAS 2024 will include an overview of the AV market and AV industry trends in Latin America and the rest of the world; the EU-LAC (European Union - Latin America and the Caribbean) Foundation and its projects; and the EU-LAC Global Gateway Investment Agenda (GGIA).
Attendees will get insights on inter-country initiatives, the use and regulation of Artificial Intelligence as a development opportunity, and how talent development can drive the competitiveness of the AV sector. Also on the agenda will be subjects such as sustainability and industry innovations.

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