JK Productions looks to the future with DiGiCo
Friday, 16 June 2023
kyle-robson-from-dwr-with-emmanuel-sibisi-and-jeremy-kusner-of-jk-productionsKyle Robson from DWR with Emmanuel Sibisi and Jeremy Kusner of JK Productions
South Africa - Jeremy Kusner, owner of JK Productions for the past 22 years has invested in a DiGiCo S31 digital mixing console.
“We looked at various brands and models and eventually chose the DiGiCo S31 for many reasons,” says Jeremy. “First, for the great support and people at DWR Distribution. Over the years we’ve bought various other bits of gear from DWR, but this is our first major purchase and knowing that DWR has always got our back it became a very easy decision. We are super excited because it’s going to put us into a different league, enabling us to get those bigger gigs that we are looking to do, and the future looks exciting.
“DiGiCo is an incredible brand with such pedigree and heritage, and it will be super exciting to see the console on our gigs and showcase it to our clients. We feel like grown-ups now that we own a DiGiCo desk. The desk is beautifully crafted and engineered with good build quality that is made to last and is ideal for our market.”
The console will be operated by Emmanuel Sibisi, the chief technical engineer at JK Productions, who has been with the company for over 15 years. “The S31 is really nice, and it will just be a matter of getting used to the new equipment,” comments Emmanuel. “As my teacher, Kyle Robson from DWR says, all I have to do is read the screen!”
Says Kyle Robson, “The thing about the DiGiCo S31 is that we see the growth of the audio engineers the more they play on it. I’m very excited to see what gigs will be coming up for JK Productions.”
Darren Durbach from DWR adds: “In terms of DWR, it’s always such a team effort with everyone adding input, which is paramount in putting these things together. We all have the same intention and goal so a big thanks to everyone I work with including Kyle Robson, Jaco Beukes, Richard Smith, Dylan Jones and Jade Manicom.”

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