Lighthouse Goes Big in Berlin
Tuesday, 22 May 2001
Europe’s largest outdoor advertising screen is sited on the C&A building in central Berlin’s famous Kurfurstendam, and is fully integrated into the architecture of the building. It features 100sq.m of Lighthouse LVP502 screen modules, measuring 10 panels wide by 8 high. The whole of this part of central Berlin has been substantially rebuilt in recent years and the new screen will be the eye-catching centrepiece for one of the city’s liveliest streets. Statistically, the site offers advertisers the opportunity for their commercials to be seen by more people than anywhere else in the city. Media! AG carried out the installation, and will operate the screen and its control system, while advertising sales and marketing are being handled by MIM in Hamburg.

Advertisers include blue chip companies, with the first to sign up being C&A themselves, and Media! AG anticipates the screen will be used mostly to display moving video (in the form of commercials), although it is equally capable of showing still video and computer graphics images. For further versatility, Media! AG has installed a satellite link and the screen can be remotely driven. Hans-Peter Mack, CEO of Media! AG, says: "This is the first of its kind anywhere in Germany, and is the first of a network of screens that will be located all around Germany and Central Europe."

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