Marshall Day Entertech becomes Entertech Australia
Tuesday, 31 August 2021
mdaMarshall Day Acoustics works on projects in over 15 countries and employs over 90 professional staff worldwide
Australia - Marshall Day Acoustics (MDA) has announced that its Theatre & AV Design division, Marshall Day Entertech will be succeeded by new independent company Entertech Australia. The company will be led by former MDA staff members and theatre specialists Micah Johnson and Kate Kelly.
“We are thrilled for Micah and Kate and what this change will bring. On behalf of the board and leadership team, we thank Micah and Kate for all their efforts as members of the MDA team and look forward to seeing their new business develop in the future,” said Marshall Day Acoustics’ co-CEO Amanda Robinson.
MDA says it made the decision to split the company in order to increase operational efficiencies and return focus to the core area of the business, acoustics.
“Kate and I are excited to begin a new chapter as an independent business, after fifteen years as part of Marshall Day,” said Entertech Australia’s director Micah Johnson.

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