Atlantis The Royal offers 795 guest rooms plus 17 on-site restaurants
UAE - Dubai’s newest luxury hotel, Atlantis The Royal offers 795 guest rooms, plus 17 on-site restaurants. Ears are not forgotten, as throughout the hotel’s common areas the sonic environments are reproduced by more than 400 discreetly placed Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers.
Thrusting up from Dubai’s elegant Palm Jumeriah, and surrounded by the waters of the Persian Gulf, Atlantis The Royal opened early in 2023. The developers of the hotel, Investment Corporation of Dubai, made it clear to all parties involved that only the highest standards of excellence should be considered in the selection of vendors. This brief was communicated to the media consultant, Mediatech, and the firm’s principal consultant on the project, Ged King.
Because the audio systems could in no way intrude on the visual aesthetics, for the restaurants and most common areas, Mediatech specified four models incorporating Meyer Sound’s proprietary IntelligentDC technology: the MM‑4XP miniature self-powered loudspeaker, the UP-4XP ultra-compact loudspeaker, the Ashby‑8C ceiling loudspeaker, and the MM‑10 miniature subwoofer. For the larger ballroom spaces, the brief specified a flexible system employing Meyer Sound’s digitally steered CAL column array loudspeakers.
Meyer Sound’s partner in the region, Systech Middle East, coordinated all logistics involving the loudspeakers, working in close coordination with the overall AV and IT systems integrator for the project, GBM.
The elegant dining areas presented the main challenge of providing an aural experience that suffuses the room with full-bodied sound that was enjoyably evocative yet never aggressively intrusive. “At Atlantis The Royal we deliver bespoke experiences to our guests,” notes Richard Carter, director of audio visual facilities ATR, Atlantis Dubai. “As part of these experiences, high-quality entertainment within our restaurants is paramount. The use of Meyer Sound systems to reproduce and amplify this entertainment in an even way, while using discreet loudspeakers, has proven to be a great advantage.”
The brief for audio systems was handed to Mediatech back in 2017, and the massive project was delayed by the global disruptions of the pandemic. By the time construction had proceeded to the point where loudspeakers were required, Meyer Sound had discontinued the UP-4XP and replaced it with the narrower UP‑4slim. Although the technical performance was comparable, the changes in dimensions would require some construction adjustments and offer a different look where the loudspeakers were mounted in the open. To prevent any potential glitches, Meyer Sound brought the UP-4XP back out of retirement, building a custom lot for the project and finishing each with the exact RAL colours required.
“This was a bit unusual, but certainly not unprecedented,” comments Andrea Granata, Meyer Sound’s sales manager for the Middle East and Africa. “For a company of our size and global reach, we offer exceptional flexibility in adapting our manufacturing to meet specific and unusual customer needs.”
A sampling of other dining areas receiving the complete Meyer Sound treatment would include Dinner by Heston Blumenthal (32 MM-4XP loudspeakers and four MM-10 subwoofers), and the Peruvian-themed La Mer (21 MM-4XP plus three MM-10). Similar systems inhabit Jaleo by José Andrés and Ariana’s Persian Kitchen. Additional systems bathe the 22nd floor’s Cloud 22 and the nearby poolside cabanas with sound from, all told, 32 UP-4XP and 45 MM-4XP loudspeakers aided on the bottom end by 23 MM-10 subwoofers.
In most dining areas, the sound level varies from subtle ambient background to pleasantly present foreground. However, in the Resonance Bar by Heston, the excitement can be stepped up a notch or two when the sun goes down and the resident DJ steps in. With a dozen UP-4XP loudspeakers bolstered by four MM-10 subwoofers, the level can be pumped up to a constant 105dB with zero distortion.
For larger indoor gatherings (lectures, conferences, gala dinners, etc.), Atlantis The Royal offers a 10,000 m2 ballroom that can be divided into three separate spaces by moveable walls. Each of the three areas is equipped with a dedicated pair of Meyer Sound CAL 32 column array loudspeakers that can be digitally steered for precise coverage. Each space also has a pair of MM-10 subwoofers to boost the low end. When the three spaces are combined into one ballroom, coverage throughout is anchored by a pair of CAL 64 loudspeakers.
“This project was not without challenges, but thanks to the diligence of our partners, all were managed skillfully and everything performed without a hitch for the opening,” says Meyer Sound’s Granata. “At Meyer Sound, we were pleased to be part of a project that - across the board - has raised the bar for excellence in the hospitality industry.”

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