Microsoft Xbox goes on stream with GLP
Wednesday, 17 March 2021
glpDrones over Cologne (photo: Jens Hillenkötter)
Germany - The proposed lavish party for the launch of Microsoft's new Xbox Series X had to be waived due to the COVID pandemic. Nevertheless, the market launch of the new generation of consoles in the Gamescom city of Cologne was celebrated with a live stream (known as the Xbox Dream Stream).
The highlight was a drone show over the Rhine. At the start of the 150-drone extravaganza, Jens Hillenkötter, in his role as both executive producer and director for the drone show and the broadcast of the live stream - on behalf of the agency - deployed 36 Creative Light 1 Plus fixtures from GLP.
For outdoor use in Cologne, Hillenkötter chose the Creative Light 1 Plus model with wireless control. The total of 36 LED effects deployed were attached to six vertically standing pipes in groups of six. In this configuration they offered an impressive backdrop for the exciting drone launch.
"GLP helped me out with test equipment because my own order was held up at Customs," explains Hillenkötter. "I saw the prototypes of the Creative Light 1 a long time ago at GLP in Karlsbad and was immediately impressed."
He has enjoyed a very close relationship with GLP for many years: "As the first point of contact, Andreas Brandt is always there for me and keeps me up to date with new developments, since as a designer I am naturally always pleased to learn about new toys.
“Before using the Creative Light 1 Plus in Cologne, I already used it successfully at a David Vidano concert. With the Xbox Dream Stream, they were used as eye candy in the camera background during the drone start sequence.”
He adds: “The CL1 Plus can be used very flexibly - it is extremely compact and also battery-operated. Thanks to the wireless control option using LumenRadio CRMX, the setup effort is minimal. A small, fine tool that is fun.”

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