Midas Heritage 2000 for Brazilian TV Corp
Wednesday, 31 May 2000
Rio de Janeiro-based TV Globo, the largest TV corporation in South America and among the top five in the world, has just taken delivery of a Midas Heritage 2000 console for its brand new live TV broadcast studio. Henry Spong, president of Libor, Midas's distributor in Brazil, was responsible for the sale. "The studio had been using a Heritage 3000 on rental from Gabisom, a local PA company, and was delighted with it," explained Spong. "TV Globo's audio engineer and specifier, Carlos Ronconi, was determined to have a Heritage desk in his studio, so he approached Libor. We lent him our demo Heritage 2000 by way of comparison, and they decided that in fact it was more than adequate for their needs, so they opted for the 2000 which they have ordered with 12 mono and 12 stereo channels."

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