Midas Works for a Nobel Cause
Friday, 19 January 2001
The Nobel Peace Prize concert took place on 11th December at the Oslo Spektrum in Norway. The concert, which was broadcast to a worldwide audience of over 320 million viewers. This year the honour was bestowed upon South Korean president Kim Dae Jung. The concert attempts to feature the very best artists from all areas of the musical spectrum, and this year presented artists such as Moby, Bon Jovi, Westlife and Natalie Cole. Continuing the successes of previous years, prominent Norwegian rental company AVAB-CAC, who also distribute Midas in Norway, was again chosen to provide the sound system for the event. Stuart Mørch-Kerrison of AVAB-CAC who was both sound designer and FOH engineer, specified Midas mixing consoles for both FOH and monitor positions. "The FOH set-up featured a Heritage 3000 console and a Heritage 2000 console MIDI-linked together in order to allow both mixers to change cue settings simultaneously," he explained. "Both desks were run in "virtual fader" mode, meaning that all fader levels, VCA settings, subgroup routing and relevant muting could be stored after each bands soundcheck, and instantly recalled during the show. The main monitor console was a Midas XL-250 which has become a real favourite with the monitor engineers at AVAB-CAC."

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