National Recognition for UKCMA
Tuesday, 10 July 2001
The UK’s first ever grouping of crowd management companies, the UK Crowd Management Association (UKCMA), has marked its first four months with the announcement of official recognition from two major bodies. The UKCMA was launched in March at the International Live Music Conference in London. Its principle aims are to raise standards within the entertainment event industry and promote awareness of crowd safety issues among legislative bodies in the UK, as well as to foster co-ordination of training and operational standards. The UKCMA, representing the major players in crowd management, aims to achieve this through a continuing educational and networking programme and open forums, targeting all decision makers involved within the crowd management sphere. In the short space of four months, the association has gained recognition from such organisations as the British Standards Institute (BSi) and the Security Industry Training Organisation (SITO), and established links with two other like-minded European organisations.

Almost exactly 12 months since the tragedy at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival, the need for recognised industry standards and a common approach to training is one that can no longer be ignored. The UKCMA aims to set the wheels in motion to raise awareness of the importance of recognised training and operational standards, and in doing so, to help prevent such occurences happening again. "Co-ordinating training standards and a pan-industry approach is now more important than ever," said UKCMA Chairman, Mark Grant. "That is our primary aim, and we hope that by coming together as reputable competitors in one association we will create a climate of much greater co-operation for the benefit of our ultimate customers - every single person who attends a public show, be it a music, corporate or sports event."

Says Showsec’s Mick Upton, Treasurer of the UKCMA: "The key to the success of the UKCMA lays in the fact that it restricts membership to companies that can demonstrate that their primary source of income is from the provision of crowd management and/or crowd control services. This policy is in direct contrast to other associations that actively encourage companies engaged in a wide range of activities to join them in order to bring in much needed revenue. The problem of funding is overcome by the fact that UKCMA registration is £1000 per company, which in turn has allowed the association to build up a considerable cash reserve from a relatively small membership base."

The UKCMA is actively recruiting more members of the crowd management industry to join the association. Please contact Mark Grant for further information at the e-mail adddress below.

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