DHA has announced its new licensing agreement with Rosco, granting the company exclusive rights to manufacture the most popular gobo designs from DHA's catalogue for supply to Rosco dealers around the world. The new system now means faster delivery of standard gobos for Rosco's customers. "Having worked with DHA for 17 years we are very happy to continue the relationship and pleased that together we are able to respond to increased customer demand for rapid delivery by streamlining our systems," said Joshua Alemany, product manager at Rosco Laboratories. He continued: "Complementing DHA's international network of dealers, Rosco continues with its agreement to be DHA's exclusive distributor of gobos in the USA, South America, Australia and Canada. The worldwide network of Rosco companies and existing global stockists will benefit from the new arrangement and we both expect to see increased growth and new product introduction."

Until PLASA 2000, Rosco and DHA shared an exclusive marketing agreement. This was then redefined, in a move to align DHA's international marketing strategy with its UK business practice and to enable the company to market its full range of products direct to overseas customers. Diane Grant, joint managing director of DHA, said: "We have been working successfully with Rosco since 1984 and since our move to Waterloo Road six years ago, our capabilities have increased tremendously. Customer expectations have also changed and they should no longer have to accept the delays in delivery caused by shipping gobos to the USA from the UK. This year, as we celebrate 30 years in the business, we have a customer service team of 12 and an extremely experienced sales staff. The dealer network we have worked to establish over the past year now gives us the infrastructure to directly provide an international service for all our products."

Even in such a short time, DHA is gaining a reputation throughout the world for providing a consistently high level of service. Backed by a stock of some quarter of a million gobos in the UK, DHA's overseas stockists provide a similar level of service to their own customers. As in the UK, DHA regularly organises training for its dealers as well as, through them, a program of workshops and seminars for end users, which have proved very successful.

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