Schlosslichtspiele Festival 2023
Germany - Christie Pandoras Box Software Version 8.8 technology is powering the impressive projection mapping at Schlosslichtspiele Festival at Karlsruhe Palace. Technical team AV Active has deployed two Pandoras Box licences, two Christie Widget Designers and 24 Pandoras Box outputs to power projection mapping onto the 172m x17m (564 feet x 56 feet) façade of Karlsruhe Palace.
Among this year’s flagship events is mapping virtuoso Maxin10sity’s 80’s Flash show to tie in with a 1980s museum exhibit inside the building, while German electronic band Kraftwerk performs in front of the Palace during the festivities. The show runs from until 17 September.
“We’re always happy to use Christie Pandoras Box on events - we know how to use it and prepare the content, and we’ve had no technical issues in the many years we have been working with it,” says Tamás Vaspöri, managing director, Maxin10sity. “We love coming back to Schlosslichtspiele and enjoy striving to create something new that people haven’t seen before. The detailed façade - with its many windows and artistic columns - gives us a variety of possibilities to create interesting effects, and the 1980s theme allows us to express our creativity in a new way.”
The event, which is now in its ninth iteration, has been powered by Pandoras Box every year, and Maxin10sity has created mapping content for each festival. "We opted for Pandoras Box from the outset (in 2015),” says Sven Gayer, technical director AV Active. “At that time, no other solution could offer the versatility and range of features that it brought to the table. Over the years, our choice has remained consistent and unchanged, primarily because we've been thoroughly satisfied with its performance. There hasn't been a single scenario or requirement that we couldn't address using Pandoras Box. Its reliability and adaptability have consistently met our needs.
“Without this centralised interface, the day-to-day operations would be much more complex,” continues Gayer. “Imagine an individual who just has to press a button in the evening; without Pandoras Box, they'd be overwhelmed with tasks. One of the standout features that's invaluable to us is the warping capability in Pandoras Box. This has allowed us to achieve our desired results rapidly and efficiently."
The event is under the creative direction of ZKM Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe. This year’s festival carries the theme of ‘Horizons of Hope. Dawn of Devices, which was chosen by Peter Weibel, who was the brainchild of the festival’s first projection mapping in 2015, and a curator of the festival, until he passed away earlier this year. Maxin10sity has also created a short video in his honour, which will be shown at the festival.

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