Pavarotti Parties in the Park
Friday, 27 July 2001
On Saturday 14 July, London’s Hyde Park once again played host to the legendary Luciano Pavarotti for his ‘Picnic in the Park’, produced by Solo. He was joined by guest stars Vanessa Mae, Russell Watson and Charlotte Church and sang to an 80,000-strong audience. The event, backed by Safeway, was set to raise £1 million for charity. Three Lighthouse screens augmented the main stage screens, providing downfield video reinforcement. All the screens were provided by Screenco, in conjunction with French audio visual company Lumison. The central delay screen comprised 5 x 5 panels of Lighthouse LVP20 20mm pixel pitch modules with video delay provided by Screenco, with two further Lighthouse delay screens left and right using processors provided by Lumison and overseen by Lumison’s chief technician, Pierre Heyligen. The left and right stage screens were Screenco 15mm LEDs - showing images provided by Black Pig.

Screenco project manager Giles Conte, commented: "Screenco has always been associated with the highest quality images and the team were very impressed with the Lighthouse product." Lighthouse’s Graham Burgess added: "We were proud to be associated with this event and Screenco’s contribution to it, and happy that it raised £1 million for charity."

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