Peter L. Spadaro goes Rogue for Goose
Thursday, 2 January 2020
gooseGoose play Manhattan
USA - Peter L. Spadaro III was just about to take a break from a busy touring schedule when he got a call to light a show by the up and coming jam-funk band Goose.
“As a fan, I like their music,” says Spadaro. “They also pull a lot of different influences into their sound, which opens up a lot of creative opportunities for you as a designer. They’re really a lighting designer’s dream.”
At Manhattan’s Mercury Loungs, Spadaro had to overcome one significant obstacle: the small stage. He was able to meet this challenge with help from a floor package supplied by Andrew Goedde, the band’s regular designer, that featured eight Rogue RH1 Hybrid, six Rogue R1 Spot, and six Rogue R2 Wash fixtures, as well as two STRIKE 4 units.
“I was glad to have these fixtures from, Andrew’s floor package,” says Spadaro. “This was my first time lighting these guys and I had limited positions for lights, so I wanted to maximize them. I relied on my timing and colour combinations to do the talking for me within the limited space available. The Rogues allowed me to build crescendos of light based on the songs Goose was performing.”
The colour rendering capabilities of his Rogue fixtures were instrumental in helping Spadaro convey the different moods weaving through Goose’s music. “My colours were based on the songs chosen by the band,” he says. “Not knowing their transitions and the flow of their jamming, I relied on a few standard colour combos and a few that were on the obscure side that translated well. I took a few risks, and it payed off in the long run.”
With the venue stage being considerably smaller than the ones Spadaro normally works with, he relied on “weird angles” of side lighting and backlight to create extra depth and dimensionality. He often mixed vivid colours with stark white light when backlighting band members to accentuate the complexity of their sound.
(Jim Evans)

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