Visitors to Stand D10 will find an extensive array of new Chauvet Professional fixtures, along with ChamSys consoles
UK - “A picture without a frame is like a soul without a body,” wrote Vincent Van Gogh, who knew a thing or two about creating beautiful visuals with colour and motion. The team at Chauvet Professional readily embraces the philosophy of the impressionist, which is why they’ve built their innovation-rich PLASA London stand around the theme of Frame Your Stage, Bringing Immersion Into Frame.
Lighting designers who visit the company at Stand D10 will find an extensive array of new Chauvet Professional fixtures, along with ChamSys consoles, that will help them create compelling visual cores, which, after all, are the essence of framing, in their productions. Leading the way in this regard are additions to Chauvet Professional’s, wildly successful Maverick Storm series.
Occupying a key position on the stand will be the new Maverick Storm 4 Profile, a compact IP65-rated powerhouse capable of creating an all-embracive frame at even the largest arena or amphitheatre. Drawing on its powerful 1,250-watt LED engine and advanced optics, this fixture can throw 60,000 lumens over great distances. Meanwhile, its sharp shutter framing, smooth iris, and 8.5:1 zoom make it ideal for creating tightly focused areas of light.
Featuring CMY + CTP colour mixing system, The Maverick Storm 4 Profile opens up an unlimited array of colour options. In addition to its colour rendering prowess, the new fixture has two rotating, indexing, and interchangeable slot, and lock gobo wheels, as well as an animation wheel, making it ideal for creating a variety of patterns on stages and other surfaces. The fixture’s versatility is further enhanced by its two prisms and frost filters.
Another new offering at the stand, the Maverick Storm 3 BeamWash, opens creative vistas with its two zones of zoom control. Both zones independently zoom from 4.6 to 53.6°. A 16-lens outer zone and 12-lens inner zone combine to deliver a massive 19,062 lumens of output from 28 45-watt RGBW LEDs.
This fixture also features built-in macros with foreground and background control, opening the way to designing compelling visual environments that provide an immersive frame for any on stage performance. What’s more, a unique lens design delivers excellent colour blending, tight aerial beam effects, and visual impact live or on camera, whilst dual mode operation enables pixel-mapped effects to run under ArtNet/sACN control with separate assignment of motorized functions to DMX.
Providing a more linear frame is the COLORado PXL Curve 12, a fully pixel-mappable motorised batten with individual control of zoom, tilt, and colour across twelve independent heads. Powered by 12 45-watt RGBW LEDs, the IP65-rated fixture, which features seamless edge-to-edge mounting, can be used to create a stunningly bright and vividly coloured frame on stage.
However, this is only the beginning of what it can do. With its 12 individually controlled heads, each with 200° tilt, built-in effects, gobos, and macros, this fixture is not only capable of framing a stage, but also animating it with dynamic motions. Exactly the kind of “frame” that Vincent Van Gogh himself would have loved.

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