Plazamedia selects Alfalite screens for XR studio
Tuesday, 21 February 2023
bildmotivThe opening of Plazamedia’s new Extended Reality (XR) studio
Germany - Huelva, Spain-based manufacturer of LED screens Alfalite has supplied its Modularpix Pro VP XR panels with ORIM technology to build a 120sq.m L-shaped LED wall in Plazamedia’s new Extended Reality (XR) studio, which has just been opened near Munich.
Plazamedia has been the leading sports TV producer in the German-speaking region since 1976. Its new briX|, located in AGROB Medienpark in Ismaning near Munich, will offer new and diverse application possibilities for innovative and sustainable productions with a combination of XR, AR and VR for film and production companies, broadcasters, advertising companies and event and creative agencies.
briX| is one of Germany’s most innovative studios. It combines real set architecture with virtual worlds via the 24m- wide and 5m-high LED wall and can be expanded into a 360° space through augmented reality. Alfalite’s Modularpix Pro VP XR panels feature 1.9mm pixel pitch, optical parameters and cd/m2 brightness > 1,800 nits, providing ‘outstanding viewing angle stability and enabling filming the LED wall even from extreme camera angles’.
Mo-Sys, a pioneer in virtual production technology, oversaw the development and implementation of this project and integrated Alfalite’s LED panels with its products Startracker, Cinematic XR Focus and bMR. Thanks to Mo-Sys real-time render engine (Unreal Engine 5.1) integrated into briX|, parameters such as time of day and atmosphere – for example, sun, rain, snow, or fog – are reproducible at will and can be defined individually.
“With briX| we are putting a big exclamation mark on the Extended Reality and green production field,” says Jens Friedrichs, chairman of the management board of Plazamedia. “We will offer companies from all industries the opportunity to impressively stage their brands, projects, and topics sustainably. We thank the Alfalite team for their support and great solution. We are thrilled to see where this will lead us and foresee future collaborations with Alfalite.”
Regarding sustainability, Plazamedia´s new XR LED Studio aims to set standards for “green production”, helping its clients reduce their carbon footprint; this is another reason they chose Alfalite’s LED panels. This technology stands out for its low average power consumption (35 watts) and low levels of electromagnetic compatibility, allowing the displays to coexist with other electronic systems without interference.
Luis Garrido, executive director of Alfalite, says, “It’s great to have joined forces with Mo-Sys to bring Plazamedia’s ambitious project to life. We are delighted that a prestigious company such as Plazamedia has trusted us as their technology partner for its different projects.”
The LED panels used in Plazamedia XR studio have ORIM (Optical Resin Injection Module) technology, a new termination system for LED panels through an injection of optical resin that improves precision between modules (<0.5mm). It also provides a magnified 175º horizontal and vertical viewing angle.

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