Positive response to CT’s Holoplot demo
Thursday, 16 December 2021
creative-technology-x-holoplotAudio was given the opportunity to step into the limelight
UK - In the latest instalment of the conneCT education sessions, Creative Technology invited a diverse group of designers, creatives, and users from various industries to a special UK presentation of Holoplot X1, the Berlin-based pro audio company's latest offering in the world of immersive audio.
With no visual content to pull focus on this occasion, audio was given the opportunity to step into the limelight. Holoplot treated everyone in attendance to a comprehensive demonstration sequence curated to showcase the system's possible uses in various configurations. A real mix of content across different market sectors provided familiarity and context for those assembled in the room.
The immediacy of feedback and response from guests was evident. “Having been in this industry for over 45 years, one can become a little jaded and cynical when it comes to new equipment. 'Oh, not another black box' - but Holoplot took me completely by surprise. I don't know what sort of voodoo goes on in Berlin, but these guys have just changed the game completely. I am very excited about the creative options and possibilities these magic boxes offer Sonosphere,' said Jamie Gosney, Sonosphere
Lee Dennison, head of client relationships for Creative Technology said, “I’ve known the team at Holoplot for a few years now and heard and used the original Orion system, which was a great starting point. Holoplot have essentially taken what they have learnt from that proof of concept and started again with the X1. It's just mind-blowing and the light bulb moments we witnessed amongst invited guests was wonderful to see. We have already had so many conversations from the session, with clients looking at how they can use X1 for projects in 2022. They have genuinely recognised the need to add an immersive layer of audio to their projects.”
Francois Villaret, head of business development at Holoplot added, "The conneCT open day in collaboration with CT was an essential moment for Holoplot as we continue to demonstrate the revolutionary capabilities and versatility of X1 to global industry professionals.
“Creative Technology and its broad network have significant expertise in delivering unique sound-based experiences for audiences. We share this purpose and have great trust in our partnership with the CT team, which made for a highly valuable session alongside key industry leaders and creatives. We thank everyone who attended and look forward with excitement to future collaborations."

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