Prolights bathed the wide expanse of the Herculaneum excavations
Italy - Prolights products illuminated the second edition of I Venerdì di Ercolano, a culturally enriching initiative promoted and commissioned by the Ente Parco Nazionale degli Scavi di Ercolano (National Park of Herculaneum Excavations) and the Italian Ministry of Culture. This project seamlessly transformed the evocative route into an enthralling journey through the culinary annals of ancient Rome, enriched by the innovative lighting setup crafted by Prolights.
The lighting rig was installed by Artemia, a system integration company, under the stewardship of project managers Lucio Sabatino and Alessandro Limongiello. The monumental setup featured approximately 500 Prolights products, including Smart BatPlus, SmartBattenQ, ArcPar 7, and LumiPix 16H. These devices gracefully bathed the wide expanse of the Herculaneum excavations.
The Artemia team, satisfied over the results achieved, remarked: "We take immense pride in this project and the resoundingly positive feedback it has garnered. Prolights' products played an indispensable role in bringing our original vision to life, and we are gratified that the Italian Ministry of Culture recognised how our lighting design enhanced the archaeological splendours of the Herculaneum site."

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