QSC and Mainline form sales partnership
Friday, 22 May 2020
qsc-and-mainline-press-imageMainline Marketing will take over from Meyer Marketing
USA - Mainline Marketing, an independent manufacturer rep firm, will represent the QSC systems and live sound business in Florida and Puerto Rico, effective 25 May.
The change comes after Mainline acquired former QSC representative Meyer Marketing earlier this month.
“We would like to thank the entire Meyer Marketing team for their hard work and dedication representing QSC over the years,” comments Frank West, senior director of sales for QSC Systems. “We look forward to working with Mainline Marketing in the southeast region and leverage their vast experience and connections in the AV industry, specifically in corporate AV, theme parks, production and retail.
“Our companies share a dedication to integrator and end user training, and as Mainline prepares to open their newest training centre next month, they will help support regional trainings for the Q-SYS Ecosystem and TouchMix. Equally important, their extensive experience will represent solutions at some of the largest AV installations in Florida, making them an ideal partner to continue momentum in the region.”
“QSC has always been a pillar of quality and service in our industry, which is why we are so thrilled to become stewards for their brand. We plan on harnessing our 30-plus years in the region to deliver smart, end-user focused solution offerings that represents the innovation of QSC end-to-end portfolio,” adds Clinton Muntean, president of Mainline Marketing.

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