Really Creative Media live with Jax Jones
Tuesday, 21 April 2020
rcmjaxjonesmarch20Jax Jones live at O2 Academy Brixton (photo: Tony Woolliscroft)
UK - Really Creative Media (RCM) provided screen content along with equipment and touring engineers for Jax Jones March tour, cut short by COVID-19. It was the company’s final gig before the UK entered full lockdown on 23 March.
RCM was enlisted to create the dynamic screen content for DJ Jax Jones’ first tour since the September 2019 launch of the artists Snack (Supersize) album. A month ahead of the tour, RCM’s Jack Fox liaised with creative director Aimee Phillips and the artist, working alongside lighting director Liam Griffiths of Stage Techniques and production management team Only Helix to create a new show with fresh material for the on-stage LED wall. They also re-purposed existing content from previous tours, before getting creative in the company’s London editing studio.
RCM worked with Aimee to build a sharp timecoded set, bringing the show up to date. Using some clever programming, RCM integrated the new song edits with automated live camera cuts, so that all of the onstage action was covered - an evolution of a workflow created by RCM for Clean Bandit.
Production manager Tom Nicol comments: “Jax popularity is on the rise and the team at RCM were brilliantly in tune with our aspirations, supporting a strong visual identity for the artist, then enabling us to take that on the road to deliver a great live experience.”
RCM’s touring engineers Bjorn Parry and Iain Harvey looked after the show on the road, using equipment from the company’s inventory. To capture close-up live shots, RCM provided three Agile Arc360 remote cameras, located on stage to help create live content effects on screen. Resolume V7 media servers were located at side-stage taking timecode from ShowKontrol.
RCM project manager Jack Fox adds: “We enjoyed working with the creative and production teams to create a fresh visual look for Jax Jones to take on the road. It was great to see fantastic audience reactions to Jax’ new material. It’s sad that Covid-19 cut the tour short and means we are looking unlikely to adapt this for the artist’s planned festival appearances. We hope it will be back on the road for the scheduled Autumn tour dates.”
(Jim Evans)

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