Topaz combines ROE Visual quality with a cost-effective solution
China - ROE Visual has unveiled the Topaz Series, an addition to its LED panel line-up. Topaz combines ROE Visual quality with a cost-effective solution, making it a suitable choice for AV rental companies and event organisers seeking a creative, flexible, reliable LED solution that allows a superior return on investment.
At its core, the Topaz Series includes standard LED panels that uphold the highest quality standards ROE Visual is known for. The series encompasses curved panels that seamlessly bend and shape to accommodate the most imaginative stage designs and specially engineered panels that effortlessly assemble to create 90° corners and cubes, thus allowing for limitless possibilities in stage setups and visual storytelling.
"We are thrilled to introduce the Topaz series," states Jason Lu, CEO of ROE Visual. "We believe innovation is the key to transforming the LED display industry. Providing rental companies with the tools they need for unmatched flexibility is a cost-efficient LED solution that doesn't sacrifice quality or performance and, at the same time, empowers designers to push the boundaries of their imagination. With the Topaz Series, we are confident that rental companies will achieve a better return on investment while providing exceptional visual experiences to their clients."
The Topaz Series is now available for purchase in a 2.6-pixel pitch version, and the series will be extended with other pixel pitches in the near future.

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