RTVE upgrades with Alfalite LED screens
Tuesday, 4 April 2023
rtve3-paintRTVE has started an ambitious project to revamp all its studios in Spain
Spain - Alfalite has supplied 964 units of its ModularPix Pro 1.9 ORIM LED panels for RTVE studios, Spain’s national state-owned public television broadcaster. The operation is being carried out by Datos Media Technologies, who won the concession bid to provide the equipment.
RTVE has started an ambitious project to revamp all its studios in Spain to provide new features and cutting-edge technology that will improve the experience of its viewers at home, providing flexible, different, and more exciting ways of presenting information.
All studios are fitted with versatile AR technology that will allow the production teams to deliver a greater sense of space and creative versatility in a more vibrant, innovative, and impactful way that will make a real difference to its audience.
The path to winning the tender to supply the screens for RTVE’s studios was not straightforward. RTVE analysed each of the solutions available in the market to find the best fit to lead the visual line for all its programmes. For this purpose, RTVE’s technical team hired an independent laboratory to assess the response of the screens from the leading industry players in a real environment.
While analysing the best-LED screens for the studios, RTVE engineers particularly valued issues such as the viewing angle, the ability to maintain their colourimetry at low light levels or, for example, the electromagnetic compatibility of the screens, and this is why RTVE chose Alfalite. Its ModularPix Pro VP panels feature 1.9mm pixel pitch, optical parameters and cd/m2 brightness > 1,800 nits, providing outstanding viewing angle stability and enabling filming the LED wall even from extreme camera angles.
RTVE’s engineering team commented: “These large screens work in TV studios where there is a lot of communication between radio stations, earphones, or wireless microphones. It is essential to consider this electromagnetic environment, which is why we required these screens to comply with European laboratory standards.
“We looked for parameters of low power consumption of the display and the absence of lead residues in the soldering of the components. One of our concerns was that the LED screen manufacturer met all the environmental criteria, as the LED screens will be used extensively.”
Regarding sustainability and compatibility, two features make Alfalite cabinets stand out. One is the low average consumption (35 watts), and the other is the low levels of electromagnetic compatibility (Certification EMC), which allow Alfalite panels to coexist with other electronic systems without interference, as is often the case on TV studios or film sets.
The media company will also use Mo-Sys camera tracking systems integrated in Alfalite cabinets to work in a VP XR environment in their news bulletins, which was another of the corporation’s requirements when selecting the LED modules. In addition, RTVE will use Epic Games’ Unreal Engine as its graphics engine.
Sebastián Cabrera, CTO Alfalite, said: "We are very proud of the work we carried out with Datos Media Technologies and the technical team of RTVE for the revamp of all their studios. We are also proud that our product passed all the independent laboratory tests for brightness, colourimetry, viewing angle, frequency, consumption, and CE test, which were tender requirements.”

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