Shure top scores in equality index
Wednesday, 6 December 2023
shureThe CEI rates companies on detailed criteria
USA - Shure received a top score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2023-2024 Corporate Equality Index (CEI), the survey and report measuring corporate policies and practices related to LGBTQ+ workplace equality.
The results of the 2023-2024 CEI showcase how US-based companies are promoting LGBTQ+ friendly workplace policies in the US and abroad. Shure’s efforts in satisfying all the CEI’s criteria earned a score of 100 and the designation as recipient of the Equality 100 Award: Leader in LGBTQ+ Workplace Inclusion.
In addition to Shure’s LGBTQ+ inclusive policies, the company has also implemented a specific employee resource group called the Pride VIBE (Values, Inclusion, Belonging, Equity). This group cultivates an inclusive environment where community members can celebrate their authentic selves to create a safe and welcoming culture for all associates, business partners, and customers around the world.
The CEI rates employers providing these protections to over 20m US workers and an additional 18m outside of the US. Companies rated in the CEI include Fortune magazine’s 500 largest publicly traded businesses and hundreds of publicly and privately held mid- to large-sized businesses.
The CEI rates companies on detailed criteria falling under four central pillars: non-discrimination policies across business entities; equitable benefits for LGBTQ+ workers and their families; supporting an inclusive culture and corporate social responsibility.
“For well over two decades, businesses have played an important role in furthering LGBTQ+ equality by centring employee needs and voices when it comes to workplace inclusion. While there is much more work to be done, year-over-year growth in CEI participation is evidence of a business community that recognises the responsibility and value in upholding equity and inclusion,” said RaShawn ‘Shawnie’ Hawkins, human rights campaign senior director of workplace equality.

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