Solotech hosts L-ISA immersive training
Monday, 10 February 2020
l-isasolotech2-768x320Frédéric Blanc-Garin, Patrice Lavoie and André Pichette
Canada - Three L-Acoustics trainers - Frédéric Blanc-Garin, Marcus Ross and André Pichette - recently came to Solotech’s Montreal offices to offer an intensive three-day training on L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology.
For two additional days, clients, consultants and industry professionals had the opportunity to try the ecosystem and experience the technology.
“Immersive audio is playing an increasingly important role in our various markets. It was therefore with great interest that we held a week-long training session for our specialized technicians and offered personalized demonstrations to several industry players,” said François ‘Frankie’ Desjardins, vice-president, research & development at Solotech.
Truly revolutionary, L-ISA technology enables artists to create new multidimensional sound experiences in productions that use live or recorded material. This ecosystem heightens emotions by giving listeners the impression they’re “inside the music”.
Already used in more than 7,000 performances worldwide, L-ISA has been adopted by several renowned artists, including Childish Gambino, Bon Iver and Mark Knopfler, whose equipment was supplied by SSE Audio, a Solotech company. It is permanently installed in a number of experiential venues and theatres, including ASrtechouse, Spyscape museum, and the Park Theatre in Las Vegas for Lady Gaga’s and Aerosmith's residencies, in which Solotech participated.
“L-ISA opens up a whole new creative spectrum for sound designers. It gives them the opportunity to create totally natural environments where sound is localised to its source or, if they prefer, to free their imaginations to immerse the listener in any kind of atmosphere they wish,” explains Frédéric Blanc-Garin, L-ISA labs engineer.
“This partnership between Solotech and L-Acoustics was a first in Montreal,” says Patrice Lavoie, audio technical advisor at Solotech. “It helped make the technology accessible to all, not only to spectators, but to operators as well. The participants who had the opportunity to test the system in real conditions and benefit from the knowledge of the experts on site, were all completely satisfied.”
(Jim Evans)

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