Stage Electrics upgrade for Theatre Royal
Wednesday, 31 July 2019
windsorThe Theatre Royal Windsor
UK - In the late 1980s, the Theatre Royal Windsor underwent a minor refurbishment in which Stage Electrics provided new production lighting panels, moved and refurbished the existing dimmers, ensuring the theatre was operating in line with health and safety standards of the time. Nearly 30 years later, the company has returned to the theatre to upgrade their mains supply and 50 year-old dimmers.
“After a long period of service, the theatre’s dimmers were finally coming to the end of their lives,” explains Saul Eagles, business development manager at Stage Electrics. “With some of the dimmers being nearly 50 years old, the theatre contacted us to discuss their options for replacement.
“As the theatre is dependent on ticket sales to operate, the option of an extended dark period was unfeasible,” Eagles adds. “The project needed to be completed rapidly, with no room for delays. Stage Electrics’ reputation for seamless project management and careful planning, along with a long-standing relationship with the client, made us the perfect choice to carry out this work.”
“We completed the entire works a day ahead of schedule,” states Jonathan Adkins, technical project manager at Stage Electrics “This work involved the removal of all the redundant dimmer racks, the installation of all new switch-gear, extending a number of circuits, re-numbering and allocating the phasing of circuits and installation of thee ETC Sensor dimmers.”
In total there were over 200 channels of new dimming provided which incorporated the theatre’s technical power and effects circuits allowing console control over these features that was not previously available.
“This project was always to be challenging owing to the re-use of some of the wiring,” continues Eagles. “However, the careful planning and management of Jonathan and the team, ensured that the detailed design was managed efficiently and to the entire satisfaction of the client.”
Situated a stone’s throw away from the historic Windsor Castle, the Theatre Royal Windsor has a history that stretches back over 200 years. As a first-class regional theatre that is recognised nationally, the Theatre Royal produces and presents a core programme of drama and theatre.
(Jim Evans)

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