Stagetec: New Products from Compulite and LSC
Friday, 20 July 2001
Stagetec is to launch several new lighting products from Compulite and LSC. From Compulite comes the RAVE, a new compact lighting control desk for the Club/DJ market and small venues wanting low cost, versatile moving light control. It offers simple and quick set-up and operation, plus either manual or fully automated playback. Rave has one DMX output controlling up to 512 dimmers via 100 desk channels, up to 40 intelligent fixtures (with a maximum of 32 parameters), and up to 20 channels for DMX controlled devices (smoke machines, hazers etc.). Playback devices include 20 virtual playbacks with a fader and a control soft key. Editing is quick and easy using the soft-keys, integrated LCD display and three wheels.

Also new is the CompuDIM Wallmount installation version of Compulite’s popular CompuDIM range of digital dimmers. It is available in two versions (24 x 3kW or 12 x 5kW) incorporating MCB protection as standard with the option of integral RCD protection. Nova is a new heavy-duty yoke system which can be custom fitted to any fixture weighting up to 30kg and is available in two models - Nova Normal for profile luminaries and the Nova Compact for Fresnel and PC luminaries.

New from LSC is the maXim - a powerful, easy-to-use range of control desks combining the right mix of functions, large memory capacity, reliability and elegant design. Five models are available S, M, L, XL, XXL - from 24 to 120 channel faders - to suit all applications. The larger models (L, XL, XXL) also have the option of a moving light control PatPad module. maXim offers single or two preset fader operation, a stack playback master with individual up/down fade and Link times and the ability to run scenes or chases on the lower bank of faders with nine pages of memory. Six (L), 18(XL) or 30(XXL) dedicated submasters are provided on the larger desks with a further nine pages of memory.

Stagetec can be found on stand C3

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