Stagetec (UK) Ltd has recently won three major contracts covering a diverse selection of production industry areas. In the theatre market, the company is supplying and installing a complete new sound system at the Orchard Theatre in Dartford. The theatre 3D-modelled the auditorium to ensure optimum coverage and intelligibility, and were demonstrated several systems. They chose a Nexo system, supplied by Stagetec, consisting of eight PS15 mid/high speakers, four LS1200 sub-bass cabinets, plus three PS8 speakers for delays, all driven from Crown Macro-Tech amplifiers. The whole system is controlled via a Crown USM810 digital processor and three Sabine Graphi-Q digital programmable graphic EQs - the idea being to offer a quick, easy and very flexible system catering for the wide range of productions. Stagetec also supplied a Soundcraft K2 mixer, a range of outboard equipment and a Sennheiser Infra-Red assisted hearing system. The project is due to complete by the end of August.

Stagetec continue to flourish in the television market. The latest contract won was for the supply and install a complete new DMX and data distribution system for the BBC’s TC3 studio at Television Centre in West London. The core of the system includes Compulite demultiplexers and multiplexers, IES splitters and an LSC Softlink DMX patching unit. A total of 60 new DMX output boxes will be supplied and installed around the studio, plus DMX patch panels in the control room, studio grid and dimmer room.

Education is always a major market for Stagetec, and the company has just been awarded the contract so supply and install a complete sound and lighting system at the new Chafford Hundred Campus School near Grays in Essex. The new school is designed to offer the highest standards of education, utilising cutting-edge technology. Stagetec is providing systems for two venues - the main hall and drama studio. Equipment includes a Nexo PS-10 speaker system, one of the new Soundcraft M8 mixers, a Compulite lighting control system and LSC iPRO dimmers together with a Sennheiser Infra-Red hard of hearing system. Other education-orientated projects-in-progress for Stagetec include the supply of a sound and communications system to the new Laban Centre Theatre in London (a Martin Audio speaker system); a complete sound and lighting system for a new theatre at Plymouth University (Martin Audio speaker system, Compulite lighting control and dimmers) and a sound and lighting installation for the new drama studio at the Dame Alice School in London.

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