L&SI has received official notification that Studiomaster is in administrative receivership. The Milton Keynes-based company, which was officially registered as Studiomaster Diamond, had recently been experiencing problems with the chain of supplies from its Indian manufacturing plant and had been forced to contact customers advising them that the dispute had left them with no option but to put the company into administrative receivership.

Studiomaster was well known in the industry as a designer and manufacturer of professional audio equipment, a role it had been performing for over two decades, although the current company wasn’t incorporated until 1991.

Its first ever products were power amplifiers followed quickly by mixing consoles for live sound. Around this time the first affordable multitrack machines appeared and Studiomaster designed a studio quality desk to meet the needs of amateur recording enthusiasts. In the years since it has pioneered console development, from the Series II, the first mixing console to incorporate MIDI automation, through to the first professional standard compact console, the 6-2-1.

It’s not clear what will happen next - calls to the company are continually met by an engaged signal. However, in January this year, the company set up a new company simply called Studiomaster and we understand that it may well resupply products under the Studiomaster brand name sourced from an alternative manufacturer.

Baker Tilly has been appointed administrative receiver - at this stage they are unable to give any information regarding the financial position of the company, though they hope to establish this in the coming months and will then call a creditor’s meeting. Any enquiries should be directed to them on +44 (0)1908 687800.

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