Techrep brings EAW to Indiana live sector
Monday, 2 October 2023
eawtechrepEAW products are now available to the professional audio markets throughout Indiana
USA - For over 22 years, Techrep Marketing has provided audio solutions to the live sound and commercial AV markets in the Ohio Valley region. With a focus on representing respected brands within the industry, Techrep offers the entire suite of Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) products, including its ADAPTive line and its newest KF210 line array, to its customers. Together, the brands are proud to expand this partnership, with EAW products now available to the professional audio markets throughout Indiana.
“Our sales team is elated to bring the EAW brand to our Indiana customers,” says Chris Bednar, Techrep’s vice president of sales. “Techrep has had the privilege of representing EAW in much of our Ohio Valley territory this past year, and we now look forward to helping EAW realise their goals in the Indiana region, which is home to many key players in the live sound, commercial AV and music retail markets.”

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