The school is located in Tring Park Mansion, originally designed by Sir Christopher Wren
UK - Tring Park School for the Performing Arts is an independent, co-educational day and boarding school in Hertfordshire, UK. As a specialist provider of vocational training in the performing arts, the school offers courses that include dance, acting, commercial music and musical theatre, as well a full academic syllabus from Preparatory to A-Level.
It is one of only 21 schools selected to allocate government-funded Dance and Drama Awards, a scholarship scheme designed to subsidise the cost of professional dance and drama training for the most talented students at leading institutions. Since 1945, the school has been located in Tring Park Mansion, originally designed by Sir Christopher Wren and formerly occupied by the Rothschild family.
Audio technology plays a vital role in many areas of the school’s curriculum, particularly where its vocational courses are concerned, and the school recently took the decision to modernise its approach to provision for its many rehearsal rooms. Tring Park contacted regular supplier Studiospares of Luton for advice about easy to operate, flexible and portable systems that could deliver high-quality audio in often large reverberant spaces.
Greg Niedzwiecki, pro audio sales at Studiospares, recommended the versatile HH Electronics Tensor Go, a powerful portable PA system that can be operated cable-free thanks to its high-capacity integrated lithium-ion battery.
With four-channel integrated mic/line mixing functionality, high-grade balanced ¼ inch/XLR combination input connections, and a studio quality digital reverb, the Tensor Go has 4 professionally voiced presets - music, live, natural and speech which optimise its characteristics for different applications.
“The school had existing ‘installed’ systems and needed something a lot more flexible that could be used in several spaces,” comments Greg. “Having suggested the HH Tensor Go, we arranged an on-site demonstration in one of their dance rooms with some of the staff who’d potentially be using the systems. This enabled them to experience the unit’s punchy sound and see just how easily it could be set up and operated. The Go’s Bluetooth connectivity was another big plus - again quick and easy for staff and students to use.”
Following the demo, it was clear to the staff that the Tensor Go would not only comfortably cater for the rehearsal spaces they had in mind, but thanks to the flexibility and easy portability on offer, could also be deployed for outdoor live performances, small events and presentations.
Ultimately, the Tensor Go could be used as an all-rounder wherever quality audio was required on the site. Tring Park School invested in 10 x Tensor Go units.
Technician James Smith comments: “The units, which sound fantastic, provide us with portable, flexible audio that is ideal for our requirements in every area of the school. They’re quick and easy to set up, and represent great value for money. We’re very pleased with our investment in Tensor Go.”

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