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Tuesday, 13 October 2020
Mixed Reactions - Venues and organisations including The Cavern Club in Liverpool and the London Symphony Orchestra are to receive a share of £257m government arts funding. The Cavern, which hosted early gigs from The Beatles, has been given £525,000 to fund the recording of performances from local musicians. More than 1,300 organisations are set to benefit, including the Birmingham Royal Ballet and the Bristol Old Vic. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden described the move as "a vital boost".
Fairport’s Cropredy Convention music festival has been awarded £200,000 under the scheme. Gareth Williams, Cropredy’s festival organiser, said: “We have all seen how hard this Covid pandemic has hit the festival industry; 2020 has basically been a write-off. This most welcome grant from the CRF secures the future of our festival for 2021 and will help us cover any additional costs of providing extra safety measures we will need to put in place next summer. We can now plan ahead for 2021 with fresh confidence.”
Meanwhile, Michael Kill, chief executive of the Night Time Industries Association, noted how "very limited numbers of dance music clubs and events" had received funding at this crucial point. "We have been aware all along that the fund would not be able to support everyone, and will leave many businesses who have missed out on this opportunity awaiting on a perilous cliff edge, which will result in further redundancies in the coming weeks," said Kill. "We need the government to step up and support our sector," he added.
The St Austell Arts Centre reports, “Over the next few days, you'll be hearing much about those who have been successful in receiving funding from the Government's £1.57 billion support package for the arts. Everyone at the Arts Centre congratulates those who have received this much-needed funding.
What you will not be hearing, sadly, is that the Arts Centre has received any of this funding; not because we didn't apply, or didn't want to apply, but because the Government's chosen criteria for being eligible for funding was directed at organisations larger than us. We simply did not meet the eligibility requirements, to allow us to apply.
In common with countless other organisations across England, we were deemed to be too small to matter. Although, disappointing, this has made us all the more determined to continue, despite this lack of central support.
We hope that you will carry on supporting us in our endeavours to remain in operation over the coming, difficult, months, until we can welcome you all back into our little theatre (which we think does matter - a lot!). We miss you.”
Off Broadway - Broadway shows will remain closed until at least the end of May next year. The Broadway League confirmed the move in an update in which it announced the continued suspension of all ticket sales until May 30, 2021. “Dates for each returning and new Broadway show will be announced as individual productions determine the performance schedules for their respective shows. The league will provide updates to the public as more information becomes available,” it said in a statement.
Broadway League president Charlotte St Martin said: “With nearly 97,000 workers who rely on Broadway for their livelihood and an annual economic impact of $14.8 billion to the city, our membership is committed to reopening as soon as conditions permit us to do so. We are working tirelessly with multiple partners on sustaining the industry once we raise our curtains again.”
BPM Moves - The dates for BPM 2021 have been rescheduled for October at Cranmore Park, Solihull. Marketing & show director Jack Wilson says, “It’s no secret that our industry had been impacted more than ever thought conceivable with everyone around the globe having to adapt. For many, this will bring new horizons and change business dynamics to better suit the developing world we live in. Some have had no choice but to temporarily close the doors in order to survive. But we as an organisation have vowed that for us ‘it’s not over till the fat lady sings’ and we will do everything we can to continue and develop our industry utilising and embracing the powers of technology. It is with this in mind that we have moved BPM 2021 to 16-17 October 2021.”
Royal Rulers - Rock group Queen have returned to the top of the charts for the first time since 1995. The band's concert album, Live Around The World, beat competition from K-pop band Blackpink and former Spice Girl Melanie C to claim the top spot. It's Queen's 10th number one overall and the first for US singer Adam Lambert, who joined the group in 2011. "Number one - my favourite number," said drummer Roger Taylor. "It's a thrill, still."
(Jim Evans)
13 October 2021

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