TSL Lighting joins Light It In Red
Thursday, 9 July 2020
redTSL took part in the event to ramp up support for the live entertainment industry
UK - TSL Lighting joined the Light It In Red campaign on 6 July (Monday), bathing its Gatwick and Basingstoke premises with light as part of the ‘red alert’ initiative lobbying the government to ramp up support for the arts during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Light It In Red galvanised the entertainment technology industry to come together to warn that without financial aid, the supply chain for live entertainment and events is threatened.
The initiative took place as the government announced a financial aid package worth £1.57bn for the arts after months of pressure.
“It’s vital that we show solidarity with industry and raise awareness of the dire situation,” comments TSL’s Loz Wilcox. “The supply chain does so much for theatre, TV and events and it goes without saying that the arts have been invaluable during lockdown, giving us streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and so on. Now, the foundation of the businesses that contribute to producing much of that content is at risk. TSL is a proud member of our industry and we are working to support and lobby for positive action in any way we can.”
As much of TSL’s extensive lighting stock remains in its warehouses due to the shutdown, Wilcox gave the TSL crews free rein to use their fixtures to achieve the most striking and powerful looks on the buildings.
The company also sent a crew to light up the PLASA and LSi premises in Eastbourne, as well as the Identity Event Management warehouse just outside the town.
Claire Beeson, editor of LSi magazine, comments: “We are proud to support the #LightItInRed campaign in solidarity with many in the live events and entertainment industry still needing vital support from government. Huge thanks to the teams at Identity and TSL Lighting who mobilised quickly and efficiently to assist us in illuminating our Eastbourne HQ and helping us to spread this important message. It was really moving to be part of such a widespread movement alongside some of the UK’s most iconic venues and landmarks. Let’s hope the government takes notice!”
Peter Heath, MD of PLASA, adds: “While the government's rescue package indicates some progression in addressing the UK’s cultural catastrophe, there is still a vast amount of more tailored support needed. There are hundreds of hidden people involved in live productions, outside of theatres, who are not being taken into consideration and do not know when they will be returning to work. The #LightItInRed campaign is a warning to the government, that we can expect the production ecosystem to collapse before spring next year unless we see an extension of the self-employed scheme, at the very least.”
The Light It In Red idea was created and managed by Clearsound Productions Ltd in partnership with the Backstage Theatre Jobs forum.

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