Turbo in the Heart of Soho
Wednesday, 14 March 2001
Turbo in the Heart of Soho
White Sound’s Josh White’s latest project was a sound upgrade for a new bar/restaurant in the heart of Soho from the owners of the ubiquitous Alphabet bar, for which he turned to the Turbosound TCS range of loudspeakers. White Sound was responsible for the sound system design and install for the Alphabet bar in 1996, and Josh was the obvious choice for Amber’s general manager, Spike Marchant. Amber is a modern styled bar/restaurant set over two floors. The ground floor restaurant features booth seating and required low level and discreet sound reinforcement. For this area, Josh mounted four TCS-20 cabinets on a dropped ceiling raft that runs through the centre of the room. This method ensured the speakers would not be seen - the sound is reflected off the walls into the seating areas.

Downstairs in the basement bar area - which again sports the booth seating, but this time around the edges of the walls, four wall-mounted TCS-35s create the sound atmosphere - with one covering the bar itself and the remainder serving the seating and dance spaces. One TCS-118 1x18" subwoofer underpins the mid-high boxes. The system will mainly cater for CD-playback and DJs.

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