Utopium Lighting designed and provided all of the lighting for the spectacular London launch party for Hollywood’s latest blockbuster, Pearl Harbour. Utopium’s team worked 16-hour shifts through the scorching bank holiday weekend at their Bristol offices preparing equipment prior to installation on a tight time-frame at the University of London Senate House. Over 240 lights were installed in little over eight hours into six themed areas and two reception areas, under the direction of the company’s MD Colin Bodenham who designed the whole show.

The building’s fa├žade was spectacularly lit with lighting and custom projection of the Stars & Stripes theme, whilst the skyline was pierced by two authentic Second World War searchlights. Inside, art deco silk flames in each of the alcoves hid an assortment of lights washing the room in red, white and blue, with an array of ever-changing star spangled banners projected onto the ceiling, setting the theme for the other zones.

Working closely with the venue, which had never hosted such an event, an elaborate system of vertical trusses was installed into the marbled Crush Hall, which formed the main area of the party. This included the manufacture of custom ‘camouflage’ webbing slings to secure the towers to the building’s listed Marble pillars. The grand room was filled with a montage of gobo' with colour and movement. Beveridge Hall was themed on a forties dance hall, where the subtle selection of lighting included the forties ‘must have’ of a giant mirror ball. The Chancellors Hall housed the VIP area. This tremendous room was adorned with authentic art deco bronze and glass wall-mounted gas lights. These had been converted to sodium lighting in the nineties, so Utopium Lighting produced a custom light fitting to sit inside the originals, giving the effect of several small flames flickering within. High End Studio Spots provided the ‘Pearl Harbour’ branding, while immaculate chrome floor cans were deployed on the ornate stone columns as up-lighting.

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