Over 40 Wharfedale Pro distributors attended the pre-ISE event in Barcelona
Spain - Following a successful year, Wharfedale Pro celebrated its extensive network of global distributors at an awards ceremony preceding Integrated Systems Europe 2023. The event was held on 30 January at the Barcelona Experience Centre, a venue created by Wharfedale Pro and their Spanish distributor Kinson specifically for the purpose of demoing Wharfedale Pro gear.
Over 40 Wharfedale Pro distributors attended the event, representing many countries from across the world - a testament to the brand's global reach. This event, complete with keynote speeches from Wharfedale Pro team members, brought together the company’s extensive family of distributors.
“It was rewarding that so many of our distribution partners and friends were able to make the journey to Terrassa and their support was invaluable,” says Wharfedale pro sales director, Simon Godfrey. “The purpose of the event was to bring together our partners, launch our new solutions and gain vital feedback for the future of our brand. Seeing everyone sharing intelligence and ideas was inspiring and hugely beneficial to us here at Wharfedale Pro. I am particularly proud of our team and our good friends from Kinson s.a. who worked so hard to make this event such a success,”
Winners were chosen based on their performance across the past year across four categories of awards: Business Transformation, Customer Focus, Brand Innovation and Top Performing Partner.
The Business Transformation Award was awarded to those partners who had demonstrated transformation and focus in their territories, resulting in improved performance and growth. All four corners of the globe were represented among the winners, with 26 distributors taking home an award.
The purpose of the Customer Focus Award was to champion those partners who have gone above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service, whilst the Brand Innovation Awards, celebrated those partners who constantly feedback local market intelligence and data for future Wharfedale Pro innovation. Winners included Kinson, PGI Vietnam and Irukka Online alongside Norwegian distributor Soundergy.
The winners of the Top Performing Partner Award further showcased the brand's global reach, representing distributors from across four continents. These included Kinson Spain, Audiosure South Africa, Irukka Online Nigeria, ProLine India, AudioMusica Chile and Search Music Malaysia, each recognised for exceeding 2022 sales targets beyond expectation.
Tony Ifeanyi Onwubiko of Irukka Online, expressed his feelings on Irukka’s multiple wins: “I'm incredibly proud of our team and what we've been able to achieve. The Brand Innovation Award is special for us, as it recognises our efforts in providing local market intelligence and data for future Wharfedale Pro innovation. We believe that innovation is the key to staying ahead in our industry, and we're proud to have contributed to Wharfedale Pro's success in this way.”

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