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gg-beaconsGreen-GO solution for COVID-19 test station
Tuesday, 12 January 2021

The Netherlands – Tasked by a Regional Public Health Service with finding an effective solution for a new COVID-19 testing centre to enable its 18 test bays to signal for technical assistance, Backbone International turned to tried-and-tested event production technology from digital communications specialist Green-GO.
The company, a leading production management and temporary infrastructure specialist with operations worldwide, is well used to delivering the best technical solutions for any number of environments. Faced with this signalling challenge as part of a systems integration project for a testing facility in Eindhoven, they turned to Green-GO, and its Beacon call indicator units. Developed for the event production industry, the Green-GO Beacons have a transparent outer case and light up when receiving a call.
Backbone’s Daniël Zwaan explains, “The testing facility has a couple of ‘streets’, each with nine testing stations. The client needed employees at each station to have a button which they can press in case of a technical issue. This should trigger a red light at their counter, and another in the control room, indicating in which ‘street’ the support is requested. The employee or support engineer should then be able to de-activate the red light once the issue is solved.”
Zwaan continues, “We were looking for an existing system that could work for this project. Green-GO was a smart and fast communication solution.”
Specifically, the Beacon solution gave the Backbone team the advantages of being readily available

adamson-bolgenBølgen Kulturhus installs Adamson E-Series
Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Norway - Bølgen Kulturhus in Larvik is a multi-purpose, multi-use venue that welcomes thousands of patrons annually for concerts, cinema, and theatre presentations, as well as conferences and events of all descriptions. With the recent installation of an Adamson Systems Engineering E-Series PA in its main hall, Storsalen, Bølgen has extended its already substantial capabilities to present the wide variety of programming it offers and the diverse range of events it hosts.
Previously, Norwegian distributor Benum provided Bølgen with Adamson rigs for the venue’s other two, smaller performance/event spaces: eight IS10, four IS119 subs, four PC5, and two D120 amplifiers in ‘Sanden Scene’; and eight S7, two IS119 and two D120 for Blåboksen.
In the Storshalen space, Benum has now installed a system comprised of 20 E12 (flown 10 per side), six E219 subs, and four S7p loudspeakers for lip and in-fills; all powered by D-Series amplifiers by Lab Gruppen (eight D120 amplifiers for the E12, two D200s for the E219 and one D80 for the S7p). Additionally, a Lake LM44 is deployed at FOH to create a fully redundant digital network with all audio distribution handled via Dante and a dedicated analogue backup.
Benum, which will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021, has been representing Adamson Systems Engineering exclusively in Norway since 2015, and in Sweden since 2017. Adamson’s growth in the market has been substantial, says sales manager Kenneth Vadset: “We got a flying start with an S-Series installation at the Olavshallen concert hall in Tr

vivivaldy-cooperationDirectOut partners with Vivivaldy for WAN
Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Europe - German networked audio and interconnectivity specialist DirectOut has announced a collaboration with the Italian-based team of Vivivaldy to establish a tailored service for uncompressed audio transmission over public WAN connections.
Driven by the success of the first Lockdown Rock projects which allowed artists and audio professionals to work together remotely in real-time, the experts from both companies decided to join forces and create an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution.
Luca Giaroli, product manager at DirectOut, comments, “Our products deploying Ravenna technology have already proven their worth in remote production and broadcast environments. Since the constraints of the pandemic have forced large parts of the audio industry to shut down their businesses, we were thinking about lowering the entry-level of this technology for the pro audio industry. For the first Lockdown Rock project we started this late spring, we gained Vivivaldy as a very skilled and reliable partner for this exciting challenge.”
Based in Milan, the IT experts of the Vivivaldy team come with a pro audio background and provide support and consultancy for IP infrastructures, data transport, backup technologies, cloud computing services and much more.
Luca di Chio, CEO of Vivivaldy adds: ‘DirectOut got in touch with us with the idea to enable audio engineers in the pro audio business to make use of existing IP infrastructures, using standard internet connections, even though they are no IT experts. Our goal is to make these clients self-sufficient in usin

encore-logoPSAV starts to operate under Encore brand
Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Europe - Global event production company PSAV has announced that it will begin to operate under the Encore name as part of a planned move to align its portfolio of companies, including Hawthorn and AVC Live, under a master brand.
Announced in March 2020, the move “solidifies the company’s desire to unify its operations and deliver industry leadership through end-to-end creative, production and technology services to its meeting planner customers and hotel partners, taking them far beyond traditional AV services”.
“This is an exciting day for our family of companies,” said Ben Erwin, president and CEO. “In a world changed by the pandemic, the Encore brand and new icon signal a forward focus. It puts our customers at the centre as we offer new platforms and tools to enable them to continue to meet and seamlessly connect in person and virtual audiences. We have come together to provide leadership to our industry by defining standards on how to safely meet in person and have demonstrated our ability to quickly adapt solutions to help reimagine how transformative hybrid and virtual events can take place all over the world. Today, we continue those efforts under a new brand.”
Powered by a new tagline, ‘Events that Transform’, the brand identity supports the knowledge that events of all types have the power to connect and inspire, and the ability to create immersive, collaborative experiences to deliver real results, says the company. Augmenting its already strong portfolio of event production services, the new hybrid solutions and virtua

sky-corporationAyrton appoints distributor for Serbia
Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Serbia - Ayrton has appointed Sky Corporation as its new, exclusive distributor for Serbia. Established in 1999, Sky Corporation specialises in distribution, retail and systems integration, and is a regional leader in event and production technologies and services.
“At Sky Corporation we believe that high quality products and top performance are paramount in numerous applications and projects, and that's where Ayrton steps in,” says Sky Corporation director, Milan Cvetinovic. “In the entertainment industry, Ayrton products are high-end and we are happy to have the opportunity to introduce the Ayrton quality to our market. We have used all kinds of top-quality products in our production company but Ayrton is way above all of them.
“We firmly believe that Ayrton will help us to build more value into the company and to our clients.”
“We are delighted to have Sky Corporation on board as distributor for Serbia,” says Ayrton’s director of strategic development, Jonas Stenvinkel. “The team there has an excellent reputation, are always demonstrably forward-thinking and great to work with.”
“As exclusive distributor, Sky Corporation will offer the whole range and full service for Ayrton products across the Serbian market. We have many clients who have need of quality products in television, theatre, production and rental companies, and many more, and we can’t wait to show them the Ayrton fixtures in action. We plan many roadshows and demos at client facilities and concert venues as it really is the best way of promoting the bea

abtt-60-yearsABTT celebrates diamond jubilee
Tuesday, 12 January 2021

UK - 2021 sees the Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT) celebrate the diamond jubilee of its foundation. The Association will be marking this milestone with a year of online activities, and a resumption of the popular face to face in-person events when restrictions allow. It will also take the opportunity to dip into the rich depths of the ABTT Archive in order to share videos and interviews. Plus there will be more seminars, new awards, and events throughout the year.
“It is a privilege to be part of the ABTT in its 60th year and to participate in its diamond jubilee,” says Robin Townley, CEO of the ABTT. “It is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the role it has played throughout its existence in supporting those engaged in the design and construction of places of entertainment as well as those delivering technical and production support to live performance.
“It is a significant milestone and must be seen as a tribute to the Association’s membership, volunteers, trustees, supporters, and officers, all of whom have served the ABTT, and consequently their industry, so willingly and well over the last 60 years. It is an institution which with its experience and resilience is fundamental to sustaining the technical and production disciplines within live performance. By so doing it will enable them to continue with confidence despite the huge challenges presented by the current pandemic.”
The ABTT continues to provide technical advice, consultations, training, publications, and vital resources while providing members with net

ace-bannerPLASA to host Culture Recovery Fund webinars this week
Tuesday, 12 January 2021

UK - PLASA is hosting two free webinars this week on how to apply for the second round of grants from the Culture Recovery Fund (CRF).
Taking place on Wednesday 13 January from 10am-12pm and Friday 15 January from 2pm-4pm, these webinars will be hosted by Caroline Taylor, an independent expert with a proven track record in successfully applying for £15m in Arts Council England funding, including the first round of the CRF and the ACE Emergency Fund.
During each webinar you will explore the main application questions in detail which will help you submit a strong application. You will also learn about Grantium, the new Arts Council application portal which you are encouraged to register for prior to the webinar. Additionally, each webinar will have a dedicated Q&A section to answer any specific questions you may have regarding the application process. Following the webinars, Caroline is available to review your application for a fixed fee.
PLASA is encouraging all its England-based members to attend to learn more about eligibility. These include industry manufacturers, production companies and venues, as well as freelancers who operate as a limited company and single director companies.
Reserve your free place now >>

christmasSpotTrack utilised for hit London shows
Monday, 11 January 2021

UK - With SpotTrack, the specialist entertainment software tool for making, modifying and maintaining followspot cue sheets, sold on a per-show basis, it provided an immediate measure of the shut down of the entertainment industry across the world last March: all sales stopped.
But equally, it proved a barometer of an industry flickering back to life later in the year, with SpotTrack put to use on a number of the high-profile productions which re-opened for limited runs from the summer on.
At the Troubadour Theatre in Wembley, lighting designer Ken Billington and associate LD Dale Driscoll put SpotTrack to use on Sleepless In Seattle, which had actually loaded in pre-lockdown and was then one of the first shows to get going again once London’s lockdown was lifted. Based on the movie of the same name, the show played a limited but well-received season, helping to prove that audiences were not just willing to come to the theatre, but longing to do so. SpotTrack helped Driscoll run three Juliat Cyrano front spots, carefully spaced apart on the venue’s rear catwalk to conform to the UK’s social distancing rules.
Then as Christmas approached, SpotTrack was put to use on two high profile productions in London: Pantoland at the Palladium, and A Christmas Carolat the Dominion.
Pantoland was lit by Ben Cracknell as all of the recent Palladium pantos have been; Cracknell’s assistant, Andrew Exeter, used SpotTrack to document the show’s three front followspots, which worked alongside a Zactrack automated tracking sys

big-something-nyeMavericks add edge to BIG Something tradition
Monday, 11 January 2021

USA - “New Year’s Eve at Lincoln Theatre has become one of our favourite traditions,” alt rockers BIG Something declared when announcing plans for a two-night NYE stand early in December. But during a pandemic, even traditions continued are traditions changed.
This was true for BIG Something as well as the design team that lit their livestream shows. Rather than playing to a full house, the energetic six-piece band, which typically feeds voraciously off crowds, had to perform their NYE concerts in a virtually empty venue.
Their lighting designer for the evenings, Daniel Thibault of Life Is Art Studios, also had to alter his normal way of doing things. Instead of running with the big beams and sweeping aerial effects that they normally favour, he and his team opted to work with more tightly focused wrap around looks that translated better to video.
“Everybody has to make adjustments,” said Thibault. “The stuff we typically do is designed to be seen from just one side, as if you’re looking at a picture. But when doing a stream, the shots have to look good from lots of angles, especially when there are as many cameras as we had for these shows.”
Helping Thibault achieve multi-faceted wrap around looks were the 18 Rogue R2 Wash and eight Rogue R2 Spot fixtures in his NYE rig. “The Rogues were our only movers, and we relied on them to envelop the band,” he said. “Because we stayed away from our normal symmetrical beam fixture looks, we wanted to wrap the band in colour and energy. This gave the livestream’s audience the feel

bearsvillestageDanley reinforces historic Bearsville Theatre
Monday, 11 January 2021

USA - Albert Grossman – music industry guru and manager of Bob Dylan, The Band, Janis Joplin, Odetta, and Peter, Paul, & Mary, among many others – founded the Bearsville creative complex in the 1970s in Woodstock, New York. Sadly, Albert died while the Bearsville Theatre was still under construction, and his widow, Sally Grossman, saw it through to completion in 1989.
The John Storyk-designed theatre remains part of a complex that included restaurants, residences, the Utopia production studio, and a recording studio. The Rolling Stones, Isley Brothers, Ozzy Osbourne, REM, Peter Tosh, Phish, Dave Matthews Band, and many others recorded at the studio. The theatre is set to re-open with a Danley sound system in place.
“Woodstock obviously holds a special place in music history, starting with the ‘Sound-Outs’ of the 1960’s that inspired the much larger Woodstock Festival,” explained Lizzie Vann, new owner of the Bearsville Theatre. “It’s an amazing place, just two hours from New York City, and Albert really created the renown of today’s Woodstock’ by building the Bearsville complex here. We’re excited to revive it and build the Bearsville Theatre into the musical heartbeat of the region again.”
“Albert Grossman originally intended the Bearsville Theatre to be a showcase venue for his artists to present to the industry,” said Robert Frazza, veteran live sound engineer (Todd Rundgren, Adrian Belew, ABBA, and 30-plus year Woodstock resident and Bearsville Theater engineer. “The property was an old farm, and the theatre i

first-baptist-churchElizabeth Coco adds depth with Chauvet
Monday, 11 January 2021

USA - At short notice, Elizabeth Coco eagerly embraced the opportunity to light three concert videos for the First Baptist Church of Glenarden outside Washington DC.
“Every year the church does spectacular Christmas and New Year’s Eve services, but due to COVID they had to reinvent things,” recalled Coco. “We did a series of filming over the course of seven days that included gospel performances from the church, as well as some partnering houses of worship in the area. From this, we created videos for the holidays as well as one for release later in 2021. I really enjoyed the challenge of taking on this project.”
In the process, Coco not only expanded her creative horizons, she also discovered the capabilities of the Chauvet Professional Maverick series, as her “surprise rig” included six MK3 Spot and 12 MK1 Spot fixtures.
“The performance of these fixtures was amazing,” said Coco. “The zoom range and pixel masks of the MK3s were perfect. I was so excited when I walked in the door and saw a case of them sitting on the deck waiting for me, because I had heard about them. I decided to place them directly behind the performers. I kept them in narrow zoom at all times to make them really visible with haze and create different beam shapes in the air.
“They didn’t have ArtNer or sACN easily accessible at this site, so we couldn’t dual control and map the MK3s,” she continued. “But I’m actually glad, because I didn’t have the time to really use that functionality either. Instead, I ran the MK3s in 128 channel mode an

btsMA Lighting supports Behind the Scenes
Monday, 11 January 2021

USA - Behind the Scenes has announced a generous year-end donation from MA Lighting International which has been a supporter of the charity for many years, through its partnership with the Lightpower Collection. MA Lighting International is responsible for worldwide sales and marketing of grandMA control systems.
MA Lighting international managing director, Stephan Saremba, commented, “In times like these, when donations from companies have declined sharply due to necessity, MA Lighting would like to set an example with direct financial support and once again emphasise the importance of these foundations.”
The Lightpower Collection is a long-time major supporter of Behind the Scenes. Lightpower, founded in 1978 in Germany as a lighting rental company, has grown to be an internationally established distributor for stage and studio lighting equipment. The Lightpower Collection was born out of a company culture that has grown over several years with a passion for collecting Rock’n’Roll art. The collection features photography and album cover artwork from many of the world’s greatest photographers and designers.
Neal Preston’s Rock’n’Roll photography represents the core of this collection and comprises over 70 large-format original fine art prints. Preston’s archive is one of the most extensive in the world. His photographs continue to be shown worldwide.
Neal’s newest, much anticipated book Queen: The Neal Preston Photographs is available for sale at the BTS Boutique ( along with his pre

astera-helene-fischer-christmas-showAstera adds festive sparkle for Helene Fischer
Monday, 11 January 2021

Germany - Nearly 500 Astera AX3 LightDrop wireless battery-powered LED fixtures were utilised for a Weihnachtsshow (Christmas Show) special broadcast by popular German singer, dancer and entertainer, Helene Fischer.
Essential elements of the show broadcast on Christmas Day were recorded at the vast Halle 6 of Dusseldorf Messe, complete production lighting designed by award-winning LD, Tim Routledge.
Due to coronavirus restrictions and the relatively short lead-time in which these segments of the show had to be produced, neither Tim nor camera director Paul Dugdale – also based in the UK – could physically be there in person. So, to ensure that the lighting design was installed and ran smoothly, Tim brought German LD Michael Kuehbandner onboard as lighting director to oversee the project in Dusseldorf.
It was Tim’s first design for the artist; however, he has worked on numerous Paul Dugdale projects before.
Normally Fischer’s annual Weihnachtsshow, one of German TV’s most popular festive events, would be an impressively glittery and glamourous extravaganza with guests and an enthusiastic live audience, but this year that wasn’t possible.
To reflect this and the dramatic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the entertainment industry, the creative team wanted to do something radically different. They placed the artist in the huge empty Messehalle in Dusseldorf and filmed a series of intros and segues connecting a collage of “best of” clips from previous Weihnachtsshows which have been broadcast since 2011.
This stagi

bayside-church-christmas-2020Elation lights Bayside’s Christmas village
Monday, 11 January 2021

USA - After arguably the toughest year in recent memory, Bayside Church in Granite Bay, California, one of the largest churches in the Sacramento area, wanted to do something special for its congregation this holiday season. As a special holiday gift to the community, Bayside built a Christmas village complete with ice-skating rink, towering Christmas tree and special Christmas light show, a festive holiday experience enhanced using dynamic IP-rated luminaires from Elation Professional.
Alec Takahashi, a former lighting designer and lighting director at the church, was called on to light the project and worked on creative production with the church's creative team, including Bayside creative director Corbin Phillips. Felix Lighting of Southern California supplied all of the lighting gear for the project.
The Christmas experience, which included a 10-minute light show, opened on 25 November and ran through 3 January.
Takahashi says one of the main challenges of the project was getting the vision the church had for the project to fit within a tight budget. “Their ambition for the show visually was massive so trying to match that with a limited number of fixtures and still have that wow factor was quite a challenge,” he says. “When initially thinking about what fixtures I wanted to use, the Proteus line was the first that came to mind. Although I had not personally used the line yet, I knew its reputation as high-quality IP-rated fixtures was phenomenal.”
The designer says he sought lighting that was “robust” and could hold up under

amir-cup-final-2020grandMA3 in control for Amir Cup Final 2020
Monday, 11 January 2021

Qatar - The Amir Cup Final 2020 Ceremony, the biggest football cup competition in the State of Qatar, and the inauguration Ceremony of Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, the fourth FIFA World Cup stadium to open in Qatar following Khalifa International, Al Janoub and Education City was recently performed using two grandMA3 full-size and multiple MA Network Switches.
Qatar Vision Company developed, produced and managed the inauguration and final, that took place during Qatar National Day and exactly two years before the country hosts the FIFA World Cup final. Mohammad Assaf and Mark Anton were the lighting designers.
Because of strict health and safety protocols, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium was only allowed to reach approximately 50% capacity. Any fan who attended the match had to return either a positive COVID-19 antibodies test or a negative COVID-19 test prior to being allowed access to the stadium. Social distancing measures were also implemented within the vicinity of the stadium, including the fan zone and on public transport.
The opening ceremony concept and creative treatment was created by Qatari artistic director and producer Sharif Hashisho, who is also the managing director of Qvision. Hashisho and is widely known for his previous work as a director of ceremonies for the 15th Asian Games and director for the 17th Gulf Cup, as well as the artistic director and producer of the IAAF World Athletics Championship in 2019.
The opening ceremony concept and creative treatment for the inauguration Ceremony of Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium were inspired from Arabic Po

london-eyeLondon salutes the NHS as buildings turn blue
Monday, 11 January 2021

UK - The London skyline again turned into a beacon of blue at 18:00 on Thursday 7 January. Major sporting and entertainment venues, national landmarks and historic buildings across the capital illuminated in a gesture of thanks to the NHS, volunteers and all those on the COVID healthcare frontline.
Heading the list of venues were The O2, London Stadium and Olympic Park, the National Theatre and Madam Tussauds London.
The #LightItBlue campaign has been organised by mental health non-profit organisation Makeitblue CIC, formed last year by members of the live events and entertainment industry.
Tim Owen, Makeitblue director of strategy and engagement said, “With the support of the Mayor of London, we want to light the city blue as a public demonstration of continued support and admiration for all those working under immense pressures to look after COVID and other emergency patients.
“Knowing the best thing the rest of us can do is to stay safe at home, we’ve used our communication networks to organise this campaign and are concentrating on locations that can be programmed or switched on remotely.”
The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said, “It is a very challenging time for our city and nation, and we owe a great debt to our NHS and key workers who are working so incredibly hard to serve our city. By lighting up buildings in blue in their honour, our capital is again standing together to thank them for their tremendous efforts.
“These workers deserve our praise and our thanks, and I urge Londoners to continue following the loc

ceLEA strengthens sales presence in Florida
Friday, 8 January 2021

USA - LEA Professional has announced a partnership with C&E Marketing Pro to serve the company’s growing customer base in Florida.
“LEA Professional represents everything we look for in a partner - innovative, agile and run by a highly experienced expert team,” said Mike Sajecki, president and CEO of C&E Marketing Pro. “Their industry first technology has gained a lot of traction in the market and we look forward to helping them grow their presence further in Florida.”
C&E Marketing Pro will represent the full suite of LEA Professional Connect Series amplifiers.
“2020 was a difficult year for the pro audio industry, but at LEA Professional we have aggressive growth plans for 2021. Our offerings address many pre-existing challenges which are now exacerbated by the pandemic. By coupling leading amplifier technology with proven IoT expertise, we enable the highest levels of performance on-premise with powerful remote connectivity, monitoring and control,” said Scott Robbins, VP of global sales for LEA Professional.
“We are delighted to add C&E Marketing Pro to our list of global sales partners. This marks another important milestone in our growth journey.”

hanny-naibahoCalls for insurance scheme intensify in industry letter
Thursday, 7 January 2021

UK - The live events industry has launched a fresh appeal for a government-backed COVID-19 insurance scheme with a letter signed by 120 sector representatives and MPs.
In the letter, written by the chair of the DCMS committee Julian Knight and addressed to the chancellor Rishi Sunak, the sector - which has largely been shut down since March 2020 - warns that “[w]ithout insurance, the events we know and love simply won’t take place this year - vaccine or no vaccine”. “Sustaining losses like those we’ve seen in 2020 for another year isn’t an option, and hundreds of businesses in the events supply chain have already been forced to fold,” the letter continues. “The Government has backed insurance for the film and television industry to the tune of £500m. It’s now time to do this for other creative industries.”
The signatories, which include PLASA, the One Industry One Voice coalition, and the We Make Events campaign, argue that the government can utilise the Pool Re structure - which is typically used to cover insured losses caused by acts of terrorism – as it could be adapted for a range of sectors and leave the Treasury with a maximum liability of £1.5bn.
“What’s clear is that insurance is of the utmost importance when it comes to getting our economy going again across the whole of the UK. Whatever form it takes, businesses need to be able to access reliable insurance schemes to get back on track. Government underwriting is the only way this will be possible. We call on you to act now and back the UK’s renowned

lectronewsoundisessentialgraphic2Lectrosonics sponsors Sound is Essential contest
Thursday, 7 January 2021

USA - Lectrosonics, together with a number of dealers, industry manufacturers and end-users, has been spearheading a social media campaign for the last few weeks, Sound is Essential, to emphasise that no matter the medium, sound is critical. Without sound, stories and messages are lost to the viewers, audiences, or congregations.
Alongside the campaign, Lectrosonics is sponsoring the Sound is Essential creativity contest, where users can upload videos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and tag them with #lectrosonics and #soundisessential. The deadline to enter the contest is 31 January, 2021.
The Sound is Essential videos should be short, creative, and focused on demonstrating the importance of sound. For instance, with the sound of the video absent altogether, viewers will likely wonder “what went wrong” at first, while they try to figure out why they can’t hear anything. This content may be in the form of product introductions, instructional videos, tips and tricks, videos, and the like.
For the campaign, Lectrosonics, along with others including Gotham Sound, Location Sound Corp., Dale Pro Audio, Talamas Broadcast, Raycom UK, and Trew Audio; manufacturers such as Calrec, DPA, Schoeps GmbH, Halter Technical, Viviana Straps, Bubblebee Industries and K-Tek; and individual pro audio and location sound practitioners and users have been creating custom, short-form video content and tagging them with #soundisessential.
“We are very excited about the responses to Sound is Essential that we have received from industry frien

etcrentheader1200x675ETC launches scheme to help industry recovery
Thursday, 7 January 2021

Europe - A selection of the latest ETC and High End Systems lighting equipment is now available through ETC rental partners with a newly launched programme, ETC Rent.
Jeremy Roberts, regional sales manager for the UK and Sub-Saharan Africa comments: “To help the creative industries get back on their feet, we have introduced ETC Rent in the UK - a programme that will give local venues, hire companies, creative designers and more, access to the very latest ETC and High End Systems lighting equipment via our rental partners.”
ETC Rent includes the new fos/4 Panel lights - designed specifically for the studio and film industry. They deliver intense light output and the highest color quality with the addition of Deep Red LEDs. ETC’s fos/4 Panels come in a Lustr X8 array and Daylight HDR array with different sizes also accessible via ETC Rental Partners.
A range of the newest High End Systems’ gear is available on the ETC Rent programme, including SolaPix, SolaFrame and SolaHyBeam fixtures. These powerful LED automated luminaires offer a diverse range of effects and a variety of features that are suitable for every application or budget.
Darren Beckley, sales manager ETC Ltd adds: “ETC Rent is here to assist the recovery of our industry with the support of our rental partners. As ETC expands its product range, we plan to offer even more with ETC Rent, continue building customer relationships and push the industry to get back on its feet.”
New and upcoming products will continue to be added to the ETC Rent platform which is availab

david-martinMartin Audio to celebrate half-century ‘in style’
Thursday, 7 January 2021

UK - Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Martin Audio is intent on turning 2021 into a year-long celebration of its 50th anniversary.
The company - founded by Australian Dave Martin in London’s Covent Garden back in 1971 - has forged a well-respected reputation despite the twists and turns of the last five decades.
The Martin Audio story follows an engineering development path dating back to the very foundations of the touring industry.
Dom Harter, managing director, comments: “While we are forever mindful that COVID restrictions are still firmly in place, this is a landmark that should be celebrated in style.”
To commemorate the occasion, Martin Audio has produced a book detailing its illustrious history and filled with eye-catching photography. This is available now online and in print from February onwards. A celebratory video is also available online.
2021 is also expected to be a prolific year for the company, with many product and software developments in the pipeline to continue the company’s legacy.
Harter adds: “There have been so many manufacturing milestones at Martin Audio and we want to keep that momentum going. We fervently hope that it won’t be long before we are able to celebrate all of these, face to face with our many partners, customers and friends around the globe.”
Subject to restrictions, provisional plans will be to host a grand party in September to tie in with the company’s series of Open Days to which all international partners will be invited.

dpachristmas-at-depaul-1DPA joins Christmas at PePaul spectacular
Wednesday, 6 January 2021

USA - DePaul University in Chicago, the largest Catholic university in the United States, recently presented its 14th annual Christmas at DePaul holiday celebration as a virtual event.
Long before the semester began, the school’s administration knew it would need to make some big changes if the Christmas show was to safely go on during these unprecedented times. With some ingenuity and an assist from DPA Microphones, the school found a way to host the event virtually.
Leading into the school year, DePaul University’s director of operations & events, Melissa Grady, knew it was going to be hard to gauge what would be possible in a COVID world. “We had to make the call very early that we were not going to have an in-person event this year,” she says. “The show’s artistic director, Tony Peluso, and production manager, Jamie Davis, both alumni of DePaul, worked closely with the university to create a plan that would allow us to pre-record our show.
“While the show looks different than it has in the past, we were still able to use the exceptional talents of our students, faculty, staff and alumni while following COVID protocols to make Christmas at DePaul a reality this year.” Dan Steinman, one of the professors in the University Sound Recording Technology Department, was instrumental in making the show a success.
To record and present this year’s show, Steinman knew he was going to have to rely on different equipment and setups than previous years. “Since the performers were recorded in their own separate dorm

setiadi-chandra-with-prism-soundChandraCom appointed Prism Sound distributor
Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Indonesia - UK manufacturer Prism Sound has appointed pro audio specialist ChandraCom as its exclusive distributor for Indonesia, with responsibility for its entire range of analogue to digital and digital to analogue converters and audio interfaces.
Based in Jakarta, ChandraCom was established in 1997 by Setiadi Chandra and now services the recording, broadcast and HiFi markets. Its customers include sound engineers, producers, DJs and musicians, along with record labels, TV stations and educational institutions. The company also represents other high-end pro audio brands including SSL, Sennheiser/Neumann, Barefoot Sound, AMS Neve, Steinberg, Native Instruments and Arturia.
With demo facilities and a seminar room in house, ChandraCom is well placed to introduce Prism Sound’s products to the local market.
“Some Indonesian sound engineers have heard about Prism Sound, but only a few have experienced Prism Sound’s high-quality audio,” Setiadi Chandra says. “It is our intention to make all local recording professionals aware of the brand and we will be conducting regular demos at our facility and making demo units available to key customers.”
Chandra adds that he was persuaded to include Prism Sound to his roster after testing a Lyra 2 audio interface. Based on Prism Sound’s award-winning Orpheus interface, Lyra and Lyra 2 units allow music recording professionals to access the power and sophistication of the Orpheus audio path and clock circuitry, but in a smaller package and at a much improved price point.
“We knew Prism

adamson-russiaAdamson boosts presence in Russia
Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Russia - Adamson Systems Engineering is reinforcing its presence in Russia thanks to a partnership with ARIS. The Moscow-based distributor has served the Russian pro audio market since 1990, offering support to an array of rental partners and boasting a renowned in-house installation division that has provided solutions for the Bolshoi Theatre, Patriot Park, Moscow State University, the Zaryadye concert hall, and many other high-profile venues.
“We have 15 brands in our portfolio, but we realised we need Adamson because their technology and performance bring ARIS to the next level,” says Katerina Pogodina, ARIS’s general Manager. “Adamson is a technologically advanced manufacturer and they’ve always led with innovation. That’s important to us and to our clients and partners - we’re all looking to build toward the future and Adamson will help us get there.”
Pogodina adds that ARIS showcased Adamson’s powered, intelligent CS-Series at the Forum of Multimedia and Show Technologies in September of 2020 and - with the help of Adamson’s education and applications team - held demonstrations of the new loudspeaker family throughout November, always receiving “a very positive response from our customers”.
Jasper Ravesteijn, Adamson’s sales director for Europe, the Middle East and Asia, says Adamson is constantly looking for ways to reach new markets and expand its ability to serve end-users.
“We want to be able to supply our fast-growing international user network with the best possible installation, education, service and s


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