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concertgebouw-jop-starmans-1SolaFrame LED for Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw
Friday, 12 October 2018

The Netherlands - There’s a roar of excitement coming from the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, and it all has to do with their installation of quiet High End Systems SolaFrame Theatre LED fixtures.
The historic venue installed eight of the silent, fan-less fixtures – customised in an off-white colour to blend in just below the ceiling – in its Main Hall (Grote Zaal). The venue uses them to generate general front light for orchestras, as well as specials for soloists, and for shining on private events such as receptions and dinners held in the hall.
Head of lighting, Alfons Hutschemaekers, says a lighting designer friend saw the SolaFrame Theatre fixture at a trade show and urged him to check it out. “The fact that the fixture is silent when it does not move is our first priority,” he notes.
After a demo at the AED Group, he says, the SolaFrame Theatre more than met their needs for quiet operation as well as useful effects such as a full shutter system, colour mixing, rotating and fixed gobos, iris, frost, prism and more.
“It generates high output and has enough features on board to satisfy our wishes,” he adds. “We have a 20m throw distance to the stage, so we are happy with the 7-42 degree zoom range,” says Hutschemaekers.
Hutschemaekers and his team installed the fixtures themselves, citing “no problems at all” with the HES fixtures since the eight units were put into play – four were installed a year ago and the rest six months later.
“Imagine - for the first time in the almost 130-year history of th

carouselScott Lehrer immerses Carousel in TiMax
Friday, 12 October 2018

USA - The 2018 revival of the Rogers and Hammerstein's classic musical, Carousel, has just completed its run at the Imperial Theatre in New York City with a sound design that earned the show and its Broadway Sound designer – and Tony winner - Scott Lehrer, with associate Alex Neumann, a Tony nomination this year.
Lehrer asserts that traditional revivals necessitate a transparent sound system so that the audience can remain unaware of the reinforcement. To achieve this, he made extensive use of TiMax delay-matrix spatialization, and explains, “It’s part of my toolbox and people hear it and they hear my work as sounding better because of it.”
For the audience to hear the full breadth of the 34 actors on the stage, as well as the 26-strong orchestra of solely acoustic instruments, Lehrer created a wide spread of time zones across the stage using TiMax2 SoundHub, to pull as much vocal and orchestral differentiation from the big choral numbers as possible.
He reveals, “When there’s a group of people singing, there can be four people singing lead vocals and we can actually time them across the stage from left to right. Also, when the voices are coming from a wider stereo field time-wise rather than volume-wise, it makes it a lot easier to hear four people singing. We’re not piling them up in one position in the centre of the stage.”
The TiMax2 Soundhub spatially distributed 40 assorted mic sources from a Yamaha Rivage console onward to a system of flown d&b Y8 line arrays and d&b V7 point source cabinets, with surround

manewslogo1170x695MA continues fight against illegal software use
Friday, 12 October 2018

Germany - For quite some time consoles from China have been brought onto the market by a German distribution company. With regards to the key arrangement, these consoles are based on the MA onPC wing devices. In addition, these consoles - if the grandMA2 software is installed - illegally unlock parameters.
By preliminary injunction of the Munich Regional Court, the distribution company concerned has now been prohibited from distributing MA Lighting grandMA2 onPC software on devices other than original MA Lighting hardware. The infringer now faces a fine of up to 250,000 Euro for each case of a violation of the court ban and up to six months in custody if the amount cannot be raised. In order to avoid further legal disputes, the distribution company concerned has also committed itself to the complete cessation of sales of ‘Kolibre’ devices from the Chinese manufacturer YEL Technology, subject to criminal prosecution.
Says MA Lighting, “We have information about Chinese consoles in the country and strongly recommend that companies owning such consoles - regardless of type or Chinese manufacturer - do not use them with our grandMA2 onPC software at events. Users and operators should refuse to use such a combination for a show in order not to expose themselves to such liability risks and to make themselves liable to prosecution for an illegal act.
“The circumvention of technical protective measures of copyrighted software and unauthorised interference with technical protective measures of such software for commercial purposes is punishable by

venuetechAPG appoints distributor for Middle East
Friday, 12 October 2018

UAE - APG has announced the appointment of Venuetech as its exclusive distributor in the Middle East. The partnership was officialised at Prolight+Sound Middle East in Dubai, where Venuetech displayed a broad range of APG products on its substantial booth.
As APG’s exclusive distributor in the region, Venuetech will cover the UAE, Saudi, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Qatar and Bahrain. This partnership opens a new market for APG - and is in line with the company’s strategic expansion: After reinforcing its presence in France and European countries (including Spain, Denmark and Benelux), the French loudspeaker manufacturer successfully developed its brand in Asia with the opening of regional offices in Singapore and Hong Kong.
Grégory Dapsanse, APG’s marketing & business development director, explained: “The Middle East was for us the next logical step for our regional expansion, and this move further validates the strategic alliance with our sister company, Active Audio, who has been represented by Venuetech for a number of years already. We are thrilled to welcome this amazing partner as our latest distributor.”
Elie Khairallah, technical director & products manager, commented: “Our partnership with Active Audio encouraged us to extend our relationship with the group, due to their constant support and swift action. APG have great products, particularly the Uniline Compact and DX series, the former of which represents a breakthrough in its field with its Isotop coaxial driver. I truly believe its performance / size ratio will su

awards-2017DirectOut names distributors of the year
Thursday, 11 October 2018

Europe - DirectOut has appointed Pilote Films of France and KDMC of Denmark respectively with the awards of Distributor of the Year 2017 and Outstanding Sales Performance of 2017. Both companies have achieved “a great result during 2017 and are confirming the positive trend in their business”.
Founded in 1982 and based in Puteaux, just outside of Paris, Pilote Films is a very well-known and established audiovisual distribution company in France. It is organised into two divisions, broadcast and residential, but it very well covers also the live and fixed installation markets.
According to DirectOut’s managing director Jan Ehrlich, the decision upon which company is going to be awarded as Distributor of the Year is at no time an easy one: "Many DirectOut partners performed quite well in the past year, but Pilote Films has performed incredibly well and this award is also a recognition for the whole journey that DirectOut and Pilote Films have travelled together," he stated. "We have been cooperating with Pilote Films since 2014 and both the personal and business relationships with the whole company have been developing in a very positive and productive way".
KDMC of Denmark is a recently created distribution company located in Lystrup. Kim Johansen, owner of the company, has been working with DirectOut products for more than six years, as sales engineer for the Danish distribution company Danmon. In its first full year as official distribution partner for DirectOut,
Kim Johansen comments, "It is always good to hear that the people you wo

experienceday2018-Highlite’s experience day proves its worth
Thursday, 11 October 2018

The Netherlands - Highlite International BV reports a very successful experience day. The annual in-house event was held 1 October. Highlite presented various workshops, lectures and product presentations which attracted customers from across Europe to visit the Highlite Headquarters to be part of the experience.
Checking out the latest developments in the Infinity-family, visiting the Chimp training-room, getting up-to-date on how to design and construct an outdoor stage. Or attending the Odin-shootout, taking part in the entertaining exclusive company -tour and in the meantime enjoy the Highlite hospitality, all in one day.
The many visitors had the possibility to register for several different workshops which were given by entertainment professionals and the Highlite product specialists. They could enjoy the latest presentation in the Highlite showroom where the brand-new show Trip out of space premiered. Additionally, there was enough time to meet with industry peers and discuss the current entertainment market.
The experience day, which started last year as successor of the Highlite open days, will continue next year.
(Jim Evans)

proelAccess Pro Group to distribute Axiom in Serbia
Thursday, 11 October 2018

Italy - Proel has announced the appointment of Access Pro Group to distribute its Axiom brand of professional loudspeaker systems in Serbia. Based in Novi Beograd, Access Pro Group has been a major player in professional audio in Serbia since 2000 when political conditions improved enough for business to flourish. Owner and director Nenad Stojanovic has pursued his passion for high end sound equipment coupled with cutting edge technology and has built a successful rental market around corporate, DJ, fashion show and festival events.
"We specialise in professional audio, but being a small market we have to cover a wide variety of jobs," said Stojanovic. "Typically our main activity is systems rentals for up to around 5,000 people, which are the main events in Serbia. Clients like to see and hear systems working under real conditions, and for us this is the best way to promote products and attract new business.
"I think the Axiom brand is going to be very strong in professional sound in Serbia. They have a good strategy and a clear product philosophy. They have made a big breakthrough with the AX column arrays because they not only sound good but also look best in their class – and are very suitable for the corporate market. My customers will realise that they are dealing with serious sound people who stand behind the brand with a passion for what they do."
"We are very happy to cooperate with Access Pro Group for distribution of our Axiom professional loudspeaker systems in Serbia," said Axiom's international sales manager Elio Caiai. "As our pr

wicreations-beyonce--jay-z-on-the-run-ii-automation-crew-79939328n-eWicreations on the run with Beyoncé & Jay-Z
Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Europe - Entertainment engineering specialist WIcreations was asked to work on two specialist elements – a moving / tracking video wall and a ‘star lift’ – for Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s On The Run II (OTR II) stadium tour, part of an epic and spectacular set design concept designed by Stufish.
In addition to all the hardware, software and bespoke engineering elements, on the administrative front, WIcreations delivered a full scenic motion risk assessment to the tour’s management, together with machinery technical files and full user manuals covering the entire system.
“As automation gets increasingly important in entertainment applications, so safety is The most important aspect to watch,” underlines WI’s owner and founder Hans Willems, who also project managed all the automation requirements.
WIcreations provided this documentation in accordance with EC Machinery Directives 2006/42/EC and DIN 56950-1:2012-05.
Although technically outside the scope of the machinery directive - as it was intended to move performers - to increase its trustworthiness, the Star Lift was also assessed by applying the same rigorous standards as used for the video wall tracking system.
The complete documentation set was provided by BLUMANO and included User Manuals, a Risk Assessment, DGUV-17 (BGV-C1) system approval for Germany, D.lgs. 81/08 Allegato V certification for Italy and a technical documentation bundle including all the Inspections Certificates and Declarations of Conformity for each piece of machinery.
The p

mountview-4Mountview gets trolley service from Doughty
Wednesday, 10 October 2018

UK - In September, drama school Mountview moved from its temporary home in Wood Green, north London, to a purpose-built building in Peckham. The new building houses all of Mountview's undergraduate and postgraduate performance and production arts courses under one roof and includes a 200-seat theatre, the 80-seat Backstage Theatre and a rooftop bar and restaurant with views across London.
As part of its Theatre Production Arts (Lighting) Course, Mountview receives generous support from White Light. So when the school needed to find a way of storing its equipment when it moved into its new home, they approached the technical solution specialists.
Alex Cann, senior lighting tutor at Mountview, explains: "We've operated out of our 'temporary' Wood Green home for around 30 years now. It’s a small space with a very compact lighting and sound store and nowhere near enough space for all our equipment. The new building in Peckham gives us the room we’ve all craved for some time. That said, we knew that we needed to be organised with our kit from the word go so decided to invest in some Doughty Transporter Trolleys through White Light."
Alex continues: "We previously had an undersized rack in our store that was not fit for purpose. We’d heard great things about the Doughty Transporter Trolleys and so contacted the Doughty team through White Light. We wanted to discuss making changes to the design of the original trolley so that they were suited to our exact needs. As such the bases are off the shelf but the rest of the design is bespoke using off-the-s

cam-photobychelseakornseBandit backs Cam at Ryman Auditorium
Wednesday, 10 October 2018

USA - Country singer Cam returned to Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium for a headlining show with a lighting package provided by Bandit Lites.
Based off the lighting design by Gordon Droitcour of Cour Design, tour manager Gabe Hodge created the one-off design by adding ground supported fixtures to bring more depth to the stage in addition to back light specials.
“There was also already a good amount of programming that existed with the previous show file and lighting design (done by Larry Foote), so we wanted to take advantage of that,” explained Hodge. “Having said that, there were a lot of special moments in this show that required Vanessa Sexton to programme a handful of new songs and looks with her own flare.”
Hodge had been the LD on Cam’s previous tour and was looking for a replacement following his move to tour manager. “Vanessa and I had worked together before, and I knew she would be a great fit for this team. She came in and had a great attitude, worked hard, and added her own programming and style to the show.”
Bandit Lites supplied Robe CycFX8 fixtures, VL2500 Spots on top of pipe and base for specials, piano, and band lighting, GLP X4S to act as backlight and eye candy and a grandMA 2 lite console for control.
“The Ayrton Ghibli was a fixture we knew Bandit had just recently installed in the Ryman and Vanessa and I were interested to see them in action,” Hodge said. “They ended up being a pretty versatile fixture that helped create the looks we wanted for the show.”
Balancing both a budget a

brothersosborne-photocredittoddkaplanStriking image for Brothers Osborne
Wednesday, 10 October 2018

USA - Standing over 6’3” tall with broad shoulders and rugged features, the Grammy-nominated country music duo Brothers Osborne cast a striking image on stage. Their already-imposing presence is accented even further on their current tour by a wall of truss and light designed by Chris Reade and Jay Ballinger of KYVA Design, LLC.
Reade and Ballinger created their image-intensifying wall using 54 high-output Chauvet Professional STRIKE 1 fixtures, supplied by Christie Lites. Arranged in groups of three on 18 vertical rows of truss, the single-source 230W LED fixtures create a powerful, industrial looking backdrop for Brothers Osborne, who are opening for superstar Dierks Bentley on the tour.
“Our lighting rig not only illuminates, it also serves as a scenic element,” said Reade. “We’ve created a panorama of light and truss behind the artists to create a relatively tight focal point on stage, while also making it look extremely powerful.”
Reorienting the direction of the STRIKE 1 fixtures, Reade and Ballinger have them go from creating aerial effects, to serving as back lights and audience blinders. Regardless of how they’re being used, the STRIKE 1 fixtures (often working in tandem with the strip lights that lined the vertical truss), present a bold and powerful visual backdrop that fits the hard-driving music of the country duo from Maryland’s eastern shore.
“The look we create is emphatically strong throughout the show,” said Reade. “There are a lot of punch effects that reflect the energy of the music. This is somethi

glpGLP’s KNV joins Eisbrecher celebrations
Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Germany - On 8 September the second edition of the Volle Kraft Voraus Festival, organised by the German band Eisbrecher, took place in Ratiopharm Arena in Neu-Ulm. The band, based around singer Alexander ‘Alexx’ Wesselsky and guitarist Jochen ‘Noel Pix’ Seibert, were also celebrating their 15th anniversary.
Production company Rain Age GmbH from Landsberg am Lech has been in charge of the festival from the very beginning - and were once more on hand for the band’s anniversary event.
Martin Heining of Rain Age, who is also lighting designer for Eisbrecher, built creatively on the band's existing tour design, which was expanded for the arena. This also serviced the guest bands – and this year besides the headliner it included Oomph !, The Krupps, Stahlmann and Zeromancer – who were also bathed in the additional light equipment.
Among other GLP effects, the impression X4 and impression X4 L were also available. "My basic idea was to work with many levels of light to create a great industrial look," explains Martin. "Because light always needs space, I used the full height of the hall. The highest lamps hung twelve meters above the stage. Thanks to this design layout, I was able to create very wide and large looks in a versatile setup with a manageable number of lamps. "
As a special effect, he used 36 of GLP’s KNV Cube for the first time. The new, modular KNV LED system combines strobe, blinder and pixel effect. The individual modules can be combined easily and in a variety of ways to build creative shapes. Each KNV module h

dpa-microphonesedinburgh-tattoo-1DPA Microphones amplifies Edinburgh Military Tattoo
Wednesday, 10 October 2018

UK - For nearly 70 years, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has delighted visitors with a spectacular display of music and fireworks from the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle. Throughout that time, the show has been seen by thousands of people and has never been cancelled due to inclement weather.
In recent years, DPA microphones have a played a key part in delivering the sound for the show. Sound designer Sebastian Frost, who has worked on this event for 23 years, specified a vast selection of d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphones, d:screet 4061 Miniature Microphones and d:fine 4066 Headset Microphones incorporating the new CORE by DPA amplifier technology. In total, more than 110 DPA microphones were deployed across a wide range of musicians and performers, including a Malawian choir.
“My main task is to amplify lots of different elements and not just the musicians,” Sebastian Frost says. “It's all about time management and making sure that all the sounds produced by the various performers in different locations (marching, choir stage, moat stage, castle ramparts) arrive at each audience member's ears at the correct time. Getting all those performers to play at the same time, even though they can be 100 meters apart, is complex. There are up to 1,300 performers taking part in the Tattoo, and we need to mic up a few hundred of them at various points in the show.”
Sound equipment for the show was supplied by Wigwam Acoustics, who have been assisting with this event for many years.
“They provide the most amazing support,” Frost says.

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Protest Song - Bob Geldof is spearheading a campaign to warn of the impact of Brexit on the music industry. Sting, Rita Ora and Ed Sheeran and many others have joined forces to warn Theresa May a no-deal Brexit will put Britain in a "cultural jail".
Geldof said: "It's two-fold. One is the income it generates for this country, £94bn, contrast that to the NHS spend, of £115bn, almost the same. The second reason is cultural - the voice of Britain, the genuine, global British voice is music, it has been since the Beatles. No one knows quite why this tiny island produces such vast reservoirs of talent but we do know the entire planet dances, eats, sleeps, and plays hard to our noise. That is being endangered by a recklessness which is existential and historically self-damaging."
A joint letter states: "Imagine Britain without its music. If it's hard for us, then it's impossible for the rest of the world. In this one area, if nowhere else, Britain does still rule the waves. The airwaves. But Brexit threatens, as it does so much else, this vast voice. This huge global cultural influence. We are about to make a very serious mistake regarding our giant industry and the vast pool of yet undiscovered genius that lives on this little island."
Backstage - A technical apprenticeships scheme aimed at closing a skills gap in the sector is being launched by Trafalgar Entertainment Group, the company formed by Howard Panter and Rosemary Squire. Launched initially as a pilot programme, the scheme will employ two paid apprentices, for 21 months each. One will

robe-nrg-ast-plasa-2018-pla161006388NRG students work with Robe at PLASA 2018
Tuesday, 9 October 2018

UK - Students and young technicians from across Britain supported Robe’s international sales team at PLASA 2018 as part of the lighting manufacturer’s NRG (Next Robe Generation) initiative.
Hailing from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, six students from six colleges and universities came together to work as a close-knit team to provide a frontline ‘welcome’ to all the trade visitors coming onto the Robe stand and offering them product demonstrations whilst acting as ambassadors for the NRG programme.
NRG is a networking community for students, apprentices and young technicians who are serious about pursuing a career in the world of performance lighting and visuals.
The initiative provides NRG crew members the opportunity to meet and get advice from influential industry professionals. The initiative also offers young technicians an opportunity to showcase their talent in real working environments at top industry events, as well as exclusive access to technical tours of venues and organisations such as Sky Studios, the Royal Albert Hall, X Factor, Westfield Shopping Centre and the Roundhouse.
Ian Brown, sales director for Robe UK, was clear about the skills he was looking for when he conducted interviews with all the applicants for these very special roles on Robe’s PLASA stand.
He comments: “PLASA is a flagship show for Robe and we need to offer the most informed and welcoming introduction to all the visitors coming onto our stand. I selected students based on their interest in, and passion for Robe products.

tds-creative-club-ayrton-day-3Ayrton showcased in Russia by TDS-Pro
Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Russia - Ayrton was showcased at the recent Prolight+Sound NAMM Russia 2018 in an interactive lightshow created by its commercial partner, TDS-Pro.
TDS-Pro specialises in stage design and technical production of TV projects, concerts and major sporting events. Its creative designers use Ayrton lighting fixtures in their designs. This was reflected in the lightshow which used the latest technologies to combine artists, Ayrton lighting fixtures, video, robots and augmented reality into a dramatic storyline.
In it, a robot, composed of an LED screen and Ayrton MagicBlade-R fixtures located on a robotic arm, lay embedded in an LED wall and DreamPanel-Twin units where it remained hidden from view. During the show, the lighting fixtures appear to start to work incorrectly as if struck by a virus. The engineer from TDS-Pro tries to solve the problem and starts to load the antivirus. But at that moment the robot suddenly comes to life, emerging from the display with an image of the monster appearing on the LED screen.
The futuristic environment was brought together by a wealth of Ayrton fixtures including 32 MagicPanel-FX, 21 DreamPanel-Twin, 17 MagicBlade-R, Mistral-TC, Ghibli, a Merak and MagicBlade-FX. These were supplemented by the industrial robot arm, movement tracking and full 3D video and light mapping, and custom video content and sound.
"The show was a great success at the exhibition,” confirms Konstantin Gerasimov, CEO of TDS. “After watching it, spectators said that this was a new level. They thought they were in the future. And this

don-valley-bowel-2-wLimelight invests in Martin Audio MLA
Tuesday, 9 October 2018

UK - Limelight Presentation Systems has ended a long search for a mid-sized loudspeaker array by investing in Martin Audio’s MLA Compact.
The delivery of 24 MLA Compact elements and 13 MLX subwoofers ended a journey that had begun many years earlier, when Martin Audio first revealed the MLA platform to audio professionals at Wembley Arena back in March 2012. Having been a Martin Audio house for 10 years Limelight head of audio, Dave Plant had reviewed all the premier brands before deciding that the time was right to invest in MLA Compact.
“We service an eclectic mix of events and we’ve been looking at MLA Compact ever since it came out with a view to replacing the LCs, but because of the varied nature of our work - providing coverage for 10,000 people at a festival one moment and then doing a corporate show for 500 the next - we thought long and hard.
“Setting up AB testing was difficult - but we knew the sound of MLA and the stats were impressive. Also, that original Wembley Arena presentation of the large system had answered all the questions about line array deployment, and the shortfalls - which made it very exciting. Finally, we knew that MLA was voiced similarly to the LC and we would be able to run it alongside, for out-fill or nearfield duties.”
The system came of age when it went out on a three-day event at the 7,500 capacity Don Valley Bowl in Sheffield, promoted by evergreen local venue The Leadmill, with Hacienda Classical, George Ezra and Ocean Colour Scene headlining the respective nights.
Limelight rigged the e

jonnie-clough-mike-somerville-and-derek-ridley-of-blue-parrot-wBlue Parrot invests in MDG
Tuesday, 9 October 2018

UK - Edinburgh theatre and live event production company Blue Parrot has recently enhanced its rental inventory with the purchase of an MDG Ice Fog Compack HP low fog generator and an MDG ATMe haze generator. Blue Parrot provides full production services and dry hire of lighting, sound, video, staging, rigging and power distribution, which it has done for more than 18 years.
The Blue Parrot team was actively looking for alternative low fog and haze generators which would give a better output with less noise and the durability to withstand the high demands of life in a rental house. “We made a conscious decision to invest in MDG because the demand for the brand in Scotland is growing fast,” says Blue Parrot MD, Jonnie Clough. “We already have low fog and haze generators from other manufacturers but were not really satisfied with the effect they produced and found them very noisy.”
MDG UK’s Matt Wiseman took the MDG generators to Edinburgh to show the team and they were instantly convinced. “The ICE FOG Compack gives a much better effect than we have been able to achieve with our existing units,” says Clough. “The low fog is beautiful and just stays on the ground. Any inevitable kick-up caused by performer movement simply raises and disappears quickly without causing any unwanted aerial residue.
“When considering a change, we had some initial doubts about the use of CO2, having heard it could be difficult to source and tour, but we were impressed with how easy it has been. We did some forward planning and simply set up with a supplie

arkaos-training-ldi-image002-wArKaos training workshops at LDI
Tuesday, 9 October 2018

USA - Media solutions and control specialist ArKaos will be at the LDI expo in Las Vegas next week on the stand of US distributor Elation Professional (# 931) showing their latest range of products, including MediaMaster, ArKaos video servers, GrandVJ and LEDMaster.
In a dedicated demonstration room at the Las Vegas convention Centre, the ArKaos team will be presenting two free training workshops on Friday, 19 October, and Saturday, 20 October.
The Friday session is taking place from 1pm-4pm local time. Topics covered will include ArKaos’s flexible range of media servers; an overview of the MediaMaster software; the highlights and uses of the KlingNet protocol and Kling-force interface and an overview of the new ArKaos An-Ki remote control and digital content management solution.
On Saturday, the workshop are running 9am-1pm and will focus on the MediaMaster workflow in various ArKaos ecosystems and will cover playback set up; video content management, video and LED mapping, DMX merging, Kling-net mapping and plus An-Ki which has been developed specifically for architectural / architainment applications.
A preview version of the next MediaMaster release – to include full fixture control over DMX via the Video Mapper - will also be presented.
Those wishing to attend need to register on as numbers are limited.
(Jim Evans)

alberthall2tube UK hosts Rivage hands-on training
Monday, 8 October 2018

UK - Manchester-based tube UK is holding expanded sessions on Yamaha’s Rivage PM7 digital mixing system on 15 October (Monday) at the city’s Albert Hall.
The sessions are being run in conjunction with Yamaha Commercial Audio and will be an engineering focussed, hands-on introduction to both the Rivage PM7 and PM10 digital mixing systems.
Sessions will begin with an introduction to the key features of the Rivage range by Yamaha’s technical staff, after which both systems will be setup in two areas with virtual soundcheck media, to simulate mixing a live show.
The sessions are being held at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm and are strictly on an RSVP, first-come first-served basis. Contact to confirm your preferred time slot.
(Jim Evans)

audinate-webinar-banner-ads400x200Yamaha and Audinate unite for webinar
Monday, 8 October 2018

World - Yamaha and Audinate are teaming up to present a free webinar entitled Live Multi-track Recording Made Easy: The Power of the Dante-Yamaha Connection.
Taking place on 24 October (Monday), the webinar will be moderated by Tom Kenny (content director, ProSound News) and will feature Andy Cooper (manager, Pro Audio Application Engineering, Yamaha R&D Centre) and Kieran Walsh (Audinate director of application engineering, EMEA) and Colin Sheen, a studio owner, recording engineer, composer and musician with many years’ experience of digital audio systems and use of Yamaha equipment with Dante.
It will help participants learn how to make successful multi-track recordings and virtual soundchecks using Dante audio networking and Yamaha professional audio products, including the TF, QL and CL series digital mixing consoles, as well as the Rivage PM7 and PM10 systems.
Cooper, Walsh and Sheen will all be giving “high quality tips, advice and passing on real world experience for running a stable network environment, including Dante Virtual Soundcard and the Dante Accelerator interface”.
The webinar is taking place at 5pm CET, 4pm BST, 11am EST and 8am PDT, ensuring that as many US and European sound professionals as possible can participate.
Registration for the webinar is free, please visit this link to participate.
(Jim Evans)

kinesys-visionlite-investmentVisionLite invests in Kinesys Apex
Friday, 5 October 2018

UK - European stage automation specialist VisionLite invested in a new Kinesys Apex hoist system - comprising 21 x Apex motors - plus Kinesys K2 control to help facilitate its busy summer work schedule.
The new Apex products went straight out on the Resistance summer season in Ibiza where they helped create a spectacular production design for the popular club experience.
Resistance embraced its underground roots in curating a serious line-up of superlative techno, led by artists like Carl Cox and Sasha & John Digweed in the 10,000 capacity Privilege venue, running for nine incendiary events over the summer.
The Resistance creative team has developed a distinctive dynamic industrial aesthetic for their live shows which is often based on moving video and lighting pods transforming the architecture and shape of the space as the night unfolds.
Thirteen moving pods defined this year’s Ibiza look, 10 filled with LED screen elements and three with moving lights.
Those with LED were flown utilising 40 x Apex hoists, while 12 x Kinesys Elevation 1+ motors flew the three lighting pods, allowing them all to move, tilt and pitch in any direction via the K2 control.
Kinesys LibraCELL load monitoring was added to the Elevation hoist system to keep a ‘live’ check on the loads (the Apex system comes with inbuilt loadcells as standard). The safety system was controlled by two Kinesys Mentor 4 units which are SIL3 compliant, so all the e-stop buttons went through Mentor.
VisionLite undertook the entire automation technical product

mountview-tnMountview schedules students open day
Friday, 5 October 2018

UK - On 16 October (Tuesday), Mountview drama school will be holding an open day for prospective Production Arts students.
Participants will take part in taster sessions in lighting, sound and stage management, speak to current students, find out about funding and accommodation, and tour Mountview’s new building in the heart of Peckham, South London.
A further open day, details of which are yet to be announced, will be held in December. 
With a history spanning over 70 years, Mountview has a reputation for providing the highest standard of training in lighting, sound and stage management, working closely in recent times with industry partners White Light and Autograph. Graduates of Mountview’s Theatre Production Arts course have gone on to be the chief electrician at the Royal Shakespeare Company, design lighting and sound across the West End as well as stage managing the London Olympics. 
(Jim Evans)

music--lightShow Technology links with Music & Lights
Thursday, 4 October 2018

Australia - Well-known Italian manufacturer of professional lighting brands, Prolights, Tribe and ArchWork (under the parent company Music & Lights) will be hitting Australia, following an agreement with Show Technology.
Professional AV and lighting distributor, Show Technology, will soon be launching their first official selection of hand-picked solutions from Music & Light’s Prolights range. Some of the products Show Technology will be bringing to the Australian and New Zealand markets this summer include the IP65-rated high-output LED wash light, the Panorama IP wash with pixel ring designed to bring the workhorse LED wash light to outdoor events, as was featured at the 2018 PLASA conference in London last month.
Show Technology’s founder and managing director, Emmanuel Ziino, comments: “I recently visited the company headquarters and was very impressed with the dedication and effort put into product development and service support. Prolights has a professional range of products that complement our existing offering. These remarkably engineered Italian products give us the opportunity to assist our clients in more applications with more solutions.”
Fabio Sorabella, managing director at Music & Lights Italy, adds: “Here at Music & Lights, our technical and creative research department is constantly focused on anticipating the market trends, with the only aim which is to offer cutting-edge technology to our customers. A special care is devoted to the features and design of our products. The combined mix of experience, late


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