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meyer-irvine4jpg-ogMeyer Sound reboots global education programme
Monday, 12 December 2022

USA - Meyer Sound has announced an aggressive rebooting of its education programme, with a full agenda of workshops and training sessions scheduled at the Berkeley headquarters as well as at other locations in the US and overseas, and the formation of partnerships with leading educational institutions.

Many of the sessions will be led by two long-time fixtures in the company’s education programme, director of system optimisation Bob McCarthy, and senior technical seminar instructor Mauricio ‘Magu’ Ramirez, with this duo now joined by another of the pro sound industry’s leading educators, senior technical support and education specialist Merlijn Van Veen.

Meyer Sound also has announced new and extended renewal partnerships, most notably with Full Sail University in Florida, The University of California, Irvine (UCI) in California, and the University of Derby in England.

“We were forced to shift most of our focus to online platforms during the peak Covid months,” says Meyer Sound training and education manager Robyn Bykofsky, “but in 2023 we will be back with a greatly expanded program of in-person training sessions, with most organized and presented by Meyer Sound but with others presented in collaboration with our partner schools or through industry and professional associations.”

The in-person programme for 2023 kicks off 17-19 January with System Design and Optimiation training in Berkeley, with ‘Magu’ presiding, and continues February 14–16 with Bob McCarthy leading the same training in Flor

esd8KV2 Audio reinforces ESD range with ESD8
Thursday, 8 December 2022

Europe - The ESD range of two-way and three-way passive loudspeakers from KV2 offers a wide variety of loudspeaker solutions ranging from the ultra-compact ESD Cube, suitable for peripheral reinforcement in bars, theatres, clubs, houses of worship, museums etc., right through to the powerful ESD15 and ESD36.
ESD15 is capable of acting as a standalone PA/monitor system due to its excellent bass response, whilst the ESD36 has found favour with AV rental and production companies as well as for the theatre and worship market as a powerful, full-range solution with excellent vocal intelligibility in a compact format. KV2 has now extended the range with the addition of the ESD8, which slots neatly between the existing ESD6 and ESD10.
As its name suggests, the ESD8 is a compact passive 2-way, high output full-range loudspeaker incorporating an 8" trans-coil woofer and a 1" compression driver coupled to a wide dispersion horn. Presented conservatively like the rest of the range in an angled low-profile Baltic birch enclosure and designed to present exceptional speech and music definition, the ESD8 provides a smooth hi fidelity response and delivers a natural sound quality and level that is superior to many larger competing products.
Suitable for use as a main system speaker or as an in-fill for larger systems, the flexible ESD8 can be applied quickly and efficiently on podiums, stands or suspended. Applications range from corporate presentations and functions to infill, close monitoring or installation. Combined with subwoofers – of which there are four

riveroak-church-cc2022-11Clear-Com Arcadia on song for River Oak Church
Thursday, 8 December 2022

USA - River Oak Church started as an offshoot from another church around 20 years ago in a school auditorium. They were soon able to start a multi part building project, first building a gymnatorium, and later offices and classrooms. In 2020, the growing church broke ground on a new, purpose-built facility in Chesapeake, Virginia, to house their burgeoning ministry.
When Justin Fugett was tapped to help bring River Oak Church’s new facility to life in 2021, he understood the importance of the intercom system from his experience as a freelancer working with local broadcast organisations and universities. River Oak was looking into getting wireless beltpacks to add to their system and Justin decided that Clear-Com’s Arcadia was the right fit for the church.
“Honestly, I feel like every church needs to know about Arcadia – it’s the absolute perfect fit for so many church applications. It has the flexibility and connections that we need, without the complexity of a matrix-based system. For an organization that gets a lot of their staffing from volunteers or part-time staff, Arcadia is an ideal combination of power, flexibility, and ease-of-use,” comments Justin.
FreeSpeak II was Justin’s introduction to Clear-Com systems and was his “go-to” wireless solution for freelance projects. He knew that River Oak Church would need a FreeSpeak system, and the opportunity to incorporate Dante, HelixNet, and 2W/4W into a single central station with Arcadia was game-changing for this project. “I fell in love with FreeSpeak II during my time at Re

best-holidayMLA Mini backs Billy Porter’s seasonal showcase
Thursday, 8 December 2022

USA - One of the highlights of New York’s holiday season is the unveiling of the seasonal windows at the City’s Bloomingdale’s department store.
Providing the sound for the opening show which marks the occasion and sees crowds thronging the streets on the corner of 59th Street and Lexington Avenue in midtown Manhattan, is Frost Productions. The service company’s association with Bloomingdale’s extends back to 2016, but this year the store upped the ante, featuring Billy Porter and a full five-piece band, spread across a 40ft stage set in front of four of the feature windows.
Bloomingdale’s theme for its flagship store this year was Best Holiday Ever and Frost Productions’ team leader, Mike Alvarez, had no hesitation in specifying a Martin Audio MLA Mini in four hangs for the 20-minute show, knowing they could get the sound exactly where they wanted for the flamboyant stage performer and actor.
The low profile of MLA Mini enabled him to ground stack two MLA Mini rigs, underpinned with WS218X 2 x 18 subwoofers in the centre, without obscuring sightlines. At the same time, two outer hangs of four MLA Mini were pole-mounted to an MSX 1 x 15 sub, while their much-deployed Martin Audio CDD-LIVE 8’s provided additional satellite-fills and FOH near fields.
As back-up, the sound designer also provided three of his favoured Martin Audio XE300 wedges - two downstage centre for a stereo mix and one as a cue wedge for the monitor engineer. “The monitor wedges are among my favourites,” he said. “The fact the XE300 is coaxial is so grea

winkcRenkus-Heinz ICLX delivers for Platinum XP
Thursday, 8 December 2022

USA - Production company Platinum XP has staked its success on the ICLive X from Renkus-Heinz. ICLive X, the intelligent evolution of the small-format line array, is fast becoming a sound solution of choice for production professionals.
ICLive X (ICLX) is a complete system consisting of three combinable, steerable array modules and one matching subwoofer. Recently, Platinum XP deployed a system featuring 2 ICLXL digitally steerable loudspeakers and two ICLX-118S subwoofers for the Women’s Intersport Network (WIN) for KC Awards in Kansas City, Missouri, successfully covering more than one thousand guests in the 2,700sq.ft auditorium with clear, intelligible audio - all without having to fly speakers or adhere to strict sight lines.
“We’re not like other rental production companies, and ICLive X is unlike any loudspeaker system you would typically look at for this type of application,” says Caleb Fankhauser, lead audio engineer at Platinum XP. “We set out to cover the floor of the arena without flying any speakers since tables were set up only a few feet from the stage. The sight lines to the projection screen made the steering capabilities of the speakers very important. Fortunately, Renkus-Heinz had the beam steering technology we needed for this deployment.”
Designed by Ralph Heinz, CTO of Renkus-Heinz, the ICLive X Series, each ICLX module comprises six 19 mm compression drivers on an ASM Waveguide coaxially mounted in front of two 8″ woofers. ICLX is a versatile loudspeaker intended for use as a high-output, digitally steerable line

mr1 Sound opens showroom in Vietnam
Thursday, 8 December 2022

Vietnam - 1 Sound, a recently launched loudspeaker manufacturer, has announced the hiring of two sales representative Leonardo Dani and Leonardo D’Andrea dedicated to setting up a distribution network in EMEA for the United States-based brand.
The company has appointed Sonos Libra Vietnam, Hanoi, to be the 1 Sound distributor in Vietnam. The showroom is fully equipped, showcasing 1 Sound’s Cannon Coaxial Series with installation subwoofers, like the MiniSUB5 and the discreet Floor Subwoofer, along with a Tower System.
Mr. Cuong and the Sonos Libra team started organising demonstrations for their area's companies immediately and have expressed their excitement about the future of audio with 1 Sound’s loudspeaker technology. “The audio market in Vietnam is growing fast, leading to consumer demand for high quality and good origin products. Personally, I feel that 1Sound is a high-quality product, providing accurate sound, high-end & impressive design, suitable for the Vietnam market.”

museumProlights EclMiniProfiles light re-opened museum
Thursday, 8 December 2022

France - The former 2,500-year-old fortress of Ensérune reopened its doors to the public in early July 2022 after two years of major renovation work. This historical site transformed into a museum once again to present a rich archaeological collection to the public in a completely redesigned scenography and lighting.
Scenographer Marion Lyonnais (Fakestorybird) imagined an immersive journey as one would stage a show.
Lighting designer Jean-Noël Cordonnier from Lights and Design chose the Prolights EclMiniProfile LED spotlights with 19, 26, 36 and 50° lenses to light up the exhibits. “The lighting is an active part of the scenography: the combination of several colour temperatures, or the choice not to illuminate the whole object,” said Cordonnier. “The EclMiniProfile was the perfect fit for us thanks to its 28W Cree LED, the choice of two-colour temperatures and the wide variety of lenses and accessories.”

santiago-open-gourmet5Chauvet on the menu in Santiago city centre
Thursday, 8 December 2022

Chile - The recently opened Falabella Chile Inmobiliario at the Open Plaza Kennedy shopping centre in Santiago, has a simple, but very ambitious, goal: to offer customers a culinary experience in surroundings that make them feel special. The 6,000sq.ft space, which is located on the fourth floor of this centre, is well on its way to doing just that, serving as home to 12 restaurants offering a variety of dishes from Chile and around the world.
The centre features an immersive and transformative lighting design by the Piedra Luces studio, headed by lighting designer Fernando Piedrabuena. Featuring 150 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Piedra Iluminación, which acquired the fixtures through Chemtrol Chile, the lighting creates an enchanting mood throughout the entire area.
Acclaimed for lighting of the first Zaha Hadid tower in South America, the Piedra Luces studio has endowed the new open gourmet market with 57 linear meters of immersive light, with dynamic and ornamental content. Adding to the mood is music by Soda Stereo producer Tweety González.
Regarding the lighting design, Roberta Piedrabuena, project manager for Piedra Iluminación commented: “We were invited by the Enrique Concha y Asociados de Chile studio and the Grupo Arquitectos architecture studio to participate in this project. They were looking for a solution in lighting design that reflected to the gastronomic proposal, the architectural approach and the scale of the space.”
Fernando Piedrabuena added, "Having an experience of more than 30 years in the world of en

seattleR90 covers Seattle and beyond with Elation
Thursday, 8 December 2022

USA - One of Seattle’s largest lighting rental houses, R90 Lighting, often turns to Elation Professional products to light a wide scope of projects and has recently added more Elation fixtures to its rental inventory. The concert and event lighting design firm emphasises the latest in LED technology in its inventory of stage lighting fixtures, a principle the company has held since its founding 10 years ago.
R90’s new acquisition includes an LED package of Fuze MAX Profile, Fuze Wash FR, Proteus Rayzor 760, Artiste Picasso and Paladin Panel luminaires.
R90 owner Joe Cole has followed LED’s development closely over the last decade and has been enthusiastic about the opportunities it has opened up. “Early on, LED was useful for uplighting and wash lighting but wasn’t really viable as a spot or profile,” he stated. “But then we noticed Elation moving towards larger LED fixtures. We saw their drive to do better and make a better product and saw the physical proof of that in the Artiste line.”
The first fixture in Elation’s Artiste series, the Artiste DaVinci, became R90’s first move into a larger, full-scale LED-based moving head and they followed that up with the Artiste Picasso, 27 of which they supplied to the recent Fleet Foxes tour with lighting design by Ali ‘Blue’ Allison.
As LED technology advanced further, R90 became interested in other LED lines from Elation like the KL, Paladin and most recently, the Fuze series. “We invested in the Fuze Wash FR and Fuze MAX Profile with the intention of using them on live stre

scorpionsThe Scorpions' rock on with Prolights ArenaCob
Thursday, 8 December 2022

USA - The Rock Believer world tour kicked off in March in Las Vegas, with a residency by the Scorpions at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino. Manfred Nikitser has been there from the start, where he has been the lighting designer for the Scorpions family since 2015 and, for the current tour, relied on the the Prolights ArenaCob 4FC LED blinders, among other fixtures.
"The Scorpions are a classic hard rock band, but they have always had a very modern approach to their tour and set designs," explains Nikitser, who also worked for the band as a video programmer and operator at the beginning of their long-standing collaboration. "Even on the previous tours, the stage was very clean, without the typical amp setups in this genre. In addition, a lot of work is done with LED screens.”
For the current Rock Believer tour, however, the Scorpions consciously opted for a classic rock'n'roll stage design with predominantly physical materials and haptic set structures.
A central element is the impressive, pyramid-shaped drum riser with an area of 6 x 5m. To stage the five steps leading upwards, they were provided with a total of 83 Prolights ArenaCob 4FC LED blinds. "We deliberately didn't want a riser that was too high, so as not to tear apart the harmonious overall look of the stage and to emphasize the band idea more," explains Nikitser. "The band should use the steps to interact with the drummer."
For a long time, Nikitser was looking for a light element with which the steps could be emphasized in a rock-typical way - and only found what he was lo

sonySony Electronics expands DWX series
Wednesday, 7 December 2022

UK - Sony Electronics’ DWX series wireless mics and transmitters is expanding with the introduction of a new digital wireless plug-on transmitter, the DWT-P30, which will replace the current DWT-P01N.
Suitable for studio, electronic newsgathering (ENG) and location sound, the new transmitter complements Sony’s DWX series slot-in receiver and bodypack transmitters to create an all-inclusive digital wireless microphone system, for camcorder use including UniSlot and on location recording.
New features include: 375kHz spacing high-density simultaneous multi-channel operation and wideband tuning at a maximum of 148MHz, high sound quality with CODEC MODE4, selectable RF outpower power (2mW/ 10mW / 25mW) and long battery life of approximately six hours.

kasabianQuantum launches next Kasabian chapter
Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Rock band Kasabian has enjoyed a 25-year career that includes a busy touring roster and seven studio albums. With guitarist Serge Pizzorno now full-time lead vocalist and new album The Alchemist’s Euphoria written and released, the band has embarked on a new chapter, underlined by a comprehensive European and UK arena tour.
As it has before, Kasabian’s audio production is relying on DiGiCo, its next generation Quantum technology allowing the audio team to easily navigating the dynamics of Serge’s new role and take advantage of the advanced processing suite for automating monitor console duties and eliminating outboard.
Supplied by Britannia Row, long-term DiGiCo users, FOH engineer, Rob Waite, and monitor engineer, Jamie Hickey, specified their consoles of choice; the compact Quantum 338 at FOH and a Quantum 5 for monitors, with two accompanying SD Racks.
“I joined the team at the start of 2022 and was really pleased to discover I could specify whatever I wanted,” says Rob Waite. “I’ve been a DiGiCo user for a very long time, starting with the D Series and following a natural progression through the SD Series, and now with the new Quantum range. I trust DiGiCo. Regardless of genre, the brand always helps me fulfil the artists’ vision and get the sound they want.”
The tour started in May, opening with a Jools Holland TV appearance, followed by a series of global festivals, an autumn European run, and finished with a UK arena tour.
“I know DiGiCo consoles inside out,” says Waite. “The Quantum 338 is a new model, but

home-stage-b-1Doughty pulls back the curtains at film studios
Wednesday, 7 December 2022

UK - London Film Studios is one of the newest studios available for hire in the London area. Based in Enfield, the facility has four stages available for productions to use. When Scenic Supplies Plus were contracted to provide the blackout curtains for all the studios, they turned to Doughty Engineering for curtain track.
Richard McKitty, sales director, Scenic Supplies Plus commented: “We knew immediately, based on the spec of the job, that Doughty was the right company to manufacture the track we needed. We needed to kit out all the studios – the smallest being just over 2000sq ft and the largest over 5000sq.ft so it was quite a task.”
Work started in Studio B as studio A was already in constant use. This is a dedicated green screen studio so Scenic Supplies Plus was tasked with installing a U-shaped track to feature 2 sets of curtains – one side black and 1 side chroma key Green. For ease of use when changing from black to green, metal snap hooks were used for speed.
Studio C a slightly larger studio, required another U shape track; blackout curtains were installed to help with noise reduction and privacy – essential when shooting in studios.
Richard continued: “We used all Doughty track items – master runners, twin hooks, SixTrack, straights, curves and end stops as well as some of Doughty’s universal clamps. We were fortunate that for this project, all items were off-the-shelf rather than bespoke which made things slightly easier.”
Richard admits that Scenic Supplies Plus was thrown a curve ball by the team at Lon

eawworld-stage-lighting-5EAW ADAPTive PA reinforces Smash Mouth
Wednesday, 7 December 2022

USA - World Stage Lighting co-owners Dwight Wood and Devin Sunderland have been providing concert audiences in the Pacific Northwest with sonic experiences for decades. The company was given the opportunity to create a next-level experience for a recent performance by rock band Smash Mouth at Seven Feathers Casino Resort and provided a custom PA featuring the Anna and Otto ADAPTive system from Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW).
Industry veterans and long-time users of EAW equipment, Wood and Sunderland were immediately impressed when the company introduced its new Anna ADAPTive PA system. “When we first heard Anna and saw what it could do for us and our client’s events, we were blown away,” says Sunderland. “The timing was right, so we seized the opportunity to purchase products from EAW’s ADAPTive line. It’s an amazing system.”
The duo purchased 16 Anna three-way full-range ADAPTive array modules and eight Otto ADAPTive subwoofers to give the system a matched low end. They also added, from their extensive EAW inventory, eight EAW MW12 stage monitors and four EAW RL15 Redline two-way powered speakers to their rig for the Smash Mouth performance. The system has received rave reviews from both touring engineers and audiences in the almost 20 shows it has been deployed.
The new EAW system was put to the test for Seven Feathers Casino Resorts’ annual outdoor concert. “This year’s outdoor show was really special to us,” adds Sunderland. “In addition to the sound, we were also asked to provide a turnkey, full production product includin

robbie-williamsRobbie Williams celebrates XXV with Brit Row
Wednesday, 7 December 2022

UK - Robbie Williams’ 22/23 tour is in support of his latest album, XXV, which sees 25 years of hits re-worked and orchestrated by the Metropole Orkest.
Brit Row were once again able to deliver consistent quality across equipment and crew for the British pop star. “Brit Row are absolutely fantastic,” FOH engineer Joe Harling, enthuses. “These are difficult times, but we’ve received everything we’ve asked for and a team of professional crew at the top of their game. I couldn’t be happier.”
To cover the full spectrum of the show's journey through the last two and a half decades, Harling needed a versatile and robust console from Brit Row’s extensive inventory.
“I’m using a DiGiCo Quantum 7 console, which is on an Optocore loop with the monitor console, also a Quantum 7, and all our stage infrastructure. With so much going on and with having to accommodate shows augmented with live orchestras, it’s really the only console that can handle it all.”
Harling is a long-time DiGiCo user, comfortable with its feature set and sound. “I don’t use plugins,” he says. “But I do have a fairly large rack of analogue outboard gear on a second Optocore loop at FOH. This includes units from Kush Audio, Empirical Labs, Rupert Neve Designs, API, Bricasti, OTO Machines and more.”
Given that the XXV tour is the first Williams has delivered to his eager fans in some years, the audio crew were tasked with delivering an emotionally impactful, celebratory, and often heartfelt sonic experience, with real depth, dynamic,

latin-grammysrosaliapress-releasee-newslettersocialLatin Grammys put faith in Shure Axient Digital
Wednesday, 7 December 2022

USA - The 2022 Latin Grammys celebrated the best artists in Latin music on 17 November. Broadcast live from the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas, the sound team trusted Shure Axient Digital to ensure music and Latin voices were the brightest stars of the night.
The evening reunited the biggest Latin artists of 2022. Attendees and viewers enjoyed quality audio thanks to 32 channels of the Shure Axient Digital Wireless System and 48 channels of PSM 1000 in-ear monitoring system. Latin music fans cheered their idols in an exciting ceremony that elevated Rosalia and Jorge Drexler as the biggest winners. Both artists relied on Shure: Rosalia performed on a KSM9HS, while Jorge selected a tailored white KSM9 with an ADX2 handheld transmitter.
The 23rd Latin Grammys started with a group performance as a tribute to Mexican singer and songwriter Marco Antonio Solís, who was awarded Persona del Año by the Latin Academy of Music. Artists on stage for the memorable act included Luis Fonsi, Gente De Zona, Sin Bandera, Carin Leon, and Aymee Nuviola, who all used the Shure SM58. Noel performed with a KSM8 capsule, and Thalia amplified her voice with the KSM11 Wireless Cardioid Capsule.
John Legend, the band Chiquis, Nicky Jam, and Marco Antonio Solís also trusted the KSM11 Wireless Microphone Capsule. The capsule was developed to provide the most transparent, natural, and high-clarity sound without the use of additional processing, enabling the artists’ voices to shine on stage. Likewise, Romeo Santos got everyone dancing with his golden KSM11.

tv-studioAndolite acquired by 10 out of 10 Productions
Wednesday, 7 December 2022

UK - 10 out of 10 Productions has announced its acquisition of lighting and sound systems manufacturer, Andolite.
Andolite will continue to operate as an independent company as part of 10 out of 10 Productions, offering its full range of manufactured products to the marketplace.
Founded over twenty years ago, Andolite provides installers in the entertainment industry with cost-effective and robust manufactured lighting products. Following on from its struggle to overcome the pressures of the COVID pandemic, 10 out of 10 productions will work alongside the Andolite team to transform the business by improving its current product range, increasing innovations for new developments, and taking its offering into new untapped markets.
"We are delighted to have Andolite join the 10 out of 10 Productions cohort,” says Paul Need, director, 10 out of 10 Productions. “I'm looking forward to helping the Andolite team bring a new sense of life into the business. With already new and exciting products in development, we're excited to see where these next few months will take us. "
Clare Collister will remain as Andolites business manager and will play a crucial part in helping Paul Need, Director at 10 out of 10 productions accelerate new product developments.
“After a long association with 10 out of 10 Productions, it’s incredibly exciting to be a part of this significant new chapter in the company’s history,” says Collister. “I’m delighted to continue my role at Andolite and to lead our team of highly talented specialists as we t

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Royal Engagement - Robbie Williams will headline the first large-scale live music event to be held at the Sandringham royal estate. The pop star will be joined by several special guests at the outdoor concert in Norfolk on 26 August. Giles Cooper, from Heritage Live, said: "It will be the most magical concert in the most amazing surroundings that'll live in our memories forever." While the royal estate has played host to a number of events, including the mile-long Luminate Sandringham outdoor trail this Christmas, the concert will be the first time it has held a live-music event of this scale, organisers said. Pre-sale tickets to see the former Take That singer are due to go on sale on Thursday, with general sale starting on Friday.
Atlantic Crossing - Irish rock band U2's music has been described as a "bridge between Ireland and America" by United States President Joe Biden. He made the remarks at a White House reception ahead of the Kennedy Center Honours on Sunday, which saw the band awarded one of America's most prestigious cultural awards.
The annual event recognises five stars from across music, screen and stage for their significant contribution to American culture. The 2022 recipients also included actor George Clooney, singer Gladys Knight, singer-songwriter Amy Grant and composer Tania León. During the event, President Biden described the United States and Ireland as friends, linked in memory and imagination. He said the members of U2 were inheritors of the Irish tradition of poetry and protest and had a belief in the dignity of a

boras0011-amerliabordahlBorås Stadsteater invests in TiMax SoundHub
Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Sweden - Borås Stadsteater took the opportunity whilst undergoing a building renovation to simultaneously break down barriers to the most effective audio presence for its audiences. The venue reinvested in a new loudspeaker system spatialised by a Dante-equipped TiMax SoundHub spatial audio engine complete with a TiMax Tracker performer stagetracking system.
A flexible audio system was of paramount importance to the 500-capacity, municipality-run theatre. Though spoken dramatic productions are predominant, with classic productions and new writing having an equal footing, productions at the Stadsteater cater to the requirements of the public and range from modern circus to musicals, and ballet to pop concerts.
Borås Stadsteater’s head of sound, Tobias Walka specified all elements of the audio installation including the TiMax SoundHub and TiMax Tracker. He explained, “We looked at the market and based on the system’s benefits, TiMax seemed like the best option for us. Also, being closely located to Folkteatern in Gothenburg, we benefit from their long-held knowledge and experience of TiMax, knowing that should the need arise, they could advise us.”
The intimate theatre opted for an unconventional speaker set up, with Alcons Audio LR7s forming the main hangs of an LCR configuration, supported by four 18-inch flown subs. On stage Alcons RR12s are positioned as upstage fills and side-fill. Fourteen Alcons point source speakers provide the surround element of the localized audio and Walka explains, “The immersive experience for the audience wh

riot-gamesCT APAC uses Brompton for Riot Games’ events
Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Singapore - Creative Technology APAC has recently added Tessera S8 LED processors to its existing Brompton Technology inventory. These have already been deployed on two high profile, internationally broadcast esports events hosted by Riot Games.
“Brompton Technology has always been thought of highly in the industry, and with in-camera productions growing rapidly in the last couple of years, it made complete sense to capitalise on the opportunity and invest in Tessera LED processors,” says Juay Minghee, operations director at CT Singapore. “Brompton’s presence in the APAC region and the company’s pro-active engagement with our team in Singapore has already been beneficial.
“Brompton’s industry-renowned 24/7 customer support also gave us confidence in our investment. We know there will always be someone from Brompton’s team available to answer our questions should we need their support.”
CT chose Tessera S8 LED processors for the flexibility of Brompton’s Tessera feature set and easy-to-use software. Powering ROE Visual’s DM2, 2.6mm pixel pitch LED panels, the Tessera S8 deliver exceptional contrast, brightness, and ultra-realistic visual experience.
“For League of Legends: Mid-Season Invitational in Busan, South Korea, we deployed a system that uses over 300 ROE Visual DM2.6 panels together with three Tessera S8s in various configurations such as nine sets of window-like design, each measuring 1m wide by 2.5m high, and a breakout design overhanging the players and measuring approximately 8m wide by 4m high,” Minghee e

digicoSerbia’s Chameleon Rental chooses Quantum
Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Serbia - Chameleon Rental is well-known in Serbia thanks to the knowledge, dedication and rich experience its team has gained during over two decades of business. It is recognised as a company that continuously strives for technical innovation, one that pays particular attention to ensuring its inventory comprises a winning combination of high-quality manufacturing, reliability and functionality.
Before the 2022 summer season started, Chameleon decided to improve its audio production capabilities by adding a new digital audio console, choosing a DiGiCo Quantum 225 as its latest acquisition.
“We have used DiGICo consoles for many years and already have SD9s in our inventory,” says Chameleon’s Ivan Krsev. “They have served us very well, so adding the Quantum 225 was logical. We really like small format console of the console, the high-resolution touchscreen and it offers all the Quantum features plus new design features and enhancements in a, which made it an ideal addition for us.
“It’s intuitive to work with and the fact that we can use of a laptop, KLANG:kontroller or an additional screen for moving through the KLANG:app, control and movement of faders, monitoring, etc, is a huge advantage, as are Mustard Processing, Nodal Processing, Spice Rack and True Solo.”
Along with the Quantum 225, Chameleon purchased an MQ-Rack with 48 microphone inputs and 24 analogue outputs, with dual MADI ports allowing rack sharing at 48kHz between any two SD Range or Quantum consoles.
The Quantum 225 proved to be a good solution for the event

hamiltonHH TNA line array reinforces NZ/DC in Hamilton
Tuesday, 6 December 2022

New Zealand - Hamilton Workingmen’s Club boasts a membership over 7,000 and has an enviable range of facilities. As a community hub offering a wide range of activities, the Club is renowned for presenting high quality live entertainment at weekends, attracting a variety of original artists and top tribute bands.
The Club’s substantial main room, which can accommodate around 250 guests, recently hosted New Zealand’s number one AC/DC tribute band, NZ/DC, for a gig that saw local audio rental specialists Liquid Sound supply an HH TNA line array sound system for the show.
Launched earlier this year, the TNA line array was designed for a wide range of small to medium sized applications and is based around the TNA-2120SA, a multi-channel active subwoofer with integrated Class D amplifier which features two high power 12” low frequency woofers with exceptionally high output, and the TNA1800SA a powerful single 18” active low frequency subwoofer.
With three channels of high performance amplification, the TNA-2120SA houses six built-in DSP pre-sets and as part of a modular system can power up to six satellite TNA-2051 passive, two-way compact line array loudspeakers, offering an ideal solution that does away with the extra expense of rack amplifiers and processors.
For the NZ/DC gig, Liquid Sound used a full ground-stacked system of one TNA-2120SA, one TNA-1800SA and six TNA-2051 units per side. For a busy hire company like Liquid Sound, the TNA line array provides a high-powered, robust solution that is quick to set up and take down accordin

portodrumshow2022rb30047ruibandeirafotograf-9900000000079e3cMartin WPS in action for Porto Drum Show
Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Portugal - The ever-popular Porto Drum Show recently relocated to the impressive Alfândega do Porto for its fourth edition. Having successfully supported the event previously, Martin Audio’s Portuguese distributor, Sons Do Marques were back in action, featuring a Wavefront Precision (WPS) PA for the main demonstration space.
The event brings together a collection of world class drummers for one evening, including Dave Weckl (Chick Corea, Mike Stern, Dave Weckl Band), Gergő Borlai (Al di Meola, Frank Gambale, Bob Mintzer), Derrick Mackenzie (Jamiroquai), Miguel Lamas (Dany Martin, Carlos Rivera) and Mike Terrana (Axel Rudie Pell, Tony Macalpine, Ywngie Malmsteen). All featured in the drum clinic on the demo stage throughout the course of the evening.
The show itself is split across three spaces of equal size: one for demonstrating drum brands, one for artist drummers’ shows, and one exclusively for Portuguese artists.
The main stage was equipped with six WPS PA elements on each side of the stage, run in the optimum one-box resolution by Martin Audio iKON iK42 amplifiers, complemented by a pair of SXH218 subwoofers. The drummers were able to monitor their sound through a pair of Martin Audio’s flagship, high-output XE500 stage wedges.
Martin Audio had been specified by promoter and show director, Hugo Danin, and after last year’s success with Martin Audio’s WPM he had no hesitation in returning to Sons Do Marques, who this year supplied the larger system. Stated company owner, Rogério Lopes, “We saw this as the perfect opportunity

audio-technicamalagauniversity5A-T SmartMixers enable flexible teaching
Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Spain - More than 100 Audio-Technica ATDM-0604a SmartMixers were recently installed in several faculties at the University of Malaga, as part of a major project to allow the delivery of remote teaching alongside classroom attendance.
A large number of rooms were equipped with a total of 129 digital automatic mixers to ensure the University is able to engage in the “bimodal teaching” approach, and to meet contingency plans for situations where face-to-face activity is impossible in the future.
Malaga-based AV integrator Geniux has an established reputation in the educational market and was responsible for the entire project, which saw 38 ATDM-0604a SmartMixers installed in the Faculty of Psychology, 19 in the Faculty of Medicine, 23 in the Faculty of Law, 11 in the Faculty of Architecture and 38 in the Social Studies and Commerce Complex (CESC).
In addition to the ATDM-0604a mixers, the equipment in each of the classrooms includes a wide variety of audiovisual media, webcams and extensive connectivity to allow the development of teaching modalities. The ATDM-0604a was chosen as the ideal solution to reliably handle the complexity and flexibility requirements across the various faculties.
The ATDM-0604a offers six balanced inputs with switchable 48V phantom power, low-cut filter, phase inversion and four-band EQ. Input gain can be adjusted for each mic input and attenuation can be adjusted for the line inputs. Its selectable acoustic echo cancellation system applies to all balanced inputs, and there is also an unbalanced stereo input.


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