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deltaDeltaLive to distribute L-Acoustics Creations worldwide
Monday, 27 April 2020

Europe - At the end of 2019, L-Acoustics welcomed DeltaLive into the L-Acoustics Group, a family of companies focused on the design, manufacture and commercialisation of L-Acoustics sound systems. One of the stated aims of this acquisition was to devote resources to preparing the market entry for L-Acoustics private residential, multichannel extraordinary sound spaces, Island, Ocean, and Archipel.
At ISE 2020, L-Acoustics announced a new division, L-Acoustics Creations, along with the official launch of the division’s flagship sound space, Island Prestige. To further support the commercialisation of L-Acoustics Creations auditoria solutions worldwide, L-Acoustics has designated DeltaLive as international distributor of the full L-Acoustics Creations product range. DeltaLive is represented by Paul Keating, director of corporate & private relationships for L-Acoustics Creations.
“The team at DeltaLive possess a unique technical and regional savoir faire,” explains L-Acoustics CEO, Laurent Vaissié. “Their proven ability to forge connections with key markets and influencers, their technical expertise in audio visual support and their ability to deploy and demo L-Acoustics Creations solutions makes them the ideal partner for us as we present our market-leading audio products and technologies for specification in state-of-the-art residential, artistic, cultural, and experiential spaces.”
DeltaLive is tasked with supporting projects and opportunities with integrators, architects, interior designers, property developers, creative technolog

be-scene-be-heard-200x300-1BTS launches peer-to-peer chat app
Friday, 24 April 2020

USA - The Behind the Scenes Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Initiative has launched Be Scene - Be Heard, an anonymous, peer-to-peer chat app for backstage staff.
“It’s often hard to talk with family and friends about how you’re feeling and what may be troubling you, but you may not feel quite ready to see a mental health professional,” says the charity. “Sometimes it’s easier to talk to people who don’t know you, but who can relate because they’re in this industry too. They get the crazy hours, the pressures of getting the show on every night or the right shot on set, and the void felt when the gig is over.
That’s why Behind the Scenes has partnered with iRel8 to launch Be Scene – Be Heard. A platform to interact with your peers, talk about what’s on your mind, find comfort and knowledge from one another, and, perhaps, offer insight to someone who is going through something you already have. Chats are instantly translatable into 54 languages. Be Scene – Be Heard is available “wherever you are, whenever you need it, for whatever is on your mind”.
“Signing up for the app requires an email address and costs $0.99 a month and can be done here:
Users will find a “room” for general conversation and one for industry resources. As participation grows, sub-groups will be formed for more focussed discussion on topics such as, but not limited to anxiety and depression, sta

pliantatd-audio-visual4ATD adds CrewCom to AV solutions inventory
Thursday, 23 April 2020

USA - ATD Audio Visual, a full-service rental and staging event production company with offices in New York City and Los Angeles, provides high-end AV solutions for a range of clients in the live event space. The company was looking to add a reliable intercom solution to its AV equipment inventory and chose Pliant Technologies’ CrewCom wireless intercom system.
A key feature of the CrewCom system for ATD Audio Visual is its flexibility to meet the requirements of live productions of any size. “CrewCom has unlimited possibilities - you can expand it, you can split it into two separate systems - it does whatever you need it to do,” says Or Israel, president, ATD Audio Visual.
“We can easily add more transceivers for extending coverage in a larger venue, and/or additional Radio Packs (RPs) to increase user counts. The system is extremely flexible and modular, and simply a joy to work with. In addition, the cost-effective price point makes the system even more attractive.
“CrewCom checks off all the boxes when it comes to what we are looking for in a wireless intercom solution, and the competitive price point is a nice bonus,” says Israel. “When we first tested out the system, we had one person stay inside the warehouse, and another person walk four blocks away from the warehouse, and the audio quality was crystal-clear - we were all really impressed with the system’s extensive range.”
Additionally, ATD Audio Visual has received positive feedback from its customers regarding the CrewCom system. “We have rented out the Pliant s

Vectorworks wins business recycling award
Thursday, 23 April 2020

USA - In conjunction with Earth Day 2020, global design and BIM software provider, Vectorworks celebrated its latest award. The Howard County Department of Public Works’ Bureau of Environmental Services, Recycling Division selected Vectorworks as the winner of the 2020 Business Recycling and Waste Reduction Award. This accolade recognises local businesses for their recycling and waste reduction efforts during the 2019 calendar year.
The winning submission, Greenworks, is an environmentally-based project presented at the company’s regular innovation discussions and focuses on methods to create a sustainable work environment. Employees from various teams and departments collaborated on the project that went into full effect a few months later. The project outlined implementing proper traditional recycling techniques and adding a new system to include recycling plastic bags and film packaging, which ultimately becomes Trex decking. Additionally, other initiatives involved purchasing utensils instead of plastic cutlery and replacing water bottles with a water filtering system.
“One might expect an innovation project from a global design software company to be a technology-focused project; however, we chose to focus on sustainable ways to improve our environment,” said Janet Coppage, operations coordinator at Vectorworks and one of the employees behind the Greenworks project.
“Not only are we pleased to see this initiative have a significant impact on our nearly 200 employees at our Columbia headquarters, but we also see this as an oppor

pmcPMC appoints Sweetwater Sound in the US
Thursday, 23 April 2020

USA - UK loudspeaker manufacturer PMC has appointed Sweetwater Sound as a US dealer for its entire range of professional studio monitoring products.
Since the release of its twotwo range of nearfield monitors and the subsequent release of its Result6 compact nearfield monitors, PMC has been searching for the right US partner to help introduce more people to its professional product range.
“As soon as we identified the need to carefully expand our reach in the US, everyone at PMC agreed we should establish a partner as dedicated to the client’s success as we are,” comments PMC sales manager, Luke Smith. “We quickly identified Sweetwater as the ideal partner for this expansion. Having worked with Sweetwater for many years myself, I knew their philosophy on customers always coming first would fit in perfectly with our own customer ethos at PMC. We are elated to have them on board.”
Jeff Radke, Sweetwater’s chief sales officer, adds: “PMC is a key piece of the puzzle in our ongoing desire to fully serve our studio clients. The great thing about PMC is that the brand offers a range of products that are perfect for everything from the nice bedroom studio on up to the most completely decked-out pro facility.”
Sweetwater chief marketing officer, Dave Stewart, says: “I’ve been using PMC speakers for many years, as they’re about the only monitor I’ve found that doesn’t require me to use some other reference on my mixes, so I am really happy for us to be selling them now.”
(Jim Evans)

basicaudiotechforvideosapril2020Audio-Technica majors on basic techniques
Wednesday, 22 April 2020

USA - Audio-Technica has been offering a series of resources to help users adjust to the circumstances brought about by the health crisis, including blog posts and tutorials educating on best practices and solutions for content creation and live-streaming, developing a home set-up, and more.
Of particular note is the Basic Audio Techniques for Video tutorial series on YouTube, which features 13 different videos covering the basics of hand-held and lavalier mics, wireless systems, boom mics and more - concepts that are more important than ever in the DIY era of social distancing.
The videos are “short and engaging, easy to follow and filled with useful info”. Most of the techniques outlined in these videos are applicable to both a home setup and the wider world of video production in the field (once our lives return to normal).
In the clip Selecting the Right Handheld Mic, different types of handheld mics are compared and contrasted, with a short demonstration of the properties of cardioid pickup patterns. Additionally, lavalier mics are outlined in multiple videos, with an overview of different types of lavaliers and their uses, the technique of 'reflected lavalier mic'ing' (which uses a lavalier taped to a hard surface as a boundary-type microphone), strategies for hiding lavaliers out of sight, how to use a tie bar clip to fasten a lavalier to a video subject, and the basic use of lavalier windscreens.
Boom-miking fundamentals are also explored, with Intro to Booming comparing different types of audio capture to

chroma-q-webinar-graphic-pressChroma-Q plans further webinars
Wednesday, 22 April 2020

World - Chroma-Q is offering free weekly training webinars on a number of lighting topics.
The multi-award winning LED specialists kicked off the series last week with a webinar about LED Colour in Practice. This included an overview of some of the technologies that go into creating tools for discerning designers, why small details can make such a big difference when it comes to the end result.
“Supporting our wonderful industry and the individuals in it is our top priority,” explains Paul Pelletier, global brand manager. “It is important to us to use this time wisely and as an opportunity to help our industry learn new skills, as well as build on existing ones. We were delighted with the turnout of our first webinar and hope to reach even more people with our series of upcoming webinars.”
Upcoming webinars in the series: White LED in Practice - Friday, 24 April; Colour References and LED – CRI/TM-30 and more - Friday, 1 May; Camera Sensors and LED Lighting - Friday 8 May, and LED Fixture for Installs, What to Consider – Friday, 15 May.

elation-hourWeekly Elation Hour series launched
Wednesday, 22 April 2020

USA - On 22 April, Elation Professional is launching The Elation Hour, a weekly virtual presentation that will delve into the more personal side of product development while also addressing the technology and process behind the company’s most popular product series. Also on the schedule are a series of discussions with some of the industry’s most noted designers who plan to share their own personal insight and experience across the broad scope of entertainment lighting.
Hosted each Wednesday by Elation national sales manager John Dunn and global product manager Matthias Hinrichs, the first Elation Hour presentation - Behind the Products - R&D - will take place on 22 April at 10:00am PT (6pm BST). The free webinar is an opportunity to hear about the more human aspect of a busy R&D department while gaining insight into the how and why behind some of Elation’s leading technologies.
Next Wednesday, 29 April, three of America’s top lighting designers for television - Victor Fable, Joshua Hutchings and Ed Motts - will take part in the first Tools & Techniques discussion. They will relate their own adventures in lighting while gaining a greater understanding of the ins and outs of TV and film lighting. Over the next several weeks further designers will share their knowledge and experience in Lighting Festivals/Outdoor Events, Broadway/Theatre, Trade Shows/Corporate/Special Events and Concerts/Live Events.
The Elation Hour series will also include virtual product launches of some

lectrosonicswireless-side-chats-opening-screen-high-rez-for-press-releaseLectrosonics hosts Wireless Side Chats
Wednesday, 22 April 2020

USA - While today’s wireless equipment is easy to use and designed to keep the thornier technical issues out of the way, many gremlins lurk invisibly in the realm of the airwaves. The more users know about them, the better their end results will be. That’s why Lectrosonics has produced the new video series Wireless Side Chats, hosted by vice president of sales and marketing Karl Winkler and available as a playlist on the company’s YouTube page.
Winkler, who earned degrees in stringed instrument performance and audio engineering, then embarked on a career in concert sound before joining Lectrosonics in 2004, explains “vital topics in a straightforward style that’s highly approachable for audio beginners”.
Originally broadcast on Facebook Live, the Wireless Side Chats represent “an opportunity for everyone to enrich their wireless knowledge from the comfort of home”. The term is a wordplay on Fireside Chats, the broadcasts of President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression during the 1930s, which, appropriately, were a tipping point in the cultural importance of radio.
Four video episodes have been produced to date. Episode 1 covers the history of early wireless equipment, the wavelengths and tenants of the radio frequency spectrum, and how availability of frequency bands within that spectrum has changed over the past few decades. Episode 2 identifies the seven most common wir

international-2Bandit Lites overhauls Nashville operation
Wednesday, 22 April 2020

USA - Bandit Lites’ Nashville shop is being transformed with an expansion that encompasses the entire building and multiple departments.
With a new suite of offices for the sales team, a new Technical Service Division shop and a prep floor area growing from 18,000sq.ft to 44,000sq.ft, the expanded shop will be better equipped to handle Bandit’s business including world tours, corporate events, festivals and system installations.
“Bandit had outgrown its current space,” comments Bandit Lites general manager Mark Steinwachs. “Making this move gives us more room to prep ever-growing shows as well as still giving us room to grow in the future.”
Bandit’s team has been practising social distancing and adhering to current state requirements, and select members were able to proceed with streamlining the expansion of the spaces including a mezzanine for inventory, more bathrooms, updated kitchen space, new break room, new HVAC, more power and updated warehouse lighting.
“The shop will be ready to function as the industry ramps back up,” adds Steinwachs, “but we will continue to streamline our processes in the new setup."
As artists and venues look to the future resume touring and events, Bandit Lites will be ready to make the transition as seamless as possible.
“Once the industry is ready to start again, Bandit will have much improved infrastructure and facilities to enable us to deliver even more high-quality work in a rapid manner,” states Bandit chair, Michael T. Strickland. “We all know there will be a fl

ssl-system-tfront-lowon-black-hdSolid State Logic wins Queens Award
Wednesday, 22 April 2020

UK - Solid State Logic (SSL) has received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for its excellence in innovation, for audio technology for broadcast.
Since its launch in 2015, the System T broadcast platform has quickly gained a reputation for delivering in mission critical performance applications, with “a unique broadcast feature set, modular system approach, and pristine high-quality audio delivery”.
With AoIP-based routing at its core, plus full immersive and next generation audio features, System T has been designed for the challenges of modern broadcast production, whether in the studio for news and entertainment programming, or for OB covering live events and sports.
Nigel Beaumont, SSL managing director, comments: “At Solid State Logic we are incredibly proud to receive this award as we celebrate our 50th anniversary. We dedicate it to all our amazing staff, partners and clients, past and present. Being part of Audiotonix since 2017 means we have new levels of expertise and ongoing investment to help us continue to innovate, and this award for System T is testament to that.”

The Week in Light & Sound
Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Pirate Radio Pioneer - Tributes have been paid to Ronan O'Rahilly, the founder of Radio Caroline, the first pirate radio station off the UK, who has died aged 79. His death was announced by the current Radio Caroline, which still operates off the Essex coast. The station was founded in 1964 to compete with the BBC and launched the careers of many well-known DJs, achieving enormous popularity. O'Rahilly, who lived in Ireland, had been diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2013.
Radio Caroline was the first of several pirate radio stations that challenged BBC radio's dominance in the 1960s. The station played pop music all day, while the BBC only played pop for an hour a week. After the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act was passed in 1967, Radio Caroline continued to broadcast from ships until 1991, when the Ross Revenge was shipwrecked off the Kent coast The station, which started broadcasting again on medium wave in 2017, helped pave the way for modern commercial radio.
One of the presenters who started on the station, Johnnie Walker, tweeted: "Farewell to Radio Caroline founder Ronan O'Rahilly, The man who made the impossible possible and changed radio forever. Thanks Ronan for the incredible experience of being a Caroline deejay and to challenge the Government in 1967. You were an amazing man."
One Night Only - The original West End cast of Dreamgirls has reunited online to perform One Night Only to raise money for charity. Composer Henry Krieger, Amber Riley and other cast members have got back together online to perform the son

adjADJ offers packages for video streamers
Tuesday, 21 April 2020

USA - Owing to the social distancing required to fight the coronavirus pandemic, live-streamed video has seen a surge in popularity over recent weeks. Individuals, organisations and corporations are all using this technology to stay in touch with their audiences, but many aren’t equipped with the necessary lighting technology to do it effectively. For this reason, ADJ has created a series of new lighting packages that are designed to make it easy and affordable for both individuals and organizations to enhance the visual appearance of their video recordings and live streams.
“With a bewildering amount of choice available, ADJ wants to make investing in the right live stream lighting as simple and cost effective as possible,” explains ADJ USA’s national sales manager, Alfred Gonzales.
“Our new Live Stream Lighting PAKs feature carefully selected bundles of lighting fixtures, with stands and other accessories included, that provide a one-stop-solution for live stream lighting. Ranging from a simple single light package suitable for individuals on a budget, through to advanced professional setups designed for multi-person broadcasts from churches or businesses, we are offering PAKs that cover a range of budgets and requirements. All the PAKs feature everything that’s need to get the lighting up and running, and all are designed to help make users look their very best when ‘going live’!”
The ADJ Solo Stream PAK is a simple and affordable package that combines an Encore FR20 DTW with an LTS6 tripod stand. Featuring a 2-inch Fresnel lens

PSI enables ETCP certification testing
Tuesday, 21 April 2020

USA - Eligible candidates who have received a notification of acceptance from one of the four examinations offered by the Entertainment Technician Certification Programme (ETCP) may begin scheduling appointments at PSI’s owned and operated testing centres.
ETCP is also still accepting applications from eligible riggers, entertainment electricians and portable power distribution technicians. The ‘rush fee’ has been waived and those who are accepted will be processed as quickly as possible.
PSI has recognised the impact that ETCP’ Certified Technicians are making by dedicating their equipment and knowledge to this critical initiative. The ETCP Programme has been added to the list of credentialing programmes that certify essential personnel. as they will be allowed to work alongside healthcare workers, law enforcement, and first responders charged with building field hospitals to aid in the fight against COVID-19. Currently, PSI’s testing centres are available to only those deemed as essential personnel. Interested candidates will be provided with testing centre locations.
“PSI was honoured to serve ETCP and their stakeholders, by ensuring that testing for professional technicians was made possible in this difficult time,” says Rory McCorkle, senior vice president, certification and education services, PSI. “We’re confident that the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience required of certificants confirms their deep desire to provide for the health and safety of the public. Every day, ETCP certificants prove that they’re the

martin-audio-virtual-tradeshowMartin Audio announces ‘virtual tradeshow’
Tuesday, 21 April 2020

UK - Martin Audio plans to host ‘a dedicated virtual tradeshow’, putting the spotlight on the new additions to its portfolio.
Like the company’s Open Days, the virtual event will offer an overview of the portfolio suitable for end users, distributors, rental companies and integrators. The event will be webinar-based across a number of time slots on Wednesday 20 May to ensure that people in different time zones can come together for the show.
“These are unprecedented times for the pro audio industry, and we want to play our role in helping industry professionals to stay active, connected and informed,” says Dom Harter, managing director at Martin Audio. “The webinars will last for about 90 minutes, and I will be joined by colleagues to talk people through our portfolio and to help attendees find the right product for different applications and budgets.”
The timing of the event is aimed at ensuring that people who can attend will be able to find real solutions for potential projects. “We see May as a time when more countries will start to be rebuilding their economy and when projects within pro audio will once again be discussed and so its opportune to provide this showcase,” reasons Harter.
“Equally, we have already announced many new products this year and May is a time when much of the production on these will commence. We’re looking forward to talking to as many people as possible, albeit virtually, and discussing how the next generation of Martin Audio’s ground-breaking products can meet challenges for people all ove

meandmygirl-770wETC introduces On Headset learning
Tuesday, 21 April 2020

USA - ETC has introduced On Headset, a new audio series that allows listeners to programme a major theatrical production in realtime whilst listening to the audio cues of a lighting designer.
“Our goal with this project is to fill the gap between the traditional classroom or ‘e-training’ methods of console learning and actually sitting behind an Eos desk in a theatre,” explains ETC senior field service engineer Victor Seastone, “This is a console flight simulator to help with both.”
The series features esteemed Broadway lighting designer Ken Billington and a lightly curated recording of the headset conversations during technical rehearsals of the New York City Centre Encores’ Me and My Girl in May 2018. The New York City Centre, a well-known and distinctive theatre, welcomes 300,000 visitors annually to its establishment which was founded in 1943. The Encores! series has combined the traditional American musical theatre with original orchestrations for more than 25 years.
The recordings are broken into 13 episodes, which start as Ken begins putting cues into the console and end after the dress rehearsal - which for Encores, is about 90 percent of the lighting time allowed.
“We are so lucky to have these strong relationships with lighting professionals so we can create and share content like this for our users,” says ETC senior controls product manager Anne Valentino. “Thanks to the designers and crew who helped make this possible.”
Users can find the audio series on their preferred podcast streamin

goldcoastsmLighting industry initiative unites Australia
Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Australia - On 15 April, Australian skies were lit up in support of those fighting the COVID-19 global pandemic whilst also drawing attention to the plight of the country’s entertainment industry.
Organised by ALIA, the event also served as a morale boost for the lighting industry. Production companies, sole traders, distributors and manufacturers all joined in the effort.
The brief was fairly open being just colourful with a bit of movement and initially, premises only were to be lit up. But many companies were able to light significant landmarks including hospitals, theatres, town halls, sports stadiums and even a lighthouse. Many sought permission from the aviation authorities to project high into the night skies.
In an act of generosity, Brisbane-based Gobotech offered free gobos to those taking part.
ALIA was “blown away by the number of participants and the amount of time and effort afforded”.

queensawardsQueen’s Awards for Brompton and Peerless-AV
Tuesday, 21 April 2020

UK - Two industry companies have been recognised with a Queen's Award for Enterprise.
The awards programme rewards British businesses who excel at international trade, innovation or sustainable development. This year, Brompton Technology and Peerless-AV were both honoured with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category.
“It is really gratifying to be recognised with such a prestigious award, and we want to thank all our partners globally who have been such an important part of this success story,” comments Brompton’s managing director, Richard Mead. “It is all the more poignant to be receiving it at such a difficult time for our industry and the world in general. This award is testament to the strength and dedication of the Brompton team. Right now, we are focussed on supporting our partners through these challenging times, but we look forward to an even brighter future for Brompton Technology.”
Keith Dutch, managing director - EMEA, Peerless-AV, comments: “We are obviously delighted to receive this prestigious Royal accolade, as it recognises the hard work and commitment, we have invested to develop our international business. I am confident that this respected award, and its globally recognised symbol, will drive our export business and the worldwide standing of Peerless-AV to new heights.” He adds: “I want to personally thank Melinda Von Horvath (VP Sales & Marketing - EMEA) who has been instrumental in our EMEA strategy and growth during this period, developing and nurturing the sales team.”

sn-shureShure celebrates 95 years in pro audio
Tuesday, 21 April 2020

USA - Shure Incorporated is celebrating its 95th year in audio technology.
From its inception in 1925 as a one-man company selling radio parts kits, Shure has built a legacy of innovations in audio. Today, the company offers a diverse portfolio of wired and wireless microphones, personal and professional listening products, and conferencing and meeting solutions.
Shure products are now sold in more than 120 countries, and through the decades, these have been used around the world by the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Elvis Presley, Pope Francis, Nelson Mandela, The Beatles, and every United States President since Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Product innovations throughout the company’s 95-year history include Unidyne I Model 55, the first unidirectional microphone with a single moving coil dynamic element; the SM58 microphone, an industry standard worldwide for live vocal performance; and Vagabond 88, the first handheld wireless microphone. In the past year, Shure launched TwinPlex, a new sub-miniature lavalier microphone; the MV88+ Video Kit, a new stereo microphone to enhance content capture on smartphones; Microflex Advance MXA910 with IntelliMix, and the AONIC line of listening products, including AONIC 50 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones and AONIC 215 True Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones.
Shure users include people in the spotlight as well as the technicians and engineers behind-the-scenes. Shure products can be found in use at the Super Bowl, the Grammys, the Olympic games, the Academy Awards, and by local, state, and national

koreypereiraSoularity Sound upgrades with JBL and Dolby
Monday, 20 April 2020

USA - Austin, Texas-based post-production mixer and sound designer Korey Pereira recently upgraded his studio, Soularity Sound, with a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 monitoring system featuring JBL Professional and Crown solutions, enabling him to create immersive audio content.
Soularity Sound provides post-production audio services for film, television, streaming, commercials and web content in the Austin market and internationally. Services include sound editing, sound design, Foley, ADR, voiceover, mixing and production sound.
Recognising a growing industry trend of adopting the Dolby Atmos immersive audio format as a standard deliverable, Pereira decided to upgrade his 5.1 surround sound monitoring system to a 7.1.4 setup with ceiling speakers for three-dimensional sound. To achieve high-quality results that translate well to cinemas, home theatres and consumer devices, Pereira equipped his studio with JBL 7 Series monitors, a JBL Intonato 24 monitor management and tuning system, and Crown amplifiers.
“Seeing the traction that Dolby has had on the consumer market was one of the big factors that pushed me into the decision,” said Pereira. “Now that iPhones, Soundbars, Apple TVs and other devices are natively supporting Atmos, it seems like it's definitely going to stick around. Especially with Netflix more or less adopting it as a native format, I expect to see more and more spec sheets asking for Atmos mixes. So for me, it kind of hit a tipping point where the technology seemed like it was going to be the industry leader, and more and more people are

itr-economicsChauvet aids livestreaming business session
Monday, 20 April 2020

USA - Stay at home restrictions have prevented the Clermont, Ohio Chamber of Commerce from holding its regular meetings. But now, more than ever, its member businesses are seeking guidance from the 50-year old organisation, particularly on the steps they can take to navigate their way through this period of lockdowns.
A highlight of the chamber’s educational initiative was the detailed and informative 8 April livestream it hosted by noted author and small business expert Brian Beaulieu, CEO of ITR Economics. A former US Labourr Department economist, Beaulieu delivered his presentation from the Events United Studio Lab, illuminated by a rig that featured Maverick MK2 Spot, Ovation CYC 1 FC, STRIKE 4 and Ovation E-260WW IP fixtures.
Beaulieu was able to communicate the intricacies of his ideas to the audience, located 900 miles from the New Hampshire studio, with the help of a large white video wall made up of Chauvet Professional F2 panels.
Although the massive white space provided a supportive background for the economist to use when calling up the plethora of charts, graphs and tables that illustrated his points, it also presented a challenge for the team lighting the livestream.
“Brian wanted an all-white background, which complicated things a bit,” said Tim Messina owner of Events United. “We had to make the colour temperature of the lights dead on so the white on the video wall matched their presentation, all while making sure the skin and hair tones stayed true on camera.”
Accomplishing this feat began with matching the wh

absenAbsen maintains focus on LED webinars
Monday, 20 April 2020

Europe - This week will see the continuation of Absen’s series of webinars, with two sessions on Tuesday 21 April at respectively 9am (Rental & Staging) and 1pm (Introduction to LED), one session dedicated to fixed installations (Corporate & Retail) on Wednesday 22 April at 9am BST, and a two parts session (9am and 1pm BST) on Thursday 23 April which will provide insights on Basic Technical Knowledge of LED Displays. More webinars will also be offered by Absen in the near future.
The inaugural session, which was held on Tuesday 7 April and focussed on Absen’s rental & staging products, had in excess of 350 registrations and over 200 attendees; 84% of whom rated it as being either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.
The next rental & staging webinar, which will be hosted by Absen’s rental & staging industry director Christian Czimny, will take a more in-depth look at Absen’s key rental products from the inside out, as well as covering what to look out for when investing in LED. The session will also feature a Q&A portion at the end where attendees can have their product-specific questions answered; equipping them with all of the knowledge they will need when eventually returning to work.
The second webinar, hosted by Absen’s retail industry director Ben Phelps, will focus on the applications and benefits of LED displays for retail and corporate environments. This taster webinar is designed for system integrators and anyone else involved in the design, delivery, and support of LED systems, including ar

davide-lombardiBryan Ferry sticks together with Brit Row
Monday, 20 April 2020

UK - Bryan Ferry has been a mainstay in the art rock world since the early ‘70s. Still playing music with commanding style, he returned to the stage with support from rental supplier, Britannia Row Productions.
In early March, before the Coronavirus pandemic had hit the UK, Ferry took to the road with Britannia Row, delivering what FOH engineer Davide Lombardi describes as “the most challenging yet rewarding tour to date”.
He adds, “Bryan is very tuned-in to making his audiences happy; he’s a perfectionist but in a very good way. His attention to detail is impeccable.”
Having worked with Britannia Row for some years, Lombardi states that the key to success for a tour like Ferry’s is “total trust” in your team. “His live sound is different because of the constant alteration of arrangements within the songs. Show days involve long soundchecks, and during the gig I have to really concentrate on my mix. However, before we can do anything, getting the PA acoustics right are vital. It’s the only way we can achieve the depth of sound that this show needs.”
Brit Row system tech Alessandro Cestaro designed the PA specs throughout the tour. “I totally trust Alessandro,” says Lombardi. “We’ve worked together in the past and so have a good rapport. Having him on the tour means I don’t have to worry that we’ll get results. Bryan’s fans also have very high expectations and so we have to get it perfect every night.”
At Manchester’s Palace Theatre, an L-Acoustics LA12X-powered system comprising a main hang of

fairportCropredy Festival & Eden Sessions postponed
Monday, 20 April 2020

UK - Fairport Convention’s annual Cropredy Convention in Oxfordshire and The Eden Sessions in Cornwall are the latest major music events to fall victim to the coronavirus pandemic. Both are being rescheduled for 2021.
Since its first staging in 1980, the Cropredy festival has taken place annually since on farmland near Banbury, Oxfordshire.
This year’s three-day event had been scheduled to take place on 13-15 August. It will now be staged over 12, 13 and 14 August 2021 (the equivalent weekend) on its usual site.
The line-up of acts will be carried forward: artists booked to appear this year have agreed to switch to 2021. Highlights include Trevor Horn Band, Clannad, Steve Hackett – Genesis Revisited, Richard Thompson, Matthews Southern Comfort and host band Fairport Convention.
Tickets purchased for Cropredy 2020 remain valid for the rescheduled festival and Fairport Convention hopes festival-goers will hang on to their tickets for Cropredy 2021. However, the organisers are offering refunds to those affected by the postponement.
Festival director Gareth Williams said: “We have no alternative but to postpone Cropredy until 2021. The safety of our festival-goers, performers, suppliers, crew and local residents must come first.
“This postponement is a massive financial blow to Fairport Convention. It comes hard on the heels of having to reschedule this year’s Spring Tour. Our many suppliers and crew will also be hit financially (as indeed, will Milly and myself here in the FC office). I will keep the office going on a par


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