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Nexo and Crown Project Praise
Wednesday, 6 June 2001

The Covenant Life Church in Glasgow is about to embark on phase two of a significant Crown-driven Nexo installation. The 800-capacity venue, which has sister churches across Scotland and as far afield as southern Germany, has been in residence at this site for over a year and is delighted with the new audio installation, which has so far has been completed by Sound Control in Glasgow with equipment supplied by Fuzion plc. Currently it comprises a pair of Nexo PS-15s and an LS-1200 at the front of the church with a pair of PS-10 delays driven by a Crown MA-2402 and an MA3600VZ. Phase two, which is due to start shortly plans for up to four PS-15s to be sunk into the stage behind grilles so that they do not disturb sight-lines for TV cameras or indeed the congregation, a PS-15 to act as a monitor for the drummer and keyboard player, and up to four PS-8s to be flown either side of the stage area as infills for the singers. A further four PS-8s are destined for the balcony area which is under construction at the back of the church.

The Church's head of sound Barry Nicholson, explained: "We've been hankering after a Nexo system ever since we first heard one with friends down in a church in Wales, so as soon as we moved into our new building, we set the wheels in motion. Despite hearing demos from other manufacturers, we found that nothing came close to the Nexo. The power and clarity produced from such compact boxes, especially the PS-8, is truly amazing. And I must say the team at Sound Control and Mick Butler from Fuzion have both been marvellous throughout, always ready

AC Lighting Forms Alliance with Reggiani
Wednesday, 6 June 2001

To meet the increasing demand on the Special Projects Division of AC Lighting to design, supply and install complete lighting schemes, the company has formed a new alliance with Reggiani Lighting, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Reggiani Spa (Milan, Italy). Reggiani, formed 40 years ago, is a family-driven business with a strong philosophy for ideas, innovation and quality. Today, Reggiani is a renowned market leader in the field of architectural lighting and manufactures a wide range of luminaires for interior and exterior applications. The Company has subsidiary operations in France and the UK and 47 distributors around the world. Commenting on the new partnership, Peter Keiderling, special projects manager at AC Lighting, stated: "Our projects-driven business continues to expand and diversify and it became vital for us to have access to a broad range of architectural fittings. We are delighted to be working with such a respected name and believe a combination of Reggiani and AC Lighting will be a powerful alliance."

Numark Completes Purchase of Alesis
Tuesday, 5 June 2001

Jack O’Donnell, president and owner of Numark Industries, has announced that he has received final court approval to acquire all assets of Alesis Studio Electronics and its affiliates. Alesis, the well-known manufacturer of ground-breaking products such as the ADAT, had been in the process of reorganization over the past several months, and had begun talking with outside interested parties this spring. While the two companies will function as separate business units, O’Donnell and a newly-appointed transition team headed by Paul Antrop, CEO of Numark, will begin immediately looking for areas where the two companies can benefit from each other’s strengths. O’Donnell commented: "I recognized a few years ago that in order to stay in front of this fast-paced market, Numark needed to bolster its engineering and product development efforts. While we’ve seen the fruits of these efforts in recent years with the introduction of numerous new products with break-through technology, I’m looking forward to the kinds of products and technologies we’ll be able to provide the market with Alesis’ stellar engineering team."

Screenco Debuts at Monaco Grand Prix
Tuesday, 5 June 2001

Screenco, well experienced at fielding their giant daylight displays on Formula 1’s Grand Prix circuit, made its first appearance at the famous Monaco Grand Prix recently. Monaco-based Action International rigged two Screenco set-ups - supplied by Screenco Holland BV - in different locations. These include, for the first time, a 4x4 15mm LED display, sited at the end of the first straight in front of the Hermès boutique on the Avenue de Monte Carlo. Here, 1000 VIP guests observed the race from a terrace owned by the Société des Bains de Mer, part of the famous Hotel de Paris. "Although this is a major terrace, until this year guests have not really been able to see the race," said Action’s project manager, Vincent Alloing. Further round the track a 28sq.m Jumbotron JTS-17 midi-mobile will again fulfil a specific need, according to Alloing. The truck-mounted Jumbotron will replace the traditional fixed screen in front of the Mirabeau Hotel - on both the qualifying and race days. The portable set-up is essential, says Alloing, due to the necessity for derigging after the Saturday practice session. "Because the screen is located in front of the hotel, on a road open to the public, the truck has to be parked overnight in a tunnel 800m away. At 6am on the Sunday morning it will move back into position in time for the first race at 9am."

Screenco MD, Dave Crump said: "Monaco has long eluded us as the jewel in the Formula 1 crown and we were naturally very pleased to have finally supplied equipment to every one of the European Grand Prixs

Martin on the Menu at Indi Tapas
Tuesday, 5 June 2001

The new 270-cover Indi Tapas Bar in Birmingham Chinatown’s trendy Arcadian Centre has been opened by Eastern Leisure. With a late licence, the venue - which will specialise in a fusion of Asian/Spanish cuisine - wanted a high-octane sound system in its minimalist surroundings that could be pumped up by its DJs during the later stages of the evening. Seeking the optimum solution they turned to Martin Audio, which resulted in Middlesex Sound & Light - whose experience of specifying Martin Audio systems includes the Spearmint Rhino table dancing chain - winning the contract on the basis of their projected loudspeaker design and ease of control. For the delivery, they selected white-finish versions of the EM architectural range.

Situated on a single floor, Middlesex’s Lance Bromhead designed the Indi Tapas Bar into three separate zones, using a Cloud Z4 zoner to route source material generated from a Denon twin CD player or a pair of Technics decks. This included a raised food area around the periphery, an area for casual dining and a sunken floor area. In the inner field of sound four EM26s are flown, with the sound ramped up by a Wavefront WS2A (2 x 15) sub. Deployed in the second zone is a further pair of EM26s, reinforced by an EM150 subwoofer, while the raised area is serviced by a pair of tiny EM15s.

A Behringer mixer, a QSC amp rack and Seleco projection complete the array of technology. Bromhead commented: "This operates as a thoroughbred club, and the combination of loudspeakers works very well and sounds good. We have used Martin Audio’s de

Hayden Hosts Rane Seminar
Monday, 4 June 2001

Hayden Laboratories, exclusive UK dealers for US audio manufacturer the Rane Corporation, recently hosted a product conference and seminar that highlighted the many advantages of the Rane’s Audio Conferencing Equipment & CobraNET Network Audio units. The day-long seminar was held in High Wycombe. Speakers included Steve Macatee, Rane’s director of new product development and training, and Dean Standing, director of sales for Rane. The seminar was designed for those involved in selling, specifying and designing audio & video conferencing systems and network audio. It was attended by a selection of interested parties from different areas of the professional audio industry consultants, sound designers themed entertainment, venues and broadcast plus business to business integrators. All keen to know more about this innovative range of products.

The seminar offered a general overview of the products and their capabilities and Q&A sessions for both ECS and CobraNET. This was the first such event organised by Hayden, but the good response is expected to herald more. Hayden’s Ian Downs commented, "It’s great to see so much enthusiasm for both the Rane CobraNET and ECS products."

Universal Becomes High End Reseller
Monday, 4 June 2001

Universal Lighting & Audio Pty Ltd., with offices in Queensland and Melbourne, Australia, is now the exclusive Authorized Reseller of High End Systems automated lighting products as well as the Flying Pig Systems Wholehog II console in Australia. Bytecraft, a Melbourne-based production house, will continue as a Special Projects Production Partner for High End Systems. Both Bytecraft and Universal will provide technical and spare parts support of High End Systems equipment in the marketplace. High End Systems' John Wiseman, vice-president of worldwide sales, says: "With Bytecraft's worldwide influence and strength as a production house and Universal Lighting as an exclusive reseller, we're looking forward to seeing more of our products being bought and specified on projects Down Under."

X10 Roadies Break Records at Homelands
Monday, 4 June 2001

Two mighty projectors and the largest projection screens ever seen inside a marquee gave VJ management and live video production company, The Picture Works Ltd, all the scope they needed to produce some mind-altering images in the 6,000-capacity Radio 1 Presents Essential Twilo tent at the recent Homelands Festival in Winchester. Specialists in dance event visuals, The Picture Works have been contracted to provide the video content and reinforcement since the inception of Homelands and this year delivered the visual support in five of the six dance arenas. This time around they dry-hired a pair of Christie Digital X10 Roadies from trading partner AT communications in Sutton Coldfield, one of which was making its debut. As a result, said Robin Wealleans, director of The Picture Works, from early in the afternoon they were able to throw sharply defined images over the 20m distance onto the two giant 50ft x 20ft displays. "The fact that they are so incredibly bright is exactly what you need at a daytime festival," he said. "It means we can start the projection at any time."

By way of a 1.9kW Ushio Xenon short-arc illumination system and Christie Digital's long-established expertise with 3-chip DLP technology, the Roadie X10 - the world's first purpose-built projector for the rental staging community, delivers a staggering 10,000 ANSI lumens. Utilising 3-chip DLP technology, the Roadie X10 delivers brilliant XGA images with picture-perfect colour reproduction. Christie's ‘Intelligent Lens System’ (ILS) allows the projector to automatically reca

Martin & Trantec Close Curtain on Empire
Monday, 4 June 2001

A raucous farewell to the Hackney Empire, as it closed for a total refit, was provided during a two-week production of The Wiz - based on the ‘70s funk version of The Wizard of Oz. Paul Gavin’s company Purple Sheep Lighting, who service a number of events at Hackney Empire, ensured that the giant ensemble were heard loud and clear - in front of a band positioned high up on enormous risers - by specifying Martin Audio enclosures throughout. These included a front-of-house system comprising four flown Blackline H2s and a pair of H3s, reinforcing the house system - run in conjunction with the proprietary DX1 management system - with F12s and F15s operating in stage monitor mode. The entire system was powered by Martin Audio’s new amplification series, consisting of MA4.2s and MA2.8s. Paul Gavin commented: "We opted for the F12 and F15 floor monitors because they were predominantly lightweight, while for the main auditorium sound reinforcement we needed a powerful directional system, because the cast were singing on head mics. I needed something that could cut - and the Blacklines really cut through. This is a loud show, and because we were delivering such a loud monitor sound we also needed a system that was bright, with lots of energy."

To warm the system up on the vocals, Gavin also utilised a TLA-5050 valve channel. He says the show required 63 channels at front-of-house and provided 16 monitor mixes. Eleven channels were dedicated to Trantec wireless mics. "Because it was such an incredibly physical show," he continued, "we us

Strand’s Film & TV Breakthrough
Monday, 4 June 2001

Strand Lighting has made a major breakthrough into the world of film and location lighting by announcing large orders for their QuartzColor lighting range from leading London rental houses. The company’s exclusive location lighting distributors, LCA, confirm that the two largest specialist companies - Lee Lighting and AFM Film & TV - have placed significant orders with the Greenford company for QC luminaires, resulting in the former adding 400 tungsten heads and the latter 200 to their respective rental stocks. The Lee order is made up mostly of 10K, 1K and 650W luminaires while AFM have purchased a complement of 1K, 2K and 5Ks. LCA director Graham Kerr believes the pledge of faith has much to do with Strand’s improved support infrastructure. "We have put the spares situation in order, giving companies of the calibre of Lee and AFM the confidence to switch to Strand," he said. "Selling 100 1Ks in a single order is a major commitment, whichever way you look at it."

He added that rental companies generally prefer to standardise on single-company products to ensure compatibility between accessories and attachments. One of the customers, Lee Lighting managing director, Tony Lucas, said the time was right to renew their relationship with Strand Lighting’s products on a grand scale. "Strand Lighting have done much to update their equipment and can now supply from stock - which means I can get what I want next day. There was also a time when every job we quoted for was specifying an alternative brand - but all that has now changed. We a

Light Relief: We need your help to raise money . . .
Sunday, 3 June 2001

At the recent Showlight 2001 conference in Edinburgh, a new logo for the Light Relief benevolent fund was unveiled by Tony Gottelier and Rick Fisher.

Light Relief is the industry-sponsored fund, supported by PLASA and the ALD, to assist people in the industry when they are affected by catastrophic personal events. "The lot of the freelancer is not always a happy one, just look at the state of Rick!" joked Gottelier, pointing at ALD chairman and lighting designer, Rick Fisher. The duo were attending the Showlight reception, sponsored by Fourth Phase, on the serious matter of launching the newly-designed Light Relief logo and its attendant leaflet, and to raise the profile of the industry’s benevolent fund.

The pair appealed to the manufacturing and service companies to come forward with offers of help. "We need you to come up with creative initiatives to raise cash," Gottelier said. By the end of Showlight, something in the order of £20,000 had been added to Light Relief’s coffers, due to the generosity of those attending. In one particularly impressive stunt, Fred Foster, President of ETC, agreed to wear a kilt the following day, provided £2,000 could be raised for the cause. The money was duly promised and consequently Fred attended the conference resplendent in highland regalia. Not only that, but Foster also attended the tour of his competitor, Strand Lighting’s, factory in the tartan. "This is just the kind of stunt we are asking people to come up with to raise Light Relief’s profile and to enhance the value of the

Pavarotti & Friends
Saturday, 2 June 2001

Luciano Pavarotti recently returned to his home town of Modena, to host the annual open-air Pavarotti & Friends charity concert, with funds this year going to alleviate the plight of Afghan children.

The event was held, as always, in front of a packed crowd and transmitted live by Italian state broadcaster RAI’s channel 1. Daniele Tramontani is in charge of sound for the star-studded show. "Initially, it seemed a live recording wasn’t going to be done, but the organizers decided to put together a well appointed studio in a container backstage, so as well as supervising the FOH system, I was also responsible for the realization of the recording and broadcast mixing set-up - in short, everything apart from monitors!"

Sound engineer Stefano De Maio mixed FOH, with a 72-channel Cadac M-type master desk, a Midas XL3 for the orchestra, and a Heritage 1000 for guest musicians. The audio contractor for the event was Agorà of L’Aquila, and FOH comprised 16 + 16 V-Dosc plus 16 + 16 Meyer Sound 650 subs, plus three delay towers and UPA/MSL4 systems on front-fill - Tramontani once again swore by his trusty SIM II,, which is "indispensable for setting the rig’s components." Monitor engineer Stefano Martinovic helmed two DDA QII, two Innovason Sentury and an A&H 5000 to mix the orchestra’s bug mikes.

Backstage, Mackie’s Sandro Chinellato watched over nine of the firm’s HDR 24/96 hard disk recording units, brought in to immortalize this unique event, at which ‘friends’ duetting with Pavarotti included Deep Pu

Music Live Joins JHS Golf Day
Friday, 1 June 2001

Music Live, organised by Mammoth Events, has become the joint sponsor of the JHS Corporate Golf Day. This annual event has been held for over 20 years at Garforth Golf Club, Leeds, in early June, and playing guests from the distribution, manufacturing and retail sectors of the music trade make up the major attendees. Music Live is the largest consumer show of musical instruments and allied equipment, and is open to the public at the NEC Birmingham, 2nd-4th November, 2001.

Any industry trade person with an official golf handicap, wishing to be considered for inclusion on next year's invitation list, is asked to contact Anne Thornton at John Hornby Skewes & Co on + 44 (0)113 286 5381.

Performance 2001
Friday, 1 June 2001

Performance Exhibitions Ltd has announced the launch of Performance 2001 - an exhibition including conferences, seminars and workshops aimed at the live performance industry. To be staged at the Newcastle Telewest Arena on 17-18 November 2001, the exhibition will bring together manufacturers, venues, producers and promoters, plus a complete range of associated services. Colin Rowell, director of ShowBlokes, whose vast portfolio includes production stage manager of The Tube, stage director for the MTV Awards and stage manager for the Brit Awards, recently returned to the North East, and is involved in live events in the area. He says: "I feel that this exhibition will offer companies a platform for exhibiting to a large audience. It will put the North East on the exhibition circuit where it belongs for this important segment of the industry." Over 1500sq.m of exhibition space will house exhibitors displaying the latest in lighting and sound equipment, staging, studio technology, special effects, transport, catering and support services.

Walk the Plank: Hot Footing
Friday, 1 June 2001

This month, pyrotechnics specialist, Walk The Plank, are going from one extreme to the other. On 10th June they will bring the 600-year old Newark Castle to life as part of the Newark on Water Festival, and then hot-foot it to Singapore for their first international commission - three performances of the spectacular Tower of Light show as part of the Singapore Arts Festival, 22-24 June. The two shows are typical examples of the breadth of Walk The Plank's work. After their successful participation at the Newark on Water Festival last year, they have been asked to animate Newark Castle's impressive facade. This year, they will be using powerful Xenon projection equipment (the biggest in the country) and huge 25m fabric drops, as well as fireworks, lighting and music.

Singapore’s Tower of Light is a set-piece using performers, lighting, music, fireworks and special effects, based around a 15m steel ‘lighthouse’. The show has been seen at Arts Festivals across the country, but this is the first time Walk The Plank's talents have been taken aboard. A team of 10 will be leaving Manchester on 16th June. Most of the materials, including 14 tons of steel and all hazardous substances, have been shipped over. As well as three public shows, Walk The Plank will run a full dress rehearsal in front of the Singapore Army and Police Force.

Dobson Goes UndergroundDobson Goes Underground
Friday, 1 June 2001

Canary Wharf underground station was transformed for large-scale reception for transport industry professionals on the 23rd of May, with Dobson Sound Productions brought in by Fisher Productions to provide the live sound requirements for the event. Following the International Public Transport Conference (UITP) at Earls Court, some 2000 delegates from around the world were invited to Canary Wharf station to observe a showcase example of an underground station. The station, designed by Fosters & Partners, remained open to the public during the entire day, which meant stringent observation of health & safety requirements during the build of the event so as not to endanger the public at any time.

The system, designed by Dobson director David Lewis, consisted of some 40 speakers arranged across the East Ticket Hall level of the station, and the Mezzanine above. The original concept was for a system of 20 delayed d&b C6 speakers to the Ticket Hall, with d&b 12 E3s used as in-fills, and an additional 8 delayed d&b E9 speakers placed on the Mezzanine Level. The system was operated by Dave Guerin, with Richard ‘Basil’ Ferneley acting as system engineer, although as it turned out, it was not at all the system on the original plans - David Lewis explains further: "Whilst we had a fully designed system that we intended to use for the event, further health and safety implications required a total re-design of the system once we were on site. But I suppose it was all part of the challenge of working in an environment that remained a fully-functional station for the pub

Wharfedale Professional at PALA 2001
Thursday, 31 May 2001

At this year’s PALA Show in Singapore, Wharfedale Professional products will be exhibited on the stand of their distributor in Singapore, City Music. City Music will be showing a combination of already established loudspeakers and electronics, as well as several new products that have been developed since the Pro Light and Sound in Frankfurt earlier this year. Wharfedale Professional has been working for some time on a range of plastic enclosures to complement the already successful wooden enclosure ranges available. The results of this project can be seen at PALA in the form of the new LA Series. The LA Series offers four models at present; a 15" two-way full-range cabinet and a 15" sub as well as a powered version of both. The cabinet itself has flying points as well as an integral pole mount. As well as moving in different directions with the loudspeakers, Wharfedale Professional has also been concentrating on extending the range of electronics offered. New to the product portfolio is a range of effects in the shape of the Procomp, Ezverb and Proverb as well as a new range of amplifiers - the MAX Series. City Music can be found on stand number G23.

Universal Lighting Becomes High End Reseller
Thursday, 31 May 2001

Universal Lighting & Audio Pty Ltd, with offices in Queensland and Melbourne, Australia, is now the exclusive authorized reseller of High End Systems automated lighting products as well as the Flying Pig Systems' Wholehog II console in Australia. Melbourne-based Bytecraft will continue as a special projects production partner for High End Systems. Both Bytecraft and Universal will provide technical and spare parts support of High End Systems’ equipment in the marketplace.

Swedish FA Installs First LED Screens
Wednesday, 30 May 2001

The implementation has begun in Sweden of a major project featuring LED screens at Swedish Football League matches. Massteknik, one of Scandinavia’s leading corporate and live event production rental companies, has installed one permanent Lighthouse LVP25 (25mm pixel pitch) screen at the Swedish National Football Arena at Rasunda in Stockholm. Two Lighthouse mobile screens and three from other manufacturers will move around between various arenas in the Swedish Football League. Massteknik’s Kenneth Paterson said: "This is a very big contract for us with a total of 546 games in three years. There are seven games a week within the league, but no more than four mobile screens are required on any one day. Local OB companies are contracted to produce the footage, which is used both for the TV broadcast and our screens, and the goals and highlights of each match are transmitted back and forth between arenas."

Fuzion With Terry Tew
Wednesday, 30 May 2001

Fuzion has recently supplied Terry Tew Sound and Light with 18 Nexo PS-8 loudspeakers and a further eight PS-15s, complete with the requisite controllers to add to their hire stock in order to keep pace with the increasing amount of TV work on their books. The PS-15 purchase now brings Terry Tew's total stock count of PS-15s up to around 50 cabinets. The latest show for which the PS-8s were purchased specifically is Slap Bang, the new Saturday night prime time entertainment show on LWT with Ant and Dec featuring celebrity guests, music, competitions and comic sketches. As well as Slap Bang, Terry Tew Sound and Light continues to supply SM:TV and CD-UK with Nexo sound systems for all of their audio requirements.

On Slap Bang, eight PS-8s have been flown in custom cradles in four separate two-way clusters for audience infill while a further six are located on the floor for speech reinforcement and cueing purposes. The remaining four PS-8s have gone onto SM:TV and CD-UK for additional speech coverage for the audience. Slap Bang also uses a number of PS-15 monitors for the music items, with Toploader being the latest stars to put them through their paces.

EV Party in Mexico City
Wednesday, 30 May 2001

On April 3rd, Electro-Voice hosted a highly successful dealer seminar in the World Trade Center in Mexico City. Over 600 consumers, dealers and distributors took part in the event which was held to demonstrate both the breadth and power of the existing EV range as well as to introduce new products. Delegates were given the opportunity increase their technical expertise as David Webster, Franck Fabry, Jay Easley, Joel P. Johnson, Ramiro Colasurdo and Enrique Lask were all on hand to give detailed demonstrations of some of the most important new products. Once the seminar was over, the party began, with a live band powered by an EV X-Array rig. Afterwards, in the VIP area, the festivities continued long into the night. The verdict from the Mexican EV crew was that the event was a huge success, and further dealer seminars and a training programme are planned for the near future.

DHA Lighting the Forest
Wednesday, 30 May 2001

In the National Forest's permanent Millennium Discovery Centre exhibition, DHA's innovative lighting products are being used to project various tree patterns to represent the four seasons. Three DHA Gecko image projectors beam a rippling gobo pattern, whilst CCT Helio profile spotlights use DHA animation units set at different speeds to create effects such as a windy autumn day and more gentle summer breezes. Located within Conkers park in Moira, near Ashby de la Zouch, the Discovery Centre was opened in April by Princess Anne and provides a unique hands-on interactive nature experience for everyone, demonstrating the growth of new woodlands and animal habitats. On the site of an old mine, the Conkers logo has been created using a collection of children's hand imprints and is projected through a DHA gobo, or lighting template, by a 150W discharge Helios profile, from a new range of environmentally friendly energy saving products from CCT Lighting.

Yorkshire Audio With Shed 7Yorkshire Audio With Shed 7
Wednesday, 30 May 2001

Shed 7 are the first of Yorkshire Audio’s clients to benefit from the Midas Heritage 1000. Bought from the Leeds branch of LMC Audio Systems, Yorkshire Audio seized the opportunity to front their EAW KF850 system with the flagship console. Yorkshire Audio proprietor Bob Collinson explains his decision: "Midas was the brand on virtually every gig-review; the compact H1000 is practical for the medium-sized touring venues but has the desired Heritage sound to front the largest gigs." The UK tour has been a sell-out return for Shed 7 before releasing their long-awaited album this autumn. Originating from York, Shed 7’s last gig of the tour was appropriately in Yorkshire at The Foundry, Sheffield Hallam University.

New Logo for Light Relief
Tuesday, 29 May 2001

At the recent Showlight 2001 conference in Edinburgh, the new logo for the Light Relief benevolent fund was launched by Tony Gottelier and Rick Fisher. Light Relief is the industry-sponsored benevolent fund, supported by PLASA and the ALD, to assist people in the industry when they are affected by catastrophic personal events. "The lot of the freelancer is not always a happy one, just look at the state of Rick!" joked Gottelier, pointing at ALD chairman and lighting designer, Rick Fisher. The duo were attending the Showlight reception, sponsored by Fourth Phase, on the serious matter of launching the newly-designed Light Relief logo and its attendant leaflet, and to raise the profile of the industry’s benevolent fund. "Actually, it’s no laughing matter," Gottelier went on: "We all know that not all lighting designers are as successful as a Rick Fisher or a David Hersey or even a John Watt, and often they do not have the protection to shield them from life’s catastrophes which will happen to most of us at one time or another."

Rick Fisher told his audience: "There have been many cases recently that you will have read of in the professional press of some pretty ghastly examples of the kind of tragedies that can befall people. Light Relief sets out to bring some comfort to those in our business when they find themselves in such circumstances." The new logo reflects the aspirations of the fund by illustrating an image of letting in some sunshine, with the Light Relief name focused below.

Tony Gottelier then stated th


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