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Sticky Situation for Fourth PhaseSticky Situation for Fourth Phase
Tuesday, 31 July 2001

It was free, it was ethereal and it used a hell of a lot of sticky tape. Born out of a burnt-out church in Stockton at the Riverside Festival in 1998, developed further for Glasgow's Year of Architecture and Design in 1999, the outdoor event that is Sticky most recently appeared as the culminating event to the Croydon Summer Festival on July 21. The show, which requires, amongst other things, a mobile crane, opened with performers pulling and twisting roll after roll of 2" wide clear sticky tape (3M's the best so far) out of the shadows, forming a web of tape. High above the performance area, a winged figure fluttered, faltered, then fell into a spidery limbed, translucent carcass. Over the next hour, with the help of some stunning lighting and fireworks, the shimmering mass transformed into a tower of filigree pinnacles, a clock - complete with flaming pendulum - and finally a machine of Metropolis proportions. And all made out of sticky tape!

Lighting designer Phil Supple has lit all the productions of Sticky which, he says, just keep growing. "The principal difficulty is that I never get to see it beforehand. There's no rehearsal - I have to focus and programme the show before the tower has emerged. At Croydon the weather the night before was so bad that I did the programming in my car!" For the Croydon show, the lighting rig was supplied by Fourth Phase, which incorporates what was Midnight Design, a company Phil has worked with many times over the years. "The lighting equipment has got to be weather-proof, which is why I use Studio Due outdoor flo

Versatility at the SiDD Academy
Tuesday, 31 July 2001

GPA Hire's XTA SiDD processors demonstrated their versatility at a number of consecutive Brixton Academy shows serviced by the company during the summer. The shows incldued dance/DJ events, as well as live performances by Outcasts and Basement Jaxx. "We first used SiDD on the Leftfield tour last year," says GPA's Chris Hinds. "We had six units on those shows and have since added another six." The one-off Basement Jaxx show was the first time that the band's sound engineer Shan Hyra had used SiDD. "I believe you have to give new equipment a try, so I was very keen to get my hands on a SiDD unit," he says. "And I wasn't disappointed. As it was a one-off show, I didn't get chance to really 'get into' it, but I can see a lot of potential for it. I'd really like to take one on tour to properly get to the guts of it."

For the Academy shows, GPA ran the units across the vocal channels, as well as the main left/right PA. In the latter case, the frequency-conscious compression was used to good effect on the low end, a key requirement for the dance sector. "Compression on bass frequencies sounds good, but there's nothing worse than listening to a compressor working hard," says Chris Hinds. "With the frequency-conscious compression of SiDD, you can bring more life to the low end, but it doesn't 'pump' on the high end."

This fact isn't lost on Shan Hyra, who describes said: " I will certainly be getting in touch with XTA to have a more in-depth look at the SiDD processor."

Standards: We Need Your Input
Tuesday, 31 July 2001

PLASA’s Standards Office is appealing for help from the industry. The office is currently reviewing a number of standards-related issues and would value feedback and input from the industry in general, but PLASA Members in particular. Current topics under review include the Event Stewarding Standard - a new British Standard is to be written; EN 55103 - the EMC standard for audio, video and lighting control systems is under revision; EN 60598-2-17 - the electrical safety standard for stage and studio luminaries is to be revised. Also being reviewed at the moment is the Draft Revised EMC Directive - the European Commission's proposed revision and the ESTA Power Cabling Survey - which examines the usage of single conductor feeder cables. If you have an interest in any of these issues, please e-mail Tim Cox at the PLASA Standards Office on

Ampekko to Distribute SLS in UK
Monday, 30 July 2001

West London based Ampekko have recently won the sole UK distribution for American loudspeaker manufacturer SLS and will display a selection of their expansive range on stand no S4, at PLASA 2001 in London’s Earls Court. The range from SLS offers huge potential and complements Ampekko¹s existing portfolio comprised of WHD and Commax pro audio equipment. Since the early 1970s, SLS Industries has been designing and manufacturing some of the most innovative hand-crafted loudspeaker systems in the industry. Suitable for a variety of applications from studios, to installations and live productions, the range has been engineered to the highest level of sonic excellence. Pat Bradley, head of Ampekko’s product sales, explained: "The SLS range has enormous potential. Its outstanding clarity and quality designs are combined with its unique Ribbon Driver Technology to make this range quite exceptional and I¹m looking forward to expanding its market share into integrated systems designs across the UK."

John Gott, president of SLS, commented: "We have been looking for a working partner in the UK and are really pleased to have awarded Ampekko our UK distribution. Finally after years of perfecting our two-way and three-way loudspeaker designs, we offer a professional line of enclosures which produce the necessary clarity for speech reproduction and deliver the musical detail of live performance or digital recordings that must be heard to be believed!"

On display at PLASA 2001, Ampekko will showcase the S8R two-way system, a near-field studio monitor. A

Cadac R-Type Picnics in Hyde Park
Monday, 30 July 2001

The first ever Cadac R-Type lightweight touring console to perform in the UK featured on the Picnic with Pavarotti concert, staged in Hyde Park, London, on 14th July. Sound Engineering Director for the event was John Pellowe, who handles all technical aspects of the Pavarotti and Three Tenors concerts, together with Alexander ‘Thorny’ Yuill-Thornton II, who handles the sound system design and system optimisation. Audio equipment for the concert was supplied by Sound Hire.

The R-Type uses Cadac's unique ‘plug-anywhere’ modules for fast installation. Contained within a easily re-configurable package, it provides comprehensive facilities for both FOH and monitor mixing, and features a new lightweight monocoque design and a slimmer module width. The desk continued its Hyde Park theme with Route of Kings which ran from 20-29th July, and featured Lord of the Dance, Andrea Bocelli, Status Quo and the Beach Boys, Tom Jones, and closed with two performances by Sting. The audio equipment was supplied by Britannia Row with the R-Type being used as the house mixer under the supervision of John Gibbon.

Vertigo at PorcelanosaVertigo at Porcelanosa
Friday, 27 July 2001

Vertigo Rigging has completed a demanding project at the fantastic new high-tech factory of premier Spanish tile company Porcelanosa. Porcelanosa is renowned throughout Spain as a manufacturer of the most stylish, top quality natural stone products. Vertigo were brought in as rigging consultants by Fisher Productions, who produced a special celebration dinner event in the factory space - marking the acquisition of the new building. The creative brief was to transform the factory from its everyday working state to a comfortable, stimulating, chic and slightly magical environment for the occasion . . . which was attended by dignitaries and VIPS.

Sets and environments were designed by Johnny Roxborough, and for Fisher Productions by Nigel Prabhavalkar. This involved large areas of the factory being draped off to create new and interesting spaces, with Vertigo supplying the rigging infrastructure needed to support the draped materials. In the reception area, where guests entered the factory, Vertigo assembled and flew an octagonal trussing mother grid to support the various metalwork, wood and pieces of carpentry that formed the temporary walls. When complete, it resembled a 25m diameter circle, fully draped around the perimeter with a scalloped-style material wall and a stretched ceiling. Directly above the tiered band platform in the middle, Vertigo flew an 8m circular lighting truss.

The dining area proved a more galvanising rigging equation. The 400 guests were seated at one 155m long dining table. Vertigo built a 155m long by 5.5m wide box truss to run above the table,

Pavarotti Parties in the Park
Friday, 27 July 2001

On Saturday 14 July, London’s Hyde Park once again played host to the legendary Luciano Pavarotti for his ‘Picnic in the Park’, produced by Solo. He was joined by guest stars Vanessa Mae, Russell Watson and Charlotte Church and sang to an 80,000-strong audience. The event, backed by Safeway, was set to raise £1 million for charity. Three Lighthouse screens augmented the main stage screens, providing downfield video reinforcement. All the screens were provided by Screenco, in conjunction with French audio visual company Lumison. The central delay screen comprised 5 x 5 panels of Lighthouse LVP20 20mm pixel pitch modules with video delay provided by Screenco, with two further Lighthouse delay screens left and right using processors provided by Lumison and overseen by Lumison’s chief technician, Pierre Heyligen. The left and right stage screens were Screenco 15mm LEDs - showing images provided by Black Pig.

Screenco project manager Giles Conte, commented: "Screenco has always been associated with the highest quality images and the team were very impressed with the Lighthouse product." Lighthouse’s Graham Burgess added: "We were proud to be associated with this event and Screenco’s contribution to it, and happy that it raised £1 million for charity."

ABTT Council AppointmentsABTT Council Appointments
Friday, 27 July 2001

Blackout Triple E's David Edelstein (pictured left) and ETC's Mark White (right) were appointed to the ABTT Council at the AGM held in June at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, in conjunction with a visit to the theatre to look at the new technical installations. The Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT) is run by a Council of 11 volunteers and for the next two years David Edelstein, joint Managing Director, Blackout Triple E, will serve as Chairman and Mark White, ETC Sales Manager for UK and Ireland, will act as Honorary Secretary.

After studying engineering and training in stage management at LAMDA, David Edelstein began his career working in repertory theatre, moving to the National Theatre in stage and then production management from its opening in 1976. David founded Triple E Ltd in 1983 and has since designed and developed a number of innovative, award-winning products for the stage, which are now used on a global basis and accepted as entertainment industry standards. Having joined the ABTT Council in 1998, David aims to contemporise the image and widen the appeal of the Association during his Chairmanship, thus encouraging younger members and promoting new technology.

Until the end of 2000, Mark White was a member of the team of theatre consultants at the Royal Opera House and in October 2000 joined ETC as a Sales Manager. Having worked in the theatre industry since 1985, Mark's career has included the development of bespoke lighting and control equipment for well-known shows including Cats and Phantom of the Opera. He has also designed lighting and e

AC Lighting Inc Launches Product Workshops
Friday, 27 July 2001

AC Lighting Inc has been running a series of product workshops in several cities across the US. At Impact Lighting in San Francisco, three days of workshops were held on the grandMA console from MA Lighting, giving both Impact staff and local Union members a greater understanding of the state-of-the-art console as well as a sneak preview of the new V2.6 software. The workshops utilized Impact's own two grandMA light consoles as well as an other grandMA Light and a full blown grandMA provided by AC Lighting.

In Huntsville, Alabama, Theatrical Lighting Services played host to a mixture of demonstrations and training sessions on the Fat Frog from Zero 88 and the grandMA. A wide range of current users and potential future users from local churches and theatres as well TLS's own staff made for a busy and varied series of sessions. Bandit Lites in Nashville held a two-day interactive workshop on the grandMA, the Chroma-Q scroller range, the Pacific fixture from Selecon and the Fat Frog console from Zero 88.

Graham Eales of Zero 88 has been accompanying Mike Falconer of AC Lighting Inc for the workshops in Huntsville and Nashville to gauge for himself the hugely positive response to the Fat Frog console which the company reports has been selling out as soon as they have been arriving in the country. Since April, AC Lighting have held interactive workshops in Chicago, Nashville, Huntsville, San Francisco and Dallas. Further workshops are planned at several dealers through out the summer. If you would like hold a workshop at your premises contact AC Lighting for details.

New German Dealer for DHA Lighting
Friday, 27 July 2001

As DHA's dealer base flourishes throughout Europe in line with company success, it has recently selected the Munich-based international company Dedo Weigert Film GmbH to become its newest stockist in Germany. DHA's second German dealer to be appointed in recent months, Dedo Weigert will distribute both catalogue and custom gobos. A specialist company dedicated to the film and TV, photography, architectural and display markets, Dedo Weigert already supplies lighting systems to a vast network of lighting professionals and holds a large range of luminaries and accessories, including DHA gobos. Dedo Weigert will be looking to share in the successes that the other European stockists have been enjoying of late, having received many enquiries since issuing the latest DHA catalogue.

The appointment of DHA's new German dealers complements the company's long-standing relationship with Lightpower, which as Rosco's German dealer continues to distribute DHA gobos in Germany.

Flying High at Paris Air Show
Thursday, 26 July 2001

A major collaboration between companies within the Avesco Group has resulted in large stocks of leading-edge equipment from their respective inventories being shipped to Le Bourget Airport for the Paris Air Show. The newly-created Creative Technology London - set up specifically to provide trade show AV and IT solutions - had a presence on 10 stands and chalets after being contracted by exhibition production company, Photobition Ltd.

CT Hire Manager, Matthew Hunter, explained: "Having gauged the basic specifications and requirements from their clients, Photobition passed this information onto us, and we worked it into the most cost-effective way to apply the technology." For the first time they fielded the new 24in Samsung widescreen LCD screen. "Essentially it was being driven by an aviation-specific piece of software on the Motorola stand, and being video and data oriented, allowed it to behave totally unlike the conventional flat screens." The particular piece of software utilizes data and video display in side-by-side picture-by-picture or picture-in-picture options on the one panel. The Samsung TFT screens were used in the Motorola display and for the US Dept of Defence, while CT-London in turn called on the resources of CT’s head office in Wandsworth to service the Aviation World’s Fair, for whom they installed a videowall. "In all, we used plasma, LCD and videowall displays," remarked Hunter. "So there was plenty of technology on view."

Plasma screens manifested themselves in the form of the Sony 42in PFM-42B1E

James Thomas Builds 3D Stage
Thursday, 26 July 2001

James Thomas Engineering has completed the design-and-build of an ambitious new concert stage for Leeds-based production and rental facility 3D Productions. The stylish, streamlined structure, based on a series of four arches, was designed, engineered and project-managed by James Thomas’s Paul Young who worked in conjunction with JTE’s regular structural engineers The Broadhurst Partnership.

The four arches form bays 4.8 metres apart and are built from standard 52 cm Thomas SuperTruss - eight pieces per arch - which fit at the base onto an integral stage decking system giving a full area 19.2 metres wide and 16.8 metres deep, complete with thrust plinth along the downstage edge. Headroom is an impressive 10 metres at the apex of the arches. The front edge of the stage also features an elegant cantilevered ‘eyebrow’ protruding five metres over the thrust at the top-of-the-roof elevation, tapering to a flush-fit against on the downstage arch at floor level. This serves the dual role of water and weather protection, and imbibing the structure a rounded, finished appearance.

Each arch can take a sturdy 2000kg load - giving a SWL of 8 tonnes across the entire roof structure - which works at windspeeds of up to 25 metres per second. Fully rated lighting flying points are also integral to the stage, so visiting productions can easily be accommodated, just as if it was a permanent venue.

3D productions wanted a good-looking, flexible and versatile modular staging system with the option of having a 50 or 60 ft width stage in a variety of different dept

Roger Sanchez With Pioneer at PLASA 2001
Thursday, 26 July 2001

Pioneer GB Ltd will once again be exhibiting the Pro DJ range at this year’s PLASA 2001, Stand D40. As well as live appearances from top DJ’s including Roger Sanchez (Sunday 9 September), there will be competitions to win Pioneer Pro DJ equipment and signed copies of Roger Sanchez’ number 1 hit single ‘Another Chance’. There will also be the chance to try out Pioneer’s latest creation; the new CDJ-1000 Digital Deck, the world’s only CD turntable capable of True Vinyl Emulation. In addition to a celebrity DJ line up, with the chance to see and hear some of the best DJ talent around today, Pioneer will have some exciting news . . .

Pioneer can be found on Stand D40.

Paradigm is Model for LifeParadigm is Model for Life
Thursday, 26 July 2001

When Luminar Leisure CEO, Stephen Thomas, contacted consultant and solution provider Ivor Green with the brief to help him use available technology to differentiate his company from its competition, he quickly produced an audio-visual blueprint that would be future-proof. Luminar’s successful brand models, reflected in the company’s current share price, is no better encapsulated than in the evolving concept of Life, their year-old bar, restaurant and dance concept, which began life in Cardiff. Ivor Green has developed a long relationship with the Luton-based company during its growth cycle and now - as Ivor Green & Associates - he is specifying dnp’s leading-edge rear-projection new wide angle optical rear projection screens, distributed in the UK by Paradigm Audio Visual, as the way forward.

This month, using a unique rig that cuts down installation space, two 6ft screens were sited at Life in Romford and a further three at Life, Taunton - run in conjunction with Sony VPL-PX31 projectors - thus keeping the company right in the fast track of technology. Ivor Green has been a devotee of dnp New Wide Angle since installing five 8ft screens side by side in Manchester’s Printworks. He says that while the buildings earmarked for conversion to Life may be extremely different there is now a minimum requirement for two dnp New Wide Angle Screens as standard.

The use of the dnp rearpro screens is about setting specific moods, by displaying high-res images in order to give the room a theme. This can include people, music video and even rugby matches. In Ro

Lift Off With iLight
Thursday, 26 July 2001

Sam Neuman was the lucky winner of a hot air balloon trip in the iLight interactive iWish website competition. Lighting control specialist iLight created the competition as part of their launch campaign and invited visitors to the site to compile a wish list for their ideal lighting control system. Neuman is a lighting designer with design agency Imagination, and works on a broad range of projects in the commercial, leisure and retail sectors. Our picture shows him receiving his ticket from iLight’s business and development director Merlin Milner (left) and sales director Ashley Goddard (centre).

Ground Zero Opens Office in Berlin
Wednesday, 25 July 2001

This month, Ground Zero BV, the Dutch system integrator and show-control specialist has opened a branch office in Germany. Show-control specialist Franziskus Scharpff will represent Ground Zero Berlin. Scharpff has over 15 years experience as a lighting technician and operator. He travelled the world with various artists and has programmed more than 200 moving lights on his Whole Hog console for numerous live TV Shows and the Gold-Medal-Lightshows. But his key interest is show control systems and the network environment. At the Hannover World Expo 2000 he programmed the show control for the Planet-M pavilion (Bertelsman), Planet of Visions pavilion (IBM) and the Mediaversum pavilion (Siemens).

"I’m very pleased with this opportunity to build Ground Zero Berlin to be as successful as I expect it to be," says Franziskus during one of the first formation meetings with Rutger van Dijk and Sierk Janszen at Showtech 2001.

Putting the Wow! Into Your Production
Wednesday, 25 July 2001

The PLASA Show, London’s leading entertainment technology event, represents far more than just an arena from which to see the latest developments and innovations within the entertainment technology industry. It also offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about how to use this technology to best effect through its Masterclass Programme. This year, the Masterclass Programme, which runs from the Monday to the Wednesday, will focus on the fields of special effects, architectural installations and audio and corporate presentations and will include an impressive line-up of speakers, all of whom are experts in their specific fields.

Tuesday 11th September 2001, Theme and Leisure Day of the Masterclass Programme is a ‘must’ for visitors interested in learning how, through imaginative design and intelligent production techniques, special effects can be utilised in live entertainment to have maximum effect on the audience. There will be three presentations during the course of the day dealing with different aspects of this vibrant sector.

PLASA welcomes American WOW!Works chief effects artist, Tylor Wymer, an industry leader in pyrotechnics and special effects engineering and the former special effects design director for Walt Disney Entertainment, who will host an exciting session called, ‘Special Effects Ignite The Senses - Putting the Wow! Into Your Productions’. Highlights will include a fun and interactive overview by Mr Wymer in the areas of pyrotechnics, confetti, fog/haze, snow/wind/rain and the new trends in scent technology.

Mr W

LETI Clears Lifting Regulation Minefield
Wednesday, 25 July 2001

LGH Group has amalgamated its Customer Training operation with its Lifting Equipment Training Institute (LETI). Working across all industries, the Institute aims to promote the cause of safe lifting in the workplace. The institute has found that most companies are aware of the new LOLER and PUWER legislation, yet struggle to answer how they are complying with the new regulations.

LETI is seeking to help bridge this gap and is keen to offer help to companies to ensure their compliance with the legislation. A large part of this initiative is the provision of Lifting Operation Audits. These will serve to provide managers with a complete report, detailing all the measures the company would need to undertake to assure themselves they are compliant with the new regulations and lifting operations. In addition, LETI is also offering comprehensive training to companies in all industries in the safe use of lifting equipment and operations. LETI can provide CITB approved courses and EMTA/NVQ training and assessment, in addition to a full range of standard and customized courses for every lifting operation.

LETI will manage a database of all course attendees and will assist companies in managing their training needs and records through a process of annual reviews, reminders and refresher courses. All delegates trained through LETI will be issued with ID cards, plus a certificate as proof of training.

Essential Increases Studio Beam Stocks
Wednesday, 25 July 2001

Essential Lighting Group have increased their stock of the increasingly popular Studio Beam PCs. These automated luminaires feature high-output colour mixing, intense beam shaping and a large zoom range in a compact housing. The Studio Beam employs a special pebble convex lens to produce a variable soft-edge beam without light spill and is ideal for creating strong aerial effects and long throw highlighting.

Essential's Martin Locket and Simon Dunnell used Studio Beam extensively in the recent election rally tour. Working closely with set designer Spike Kilburn, they planned and designed a system using cyclorama behind interlocking translucent panels that would be workable in a wide variety of different venues.

MAC 300 washlights were also chosen to uplight the Cyclorama and provide a number of different looks and effects to the presentations. A box structure of Slick Minibeam truss was used to provide lighting positions around the stage area and was either flown or ground supported. Martin Lubach, in charge of dry hire, regards Studio Beam as an excellentaddition to the range, along with the Space Cannon Searchlights specified by Rainmaker to light Fat Boy Slim in Brighton recently. Because Essential forms part of a distribution network with European lighting supplier Procon, they can access such items quickly and in large numbers if required.

Entech 2002
Wednesday, 25 July 2001

The organisers of Entech 2002 have released preliminary details relating to next year’s event, which takes place from February 4-6 at Darling Harbour in Sydney. The visitor programme includes keynote summits for audio, vision and lighting practitioners on 4 February. The summits will cap the opening day’s educational programme set to feature new format seminars held in the lecture facilities within the Sydney Exhibition and Convention Center. Day One features a Venue Design Forum, an afternoon session with leading lighting designers, two pro audio seminars and a vision/video seminar.

Additional events on Day One include a rigging workshop, an opening day reception on the rooftop at closing time and Mark Cunningham’s famous pop quiz at sundown. A complete programme of events, including the sixth and largest Entech Awards Dinner, will be released ahead of an extensive visitor campaign starting in October.

HFM Lighting Becomes VL Rental Associate
Wednesday, 25 July 2001

West London-based HFM Lighting, a specialist in the design and supply of integrated lighting systems, has become a Vari-Lite UK Rental Associate and has augmented its inventory by adding eight new Vari*Lite VL2402 wash luminaires which it has supplied for Gatecrasher 2001. Colin Booker, Vari-Lite Europe’s regional sales manager, commented: "We are thrilled that HFM Lighting has become one of our rental associates, and they have decided to choose this exciting product which is now available for their clients."

Specified by LD Simon Barrington, and supplied by HFM, eight VL2402s were incorporated into his designs for the Radio 1 stage at Gatecrasher's 2001 dance festival at Turweston Aerodrome last month. The impressive pyramid-shaped Outdoor Live stage hosted key acts such as Craig David and international DJ's, Seb Fontaine and Judge Jules. Drawing from HFM's extensive inventory, and to complement the VL2402s, another 12 intelligent luminaires were specified by Barrington for the Radio 1 Stage. A variety of lamp bars were attached to the pyramid-shaped stage truss and two Studio Due City Colours were employed to brand and illuminate the PA scrim. The Radio 1 Stage was controlled by an Avolites Azure desk allowing for immediate access was operated by HFM's Peter Maclean.

HFM's MD, Hugh Frazer-Mann further explained: "We are very happy with the new VL2402 wash luminaires. It’s an extremely versatile and innovative wash luminaire offering high performance and quality neither of which are compromised by its compact size and we're looking forward to

UK Light Jockey 2001 Final
Wednesday, 25 July 2001

On Tuesday 17 July, the world famous Ministry of Sound played host to the Final of the DI UK Light Jockey Contest, sponsored by Clay Paky and Pulsar. Battling it out in front of the judges were Simon Elliott, Chris Penney, Richard Whiteley and Rob Calvert. Simon Elliott emerged as the new UK Light Jockey Champion, with Chris Penney and Richard Whiteley being awarded a silver and bronze medal respectively.

The difficult task of judging the final was given to DI’s Paul Fowler, Ministry of Sound’s Lorenzo Meddi, lighting designer Carl Dodds and current World Light Jockey Champion Chris Shead. Each contestant had to program a five minute lightshow to a piece of music of their choice. The standards were very high throughout, with originality and creativity making each lightshow unique in its own right. As part of his prize package Elliott also won a customised gold plated Masterpiece and an all-expenses paid trip to Italy.

A-T in the Big Brother House
Wednesday, 25 July 2001

Channel Four’s Big Brother phenomenon is once again captivating the nation, with Audio-Technica microphones ensuring that none of the housemates can escape the attentions of the watching and listening public.

Television facilities company Roll to Record once again secured the contract to provide the complete technical installation for the Big Brother house's all-important audio-visual set up, with the task of specifying audio equipment going to chief sound engineer Oliver France. A freelance engineer who also worked on the earlier series with Roll to Record, France began to assemble the audio equipment as early as February, and was pleasantly surprised when it came to organizing microphones for project. "I was looking around to see what was available, and I wandered on to the Audio-Technica website. I was really surprised by the size of the range and identified a number of products which, from their specifications seemed absolutely ideal."

In fact, so impressed was France that he proceeded to specify Audio-Technica products to occupy every one of the 40 hard-wired microphone positions in the Big Brother House. A total of 23 AT933RXC suspension microphones hang from the ceilings, including the vital positions over the housemates beds. AT4073a shotgun microphones are hidden throughout the garden to cover the sound of the hot tub area and the all-important chicken pen, and a custom-built AT871RWR water resistant boundary microphone is placed above the shower cubicle to capture those steamier moments. The diary room and the voice of Big Brother are also ta

Fisher Productions Relocates
Tuesday, 24 July 2001

Fisher Productions has completed its move to new offices. "The new building is far more spacious than our previous office - as our staff numbers continue to grow, we really needed a place with room for expansion," says Fisher marketer Gemma Courtenay. More staff, bigger projects, a developing in-house lighting and staging department and storage of a variety of props had resulted in Fisher outgrowing its last premises. The 40,000sq.ft area, with warehouse and offices above, presented the company with the ideal solution. With a location that is convenient for both central London and international travel, all that was needed to complete the package was an internal refurbishment to include bright, modern office space with multiple meeting areas and state-of-the-art features.

Projects coordinated from the new premises have ranged from South African Airways Product Launch, the Relaunch of Hong Kong for the HK Economic and Trade Office, a party for 300 guests at Highgrove and the Virt-x Launch Traders Party, which involved a live satellite link with Zurich.

Fisher can now be contacted at 118 Garratt Lane, London, SW18 4DJ.


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