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Utopium Lights Up Pearl Harbour
Monday, 2 July 2001

Utopium Lighting designed and provided all of the lighting for the spectacular London launch party for Hollywood’s latest blockbuster, Pearl Harbour. Utopium’s team worked 16-hour shifts through the scorching bank holiday weekend at their Bristol offices preparing equipment prior to installation on a tight time-frame at the University of London Senate House. Over 240 lights were installed in little over eight hours into six themed areas and two reception areas, under the direction of the company’s MD Colin Bodenham who designed the whole show.

The building’s façade was spectacularly lit with lighting and custom projection of the Stars & Stripes theme, whilst the skyline was pierced by two authentic Second World War searchlights. Inside, art deco silk flames in each of the alcoves hid an assortment of lights washing the room in red, white and blue, with an array of ever-changing star spangled banners projected onto the ceiling, setting the theme for the other zones.

Working closely with the venue, which had never hosted such an event, an elaborate system of vertical trusses was installed into the marbled Crush Hall, which formed the main area of the party. This included the manufacture of custom ‘camouflage’ webbing slings to secure the towers to the building’s listed Marble pillars. The grand room was filled with a montage of gobo' with colour and movement. Beveridge Hall was themed on a forties dance hall, where the subtle selection of lighting included the forties ‘must have’ of a giant mirror ball. The Chancello

Bounce @ the Roundhouse
Sunday, 1 July 2001

The opening of Bounce at the Roundhouse Theatre, by Nick Grace Management, brings a major international production of a highly-rated dance company’s work to London.

Lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe first visited the BouncE Streetdance Company in Sweden in 2000, with the troupe’s management and producers, to guage the potential for a major international production of the highly-rated company’s work. Woodroffe recalls: "We saw that we could translate what they were doing into something even more exciting. Les Brotherston became involved as designer and came up with this wonderful set design for the Roundhouse, on the understanding that Bounce would first do production rehearsals in Ealing, then a six-week run of the show in Sweden before moving to London."

Brotherston’s set has a wide central stage and two raised ‘satellite’ side stages are backed by a wire fence. There’s a stark and decrepit inner city look, replete with rusty scaffolding and a mélange of gangways, ladders and the meshed back wall. "We aimed for the rawness and toughness of the street settings, combined with the smooth and textured theatrics of a proper musical," explains Woodroffe. "The scenery and netting backdrops were lit using Par cans with scrollers down below, and architectural floods made specially to top and front light it. Then we used 10 of the new VL2416 wash lights and 23 VL6B luminaires for the profiles, some of which were built into the scenery, and six VL5 luminaires. For the giant factory windows we installed doubled-

School of Sound
Saturday, 30 June 2001

Larry Sider founded the School of Sound four years ago, creating a forum that united a diverse collection of individuals involved in all aspects of film, AV and multi-media sound production - for a lively interchange of experiences and ideas.

Sider’s own background is in film: Chicago born, he went to film school at NorthWestern University and has worked as a sound designer and editor for 25 years. He settled in the UK in 1979, and in addition to his sound and film work, teaches and lectures on various audiological topics at various academies, including the Royal College of Art and the National Film & Television School.

The fourth School of Sound annual symposium was held this year at the Royal Scottish College of Dramatic Art, Glasgow. The four-day event attracted over 180 people from 15 countries and included presentations and talks by those at the leading edge of the arts and media involved in moving image. Speakers included radical film director Nic Roeg, composer and sound artist Hans Peter Kuhn, producer Bob Last, head of the Medici String Quartet Paul Robertson, musician and composer David Toop and many more.

This year’s School of Sound focused on music for the moving image, and the themes were diverse, ranging from exploration of the blurring boundaries between truth and fiction, through sound effects and music, to the use of sound in classic movies. One of the many highlights was producer Bob Last, who explained the complexities of hiring composers for films - often involving three or four, who may or may not contribute to the soundtrack, with the

£1m Mercedes to Balance On Needle Tower
Friday, 29 June 2001

As part of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Edwin Shirley Staging, the international staging and structure specialist, has built a bespoke 30m high needle-shaped tower, from which a £1 million Mercedes Benz Gullwing car will be balanced to help celebrate the luxury car company’s Centenary. The car will be placed on its nose and will be on display to visitors during the three-day motor show.

The ESS structure has been specially designed by Gerry Judah, the renowned designer behind such projects as the model of Auschwitz in the Holocaust Galleries at the Imperial War Museum and Linkbridge 2000 in the Woolwich Dockyard Estate, as well as last year’s central display at Goodwood. Patrick Woodroffe, known worldwide as a leader in lighting design and whose recent projects include Lord of the Dance II and the Rolling Stones tours, is lighting the structure. The festival, which opens on July 6, is motor racing’s equivalent of Ascot or Wimbledon and is Europe's premier Historic Motorsports event, featuring classic roadsters from the 19th century as well as today’s ultra-modern racing cars.

BECTU Wins Fight Over Working Time Directive
Friday, 29 June 2001

The Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union (BECTU) has defeated the UK Government at the European Court of Justice over the UK’s implementation of the Working Time Directive. The UK’s Working Time Regulations 1998, which implements the Directive, entitles workers to a minimum of 20 days paid leave each year. But employees are not entitled to the leave until they have completed a qualifying period of 13 continuous weeks with the same employer. This means that many freelance and contract workers who work for less than 13 weeks have been denied a right to take paid leave.

BECTU launched a legal challenge to the UK legislation and on 26 June 2001 the European Court of Justice (ECJ) accepted the opinion of the Advocate General of the ECJ, which stated that national governments may not exclude groups of workers from the rights that the directive gives them. The judgment effectively extends the entitlement to paid leave to all workers from their first day of employment. Later the same day the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), which is responsible for the Working Time Regulations, announced an urgent consultation on regulations to amend those already in place and corresponding guidance. The amended Regulations will not mean that workers will be able to take four weeks paid leave from their first day of employment, but if the employment ends during the first 13 weeks they will be able to claim for leave which has been accrued but not taken during this period. The consultation will propose a system of accrual, providing one-twelfth of the ann

New RMS Software Release at PLASA 2001
Thursday, 28 June 2001

Rental Management System (RMS), has become even faster and easier to use, and the new version of the software will be shown at the PLASA Show. With over 2000 users world-wide, RMS is a market leader in the supply of software for professional rental companies. The software is available in nine languages, including English, German, French and Spanish. New 'cut and paste' shortcuts allow users to easily move items from one job to another, or to convert a job into a (new) packaged item. The multi-sites option also has new features: from within a job, the user may see both the local stock-situation, as well as the situation at the available sites added together. With another mouse-click, all jobs (from the local or from a selection of sites) that hold an item in a given period, can be viewed. The crew-planner is a new module that allows for entering comprehensive labour details. Personnel may be freelance, full-time employees or externally hired staff. Labour may be ‘attached’ to a job, or range of jobs. The crew-planner may also be used as a separate application, and is therefore also suitable for use in theme and leisure parks. All planboards, both from RMS as from the crew-planner, are still a unique feature. Improvements include print-options, and easy navigation from the planboards directly into the underlaying jobs. RMS will be exhibiting on stand G4.

Le Maitre Fired Up on Tour
Thursday, 28 June 2001

Le Maitre has had a very busy couple of months, concentrating particularly on the rock n’ roll touring side of the business. Major contracts were awarded, taking advantage of the company’s worldwide distribution network and Prostage II range of professional pyrotechnic effects. The SlipKnot European Tour used rows of Large Flame Projectors and one-second 25ft Stage Gerbs to dramatic effect, as witnessed by a packed UK crowd at Milton Keynes Bowl. Kid Rock toured Europe in May and June, culminating in one night at Brixton Academy with an impressive pyrotechnic effects list, including half-second 25ft Gerbs, Mines and Flame Projectors.

Bon Jovi appeared at 17 venues through May and June, including Birmingham, Milton Keynes and Cardiff in the UK. Being a tour of European stadiums, the design utilised some of the largest stage effects currently available, such as crossettes, mines and comets, and Le Maitre showed off some of their new Prostage II Stadium Effects including the 40ft White Crackle Mine. The company also began two extensive international tours for Disney in June. The Disney on Ice Jungle Adventures tour runs until October and uses a range of Prostage II effects, while the 75 Years of Disney on Ice Celebration Tour uses Gerbs, Mines, Flames and Smokes - with 200 shows on the schedule in Japan and the rest of the world to follow. The onslaught of large scale shows for Le Maitre seems unlikely to let up in the near future. Forthcoming international locations include Dubai and Russia, and already confirmed is a series of outdoor stadium displays for the R

USITT Theatre Architecture Awards
Thursday, 28 June 2001

The United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) has announced that the deadline for submissions to its 2002 Architecture Awards Program will be 2 October 2001. Nominations will be accepted for projects located anywhere in the world, and new construction, renovations, retrofitting or reuse of structures will be considered. Now in its ninth year, the Architecture Awards program was established by the group’s Architecture Commission to bring public and professional recognition to architectural projects chosen for their design excellence and ability to resolve the challenges associated with performance spaces. To be eligible for consideration, project construction must have been completed after January 1st 1992. Among last year’s Award winners were the Severance Hall in Cleveland, Ohio; Theater and Congress Hall in Weimar, Germany; The Lowry Centre in Salford, UK; the LG Arts Centre Sangman Hall in Seoul, South Korea, and the Royal Court Theatre in London, UK.

Sennheiser for Kilmarnock Theatre Upgrade
Thursday, 28 June 2001

Kilmarnock Palace Theatre in Scotland has been re-equipped with new Sennheiser radio microphone and infra-red systems as part of a National Lottery grant-funded refurbishment. The Northern Light-supplied audio upgrade includes five dual-channel EM 3032-U wireless RF receivers, 10 SK 3063 miniature bodypack transmitters with MKE 2 Gold tie-clip mics, and a dual-channel, infra-red transmission system for use by the hearing and sight impaired. As a major boost to accessibility in the theatre, the infra-red system has been instaled to privide transmission to stethoset (wireless headphone) and neckloop receivers. The system consists of a Sennheiser SI 1015 two-channel wideband modulator, four SZI-1029-UK large area radiators in the auditorium, and 20 HDI-302 two-channel stethoset and 10 R15/O/L neckloop receivers. Northern Light’s Eddy O’Hare described the system as "a no-compromise system delivering reliability proven over many years."

The infra-red system can deliver a true dual-channel output, containing either a stereo balanced mix of the on-stage sound, or, in situations also requiring audio description for the visually impaired, two discrete channels carrying a description channel as well as a show channel. The on-stage Sennheiser 3000 Series wireless system is augmented by a Pro Split 600 aerial splitter, specially built to order by Sennheiser UK, with the receivers flightcased and able to be positioned at any of three pre-sired plug-in points, to provide control room, balcony and stalls control positions to cater for a range of production rigs.

Soundcraft Gets Intimate
Wednesday, 27 June 2001

The 12 Bar Club, famously voted the Best Live Music Venue in London by Time Out magazine, has taken delivery of a new 16-channel Soundcraft Spirit LX7. The intimate venue has recently played host to Nigel Kennedy, Lambchop, Mark Eitzel, Billy Bragg and the Jesus & Mary Chain’s William Reid, and with four acts a night, seven nights a week, the new console is already being put through its paces.

Paul Gilbert, engineer and on-line TV webcaster for the 12 Bar Club, knows how well the LX7 is coping with the demands placed upon it. "We’d been using a Spirit Live 3 for years. The longest anyone’s been working here is seven years and the desk was here before he started, so we figured it was time to get a new console. The Club is extremely small and the control room is tiny, so we knew we needed a really small console with plenty of features and outputs. And, as about 40% of artists playing here are singer/songwriters with acoustic guitars, it’s vital to have a really clean signal.

"I visited the Soundcraft website and picked the desk I felt was most applicable to our needs. It’s really compact; its six auxes and four sub-groups are really important as we broadcast every night live on our website. The two sweepable mids give us the EQ control we need, plus it has plenty of outputs. We run outs to the main bar and restaurant, one to the front of house, one to the camera, another one to a minidisc player if the bands want their show recorded and one to the monitors. Soon we’ll be installing AV screens throughout the club, so people in

Fat Frog Controls Clinton
Wednesday, 27 June 2001

The quiet town of Hay on Wye annually plays host to a world-famous literary event which regularly attracts over 60,000 visitors. The Sunday Times sponsored’ festival runs over 11 days and during that time features over 200 events across three venues. During the festival, visitors get to hear presentations from celebrities ranging from Kate Adie and Germaine Greer to Melvyn Bragg and Louis de Bernieres.

However, one of the big names this year caused quite a buzz in the town - ex-president of the USA Bill Clinton attended the festival to deliver the keynote address entitled ‘Conflict Resolution’. Paul Elkington of Theatre Vision has been the technical director for the festival for the past 14 years, and chose Zero 88’s new Fat Frog desk to control his rig of Martin Mac 250s, Par cans and theatre luminaires.

Strand Lighting MovesStrand Lighting Moves
Wednesday, 27 June 2001

Strand Lighting has further strengthened its position in London with a move to a large studio office facility in Hammersmith. A result of recent expansion, the move will enable all operations and services of the UK Trading Division to be conducted under one roof.

The 100-year-old mews building, formerly recording studios, now houses the sales office, credit control and project management team, a large showroom, impressive training facilities and will also be home to the new London Service Centre. Offering a new base for the sales team and a total package for clients, sales director Ivan Myles told PLASA Media: "This is another positive step forward for Strand, which is now consolidating its position by being able to offer improved customer service with larger stock and a faster response time to customers." The move comes after six productive months in temporary offices in Fulham, and mirrors events in America - where after 20 years at their offices in Rancho Dominguez, CA, Strand Lighting has moved to premises in Cypress California, also combining office, training, presentation and manufacturing facilities.

SGM Giottos on IceSGM Giottos on Ice
Tuesday, 26 June 2001

The annual Canadian-based Preston Figure Skating Show is considered to be one of the best amateur figure skating shows in North America. Involving over 170 amateur skaters, this show is rehearsed for over a month and runs four shows during the three day festival. Lighting designer for the event was Carl Lukings of Concord Production Services, who specified 12 SGM Giotto Spot 250s for his rig. "I used the Giotto 250s for both frontal and back lighting for each number, as well as to create an ice ‘wash’ effect. The Prism and Gobo effects coupled with the Linear Zoom made it possible to create great static and moving projections on the ice surface. The factory colour selection is perfectly suited to the artistic nature of figure skating lighting." Lighting contractor for the event was Little Electric Inc of Cambridge, Ontario.

ECA2 at Expo 2001, Japan
Tuesday, 26 June 2001

After the success of the multimedia waterscreen shows during the world expos in both Osaka (1990) and Tottori (1996), Yves Pépin and his team at ECA2 have been asked to produce the multi-media watershow for the Yamaguchi Expo in Japan, which runs from the 14th of July through to the 30th of September 2001. For the last two years, ECA2 and its technicians have been working alongside the Japanese Expo team to ensure the success of this night-time spectacular. The show will feature images projected onto four monumental spheres, as well as onto a giant water screen; pyrotechnic and fire effects will complete the impressive show.

IALD Honors Nine Lighting Designs
Tuesday, 26 June 2001

The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) recognized nine lighting projects with Lighting Design Awards for their outstanding lighting solutions and creative techniques. One award of excellence, seven awards of merit and one special citation were announced at the 18th Annual Lighting Design Awards held recently in Las Vegas. The IALD received 175 submissions from all over the world for this year’s competition and a panel of award-winning lighting designers and architects reviewed the projects.

The Award of Excellence went to Charles G. Stone II, IALD, Henry Forrest, Alicia Kaphelm, and Matthew Toomajian of the New York-based design firm Fisher Marantz Stone Inc for their work on the American Museum of Natural History Rose Center for Earth and Space in New York, NY, USA. The seven IALD Award of Merit winning projects were Alexander Graham Bell House British Telecom Regional Headquarters, in Edinburgh, Scotland, designed by Jonathan Spiers, IALD and Gavin Fraser of Edinburgh-based Jonathan Spiers and Associates Ltd; Fußgängerbrücke (Pedestrian Bridge), in Innenhafen Duisburg, Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany, designed by Uwe Belzner and Stefan Hofmann, of Stuttgart-based Architekur Licht Bühne; Herz Jesu Kirche in Munich, Germany, designed by George Sexton Associates of Washington DC, USA; Millennium Dome in London, UK, designed by Jonathan Spiers, IALD, Mark Major, IALD, Laura Jones, Claudia Clements, Henrietta Lynch, Andrew Jaques, Philip Rose and Colin Ball of London-based Spiers and Major Ltd; Module VII Chiller Plant, University of Pennsylvania i

ESS’s Photo Finish
Tuesday, 26 June 2001

London-based ESS used its staging technology to help the BBC provide live, online coverage of Royal Ascot for the first time to audiences around the world, including a unique view of the famous finish. The company provided two 30m high TV towers which were positioned along the final straight of the racecourse. Each tower had to be able to take the equivalent of a 5 tonne force, the weight by the camera as it speeds along the 700m, to provide the bird’s eye view of the finish.

To Russia with Celestion
Monday, 25 June 2001

Celestion’s new Cxi sound reinforcement cabinets have been chosen for a sizeable concert hall installation in Taganrog in Russia. Located in the city of Taganrog on the coast of the Azov Sea, the venue, which is sponsored by the large Tagmet mining company, has capacity for 850 people and will host a variety of musical events.

The new sound reinforcement system comprises 20 Celestion Cxi 1022P, a 2 x 10" mid-range cabinet with a 2" driver, and 10 CXi1812 bass bins. Amplification is from Yorkville AP4040s, with ART equalisation, and an Allen & Heath GL3300 front-of-house console. Elsewhere in the Russian industrial heartland, another mining company, Yakutugol, has financed a similar venue. In Nerungri, a town in the Yakutia Republic, an all-purpose music and conference hall has also installed a Celestion system. This time, the system is QX Series, mixed with KR2 background music speakers. Celestion products for both venues, and for the Church of John Kronshtadtskiy in Moscow, have been supplied by PAXT to Slami & Co, the distributor for the region.

Barco Expands UK Operations
Monday, 25 June 2001

Barco has announced a number of important appointments and investments to accelerate its growth in a number of target niche market areas. The appointments are aligned behind the five strategic Barco Projection Systems business units - Projection Products, Digital Cinema, Daylight Displays, Control Room Displays and Simulation.

Simon Turtle, an experienced Barco sales manager, has been promoted to business development manager of Barco Projection Products. He is joined by Colin Dunne as customer services manager. Dunne, formerly with Christie UK and Dynamic Logic has more than 25 years' experience in engineering and customer service. Mark Anderson has been appointed to the newly created position of market development manager for Barco's rapidly-expanding Home Theatre product group. Previously with Pioneer and Sony, he brings nearly 20 years of sales expertise to develop the dealer network. Mark Leahy joins as sales manager for Barco's acclaimed rental and staging product group. Leahy, formerly with Chrysalis Entertainment, brings more than 20 years' sales experience to provide an enhanced support to Barco's UK rental partners. Ashely Raines has been promoted to head up the corporate product group. He is joined by two new account managers, Simon Owen and Anthony Urion.

Mike Coleman, an experienced Barco sales manager, has been appointed business development manager of Digital Cinema to spearhead Barco's entry into the world of digital cinema. Ross Burling, another experienced Barco sales manager, has been promoted to the role of business development manager for Daylight D

Sarner Makes History
Monday, 25 June 2001

Sarner, in collaboration with the Natural History Museum, is breaking new ground in conference technology and the use of video streaming in an educational environment. Following a competitive seven-way pitch, Sarner has been appointed to handle the design and technical installation for the Natural History Museum's innovative new Darwin Gallery.

The museum chose Sarner for this unique project, due for completion in Autumn this year, having previously worked with them on other projects. Sarner's brief was to conceive, design and install leading-edge technology which would enable academics and businesses who are giving lectures or presentations in the Darwin Gallery to be able to simultaneously transmit these lectures to specific recipients around the world and have an interactive discussion with those not present at the Gallery. Video conferencing, which will include digital audio and visual formats, will be sent across the world using the internet as a medium to broadcast the information.

The live presentation will be sent via data lines linked between the Natural History Museum and other sites. Video has to be streamed onto the museum's network, rather than using a conventional coaxial line transmission, and this is proving quite a challenge as there are over 20 sources, some at MPEG 2 resolution, and no one product existing which can fulfil all the requirements. Ross Magri, technical director of Sarner, explains: "We have overcome the problem, by proposing a system which will preview the 20 sources whilst MPEG 2 streams are picked up by the video projectors. To d

Artacoustic Appoints MilTec
Monday, 25 June 2001

Artcoustic, a manufacturer of flat, full-range speakers for the install and leisure markets, has appointed MilTec (UK) Ltd as its commercial distributor. Kim Donvig, director of Artcoustic told PLASA Media: "We have been looking for a distributor who has good relationships with installers within the bar and hotel business and we have now found that company in MilTec (UK) Ltd."

Launch of ADS Worldwide ChinaLaunch of ADS Worldwide China
Monday, 25 June 2001

In an agreement signed in Shen Zhen, China, last week, ADSworldwide will have access to the largest domestic loudspeaker market in the world. David Hopkins OBE, chairman and managing director of holding company Audio Design Services Ltd, has been working on this project for a number of years, being a frequent visitor to the Far East. The company has appointed 40 Chinese distributors throughout China and plans for that figure to be 400 within the next four years.

The joint venture sees the creation of Adsworldwide China, an occasion enhanced by the official opening of the company’s new building in Shen Zhen. Amongst the 70 people present there was a large cross-section of representatives from Chinese television and press, as well as the newly selected distributors. After the official signing ceremony, a celebration cocktail party and dinner was held at a nearby hotel in Shen Zhen. The new enterprise will see ADSworldwide’s commercial product ranges being marketed under the ADS label. In a speech at the opening ceremony, David Hopkins spoke of the need for a balanced relationship between Great Britain and China. "For too long," he said "China has been used as the Blacksmith’s shop of the world, often being exploited by some countries that benefited from the low labour rates. The cost of buying household named products from the West is out of the reach of the majority. In a balanced relationship, it is now going to be possible to address the needs of the family in China by producing high quality products at affordable prices." David Hopk

Technical Standards Launched
Saturday, 23 June 2001

At the ABTT Show earlier this year, Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment - a document addressing the standards facing our industry - was launched.

We all know that local licensing authorities impose technical requirements to ensure the safety of the public, staff and performers in places of entertainment such as theatres, cinemas, discotheques, nightclubs and concert halls. An overhaul of these requirements has been long overdue, largely because the regulations were too specific - with the result that the detailed technical requirements were out of date. Another cause for concern was that the expertise and resources available to individual licensing authorities varied enormously, resulting in inconsistencies between them and varying standards of enforcement.

The new publication incorporates a number of features specifically intended to address these problems. It provides functional requirements supported by technical guidance, and incorporates Model Regulations which detail the standards that should apply to any premises used for entertainment. The Model Regulations will be sent to each Local Authority with a recommendation that they be adopted. This will help to ensure an appropriate and consistent national standard for all entertainment premises.

The publication also deals with the physical requirements for building (or converting,) equipping and maintaining any entertainment premises through a series of related discussions on subjects such as Site, Means of Escape, Building Services and Emergency Systems. The publication is expected to provide invaluable

Hotcakes Wins Award
Friday, 22 June 2001

Brand experience consultancy Hotcakes has won the international award for Best Consumer Products Event at the European IBTM Awards in Geneva (30 May), for its production of Marks & Spencer’s unique ‘Time To Celebrate’ touring show.

‘Time To Celebrate’ has been acknowledged as Europe’s biggest ever touring show undertaken by a retailer and was devised to showcase the retailer’s Christmas/Millennium collections. Taking place in a specially-designed state-of-the-art structure, the show was staged adjacent to M&S’s flagship stores in Bristol, Gateshead, Edinburgh and Camberley. It incorporated a celebrity cooking demonstration, a fashion show and an exhibition of merchandise from the Home & Gifts department, and was seen by 26,000 customers and staff across the UK. The event was managed by a crew of 550, and transported around the country by 25 articulated trucks. Hotcakes collected the award during a ceremony at Geneva’s Inter-Continental Hotel. The Event, which has been incorporated for the first time into the huge European IBTM Exhibition at Palexpo, has been created to recognise the excellence, creativity and planning which helps big brands and multi-nationals reach out to their staff, suppliers and customers. From a shortlist of four, Hotcakes fought off strong competition to win the Award, and received additional acclaim for its production of the Mazda MX-5 Catwalk at Cosmopolitan Show which was Highly Commended.

Heuvelman Open London Branch
Friday, 22 June 2001

Pan-european AV equipment rental company Heuvelman Ltd, has opened a London office. Using the latest equipment, Heuvelman supply a wide range of businesses including hotels, broadcasters, corporate clients, conference and event venues with technical equipment ranging from a single projector to full state-of-the-art installations. Voting systems, teleconferencing and IT rental are also supplied by the company.


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