Professors and mentors turn to DPA Microphones for on-stage amplification
USA - Students at California Baptist University's (CBU) Collinsworth School of Music are not only taught the art of making music, but the best possible way to enhance the performance aspect of their instrument or voice. That's why their professors and mentors turn to DPA Microphones for on-stage amplification, which ensures that students gain first-hand experience with world-renowned professional equipment.

With an audio locker thaDirectional Headset Mics and a stereo pair of d:screet 4061 Omnidirectional Miniature Mics, the school is guaranteed an audio solution that covers the variety of music department needs for on-campus performances as well as on-the-road ensembles.

Matthew McConnell, technical director for the School of Music at California Baptist University, was familiar with DPA's reputation of quality products, but it was his test seven years ago of a stereo pair of d:screet 4061s as a live miking solution that turned him into a loyal user. Since then, DPA mics have been integrated into Collinsworth's equipment supply, creating a new generation of enthusiasts.

"Before discovering DPA Microphones, I'd tried everything to make the piano sound good live, but I wasn't happy with any of the results," McConnell recalls. "Since I wasn't having much luck with anything else, I bought a stereo set of the DPA d:screet 4061 mics and thought they were fantastic, and then I just went from there. Now, I don't have many students who haven't used a DPA mic. I'm a firm believer in the observation factor, so if they're seeing the mics in use and hearing them on live recordings, they can better understand the benefit of using DPA mics."

(Jim Evans)

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