Pirates Week Festival in Cape Town, Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands - Located due south of Cuba, the British Overseas Territory known as the Cayman Islands is not only well known as an offshore financial centre, it's equally regarded for its resort / tourism trade. And for the various concerts, festivals, and other special events that take place here, AI Rentals is the company to contact to handle the various logistical considerations. To ensure the best possible sound reinforcement for the myriad of projects that come through its doors, AI Rentals relies on its sizeable arsenal of loudspeakers from D.A.S. Audio.

Keith Tibbetts serves as the managing director of AI Rentals. The company owns a large assortment of D.A.S. Audio equipment, including 40 Event 210A 3-way active line array elements plus 24 Event 218A powered subwoofers. Additionally, the company owns several D.A.S. Action Series loudspeaker systems, including 12 Action 15A point source loudspeakers, eight Action 12A enclosures, four Action 218A powered subs, plus four Action 118A powered horn bass systems.

Recently, AI Rentals used their D.A.S. loudspeakers at the 2014 Cayman Islands Pirates Week Festival. The event ran for ten days in November and featured music, street dances, competitions, games, a glittering parade, sports events for everyone, and fireworks galore.

For this project, the main stage PA system consisted of two hangs of eight Event 210A loudspeakers plus two more for in-fill - mounted on the subs. Those subs were 16 Event 218A enclosures positioned in a single line across the front of the stage and delayed to make a virtual arc. Out-fills consisted of two additional Event 210A hangs. There was also a single Delay stack comprised of four Event 210A enclosures. Side-fills and drum-fill consisted of Action 118A bass enclosures with Action 15A systems. Further, Action 12A enclosures served as stage monitors.

On the DJ stage, the AI Rentals crew deployed two hangs of six Event 210A and eight Event 218A subs. Two Action 15A enclosures were used for monitors. "What was particularly notable was the exceptional low frequency response," Tibbetts says. "The system was very clean and natural sounding, with very accurate sound reproduction and high SPL. Everyone was really pleased with the system's performance."

Reflecting on the outcome of the Cayman Islands Pirates Week Festival, Tibbetts offered these parting comments, "D.A.S. Audio offers great value and very high quality products. The DSP limiters are very clean, effective, and transparent and the company's customer and technical support services are terrific. As the D.A.S. distributor for the Cayman Islands, we take our role very seriously, so it's important to provide our clients with the right tools for the job. D.A.S. Audio helps us do just that."

(Jim Evans)

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