CEDAR for Pyramix 2 will be available in 2015
UK / Switzerland - In a joint statement, CEDAR Audio and Merging Technologies have announced that they have entered into a non-exclusive licence agreement that enables Merging Technologies to use IPR contained within CEDAR Audio's US Patent No. 7,978,862 'Method and Apparatus For Audio Signal Processing', often referred to as 'The Retouch patent'.

The patent refers to a method of displaying and editing audio content in a spectrogram, which can provide audio engineers with a means to find problems such as noise and other artefacts in recordings and remove them without affecting the wanted audio.

"Like CEDAR Audio, Merging Technologies has a proud legacy of innovation and technology. We have been working with them since the mid-1990s when we began developing the first CEDAR for Pyramix processes," said Gordon Reid, managing director of CEDAR Audio, "and this agreement paves the way toward some exciting future collaborations between the companies."

"We are delighted to renew our close working relationship with CEDAR," said Claude Cellier, president of Merging Technologies. "Our customers expect to be able to use the leading audio restoration tools, and a new suite of 64-bit CEDAR for Pyramix will take advantage of the increased processing power and the latest developments from CEDAR."

"We are aware that Pyramix users have been clamouring for 64-bit audio restoration processes," Reid continued, "and while we could have updated the existing software, we all agreed that this would be an excellent opportunity to replace the original CEDAR for Pyramix with the latest algorithms and user-interfaces so that Pyramix can again boast state-of-the-art restoration facilities."

(Jim Evans)

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