The ChamSys team at Olympia
UK - Built around the theme of ‘Frame Your Control, Bringing Immersion Into Frame’, ChamSys’ exhibit at PLASA Show 2023 engaged enthusiastic crowds of attendees with innovative products and ideas designed to help them take their creative visions to new heights.
Visitors got an up close and personal look at products like the MagicQ MQ500M Stadium, a standout console that seemed to be everywhere at Glastonbury earlier this year and is currently making waves touring with the likes of Ed Warren for Mumford & Sons, and Will Thomas on Bonobo’s Fragments Tour.
Also garnering attention was the ChamSys MagicQ Compact series, including the new MagicQ Compact Connect, a lightweight USB control surface that connects to a PC or Mac to deliver robust and flexible control of lighting, media, and LEDs. Visitors were universally impressed with this product, which is small enough to travel inside hand luggage, yet can send up to 64 universes of ArtNet and sACN directly from its onboard network port without the need for additional licenses or dongles. This compact powerhouse is packed with features, including via eight rotary encoders and live show control through 10 playback faders featuring Flash, as well as Go and Select buttons.
ChamSys’ impact at the show was not limited to exiting new products, the company sponsored a series of well-attended education sessions that covered a wide range of topics including Timecode & Audio Timeline, Group Based Programming, and Execute Window and Basic Pixel Mapping.
A highlight of the show were the Sunday and Monday LD learning experiences with David Howard of David Howard Lighting Design. Attendees left these sessions with and plenty of useful ideas and valuable tips on things like busking and taking full advantage of Group Cues to streamline running a show on tour and through festival or house rigs.
PLASA billed this year’s show with the slogan ‘The Next Era of Live Events is Here’. Anyone who visited the ChamSys booth and viewed new possibilities through the “frame” of the company’s products and learning sessions left Olympia London knowing that the future has indeed arrived.

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