Ultra-wide curved projection for the presentation of the new Intimate Britney Spears lingerie line - Copenhagen, Denmark
Denmark - Danish brand Change Lingerie recently held an outstanding fashion show for the presentation of The Intimate Britney Spears, the collection created and designed in conjunction with the American pop star. Nordic Rentals, a leading Danish rental and event management supplier, opted for Analog Way's Ascender 48 to ensure a flawless and visually stunning show.

At the Forum in Copenhagen, Change Lingerie introduced the Intimate Britney Spears line in the presence of the artist, as well as 5,000 attendees. Nordic Rentals was selected to create an astonishing fashion show.

As a background to the catwalk and stage where lingerie models and dancers performed, an ultra-wide curved screen of 44m x 5.5m was utilised. A total of six Panasonic DZ-21 video-projectors were blended to provide the panoramic curved image. The entire show was built in a Watchout 5 system, with eye catching animated backdrops to create a dynamic and classy atmosphere. In addition, four cameras were capturing IMAG, which were displayed in PIPs on the panoramic screen.

In order to process the Watchout and camera feeds, Nordic Rentals selected Analog Way's Ascender 48, a versatile 12x4+1 AV processor based on the LiveCore platform. To distribute the different feeds to the 6 blended video-projectors, two Ascender 48s were linked, functioning as a 24x8+2 scaled seamless mixing system. In addition, Analog Way's Saphyr Mixer was used for HD-SDI conversion.

Peter Abitz, video project manager at Nordic Rentals explains: "Thanks to the Ascender 48, live camera feeds were delivered with minimum delay. Using this presentation mixer, we didn't have to use additional displays, and it is very nice to have the freedom to pick up whatever you want in and out".

The linked Ascender 48s were controlled through the Web RCS, the user-interface designed to control the LiveCore models. "For us, having the same user interface to operate a whole line is a real advantage. For the Change Lingerie event, the Ascender 48s were controlled by Jakob Froelich, a Certified LiveCore Operator. As he already accomplished several shows with Analog Way's NeXtage 16 using the Web RCS, he was very comfortable with it. The interface is intuitive and fast to learn", says Abitz.

Thanks to the additive modularity feature, the two Ascender 48s that were linked were perceived by the Web RCS as one single unit. "The capability to deal with separate or linked units gives us flexibility in the shows we provide, and in the management of our inventory fleet", says Abitz.

After a successful show and the audience had left the venue, Nordic's technician started with preparations for the next event. Among other things, the next show utilized 12 stacked Panasonic DZ21 video-projectors, and two 16x16 Lightware DVI matrix switchers were added. Again, two Ascender 48s were linked together as the heart in the signal processing system.

(Lee Baldock)

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