Ian Stickland, Steve Roberts, Andy Hayles and Alex Wardle at their new Bristol Studio
UK - Theatre consultancy Charcoalblue is continuing to expand its operations by opening its first UK regional Design Studio in Bristol.

The Bristol Studio is located next to the oldest continuously working theatre in the UK, and one of Charcoalblue's first commissions: Bristol Old Vic.

"We're thrilled to have opened up a new studio in the City of Bristol where our team of designers can work to deliver exciting projects in the South and West," says Charcoalblue's managing partner, Andy Hayles. "We spent some time looking for the right space and location and are delighted to be at number 35 King Street, right next to the Bristol Old Vic. Securing this wonderful location means that Charcoalblue's Bristol team are close to a significant local performing arts community, just as our current team is in London, something we're incredibly proud of. In addition Birdsong, which is produced by Charcoalblue associate Jon Woodley and lit by senior consultant Alex Wardle, is currently playing at BOV."

Charcoalblue has been working on a series of phased projects with Bristol Old Vic since the company's inception in 2004, as Hayles explains: "Following the successful £12m auditorium refurbishment in 2011, we have now joined forces with the Haworth Tompkins architectural team, which has recently secured planning permission for Bristol Old Vic's new foyer and studio redevelopment."

It's expected that Charcoalblue's presence in Bristol will also open the door for new talent as Hayles points out: "Bristol is still an affordable place to buy a house. We have a growing team so it's exciting to be able to offer them the opportunity to pursue their chosen careers and at the same time enable them to live outside of London."

Charcoalblue senior consultants: Ian Stickland, Steve Roberts and Gary Wright are already settling into the Grade II listed, converted cork warehouse and talented consultants from the University of Surrey's Tonmesiter course Joe Stansfield and Dan Dando are expected to join them in the summer.

Ian Stickland comments: "It's great to be closer to our clients in the City - St George's, Bristol University, not to mention Wells Cathedral School and Chapter in Cardiff. We're now able to offer better value and an even more responsive service!"

Steve Roberts adds: "Having lived and commuted from the South West to London for nearly a decade, it's a pleasure and considerably more environmentally friendly to be based in the UK's best connected digital city. Bristol also benefits from fantastic graduate programmes plus we are now closer to some of our most esteemed design partners including AHMM, Fielden Clegg Bradley and Purcell."

The official opening of Charcoalblue's Bristol operation commenced on Friday 1st of May and the contact details are: Charcoalblue LLP

35 King Street, Bristol, BS1 4DZ

0117 925 9791

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